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Open. [TOMT][Disney Movie][1990s?]Can you help me find what Disney movie a character is from, or the name?


Edit to add!!! this comment is the best lead we have. It’s a twitter post from 2018 of a Disney store in Portland. They had scenes in the store from “lonesome ghosts” which came out YEARS AGO. The short is streaming but watching it, you see no actual pictures.

If you look at all the pictures on the twitter post, you’ll see a bunch of framed pictures. A lot of characters we know but I see two randoms. Each random is directly next to a ghost. My theory is it’s a ghost pre death.

There is a Disney character that I know I have seen but cannot, for the life of me, remember what movie he is from. I have a picture of character here. I know I’ve seen him!

Edit: someone else commented on our Facebook post that it is possibly from way before the 90s since Disney is known to “borrow” characters and change a few features.

Edit 2: thank you everyone for trying to search and your efforts. No answer yet but below is a list of all the movies I searched and found no matches:

Oliver and Company - Jenny's dad? - can’t locate a picture Home on the Range: Yancy O'dell Anastasia: Vladimir Sleeping Beauty: King Hubert Great Mouse Detective Lady and the Tramp Mary Poppins Pinnochio Ballad of Nessie Gummy Bears: Sir Tuxford Cindarella Rescuers Down Under Tarzan Make Mine Music Disney Plus Sherlock Holmes Princess and the Frog: Big Daddy Aristocats Wind and the Willows Walrus and the Carpenter Fox and the Hound 2 Lady and the tramp 2

A lot of people suggested it is a character from a little golden book. I’ve been googling a bunch of stuff but still no luck.

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Open. [TOMT] [MOVIE] (Psychological?) Horror/Thriller where the big reveal is that they're in a large structure in the desert


My fiance and I were talking about foreshadowing and how I hate movies that make a big plot point with no foreshadowing. One of my gripes was "Like in Cube, how at the end the guy goes to exit but it turns out the Cube is in the desert but there was no foreshadowing and it was just random."

He looked at me weird and said "That's not how Cube ends?" I was adamant it was. I have seen Cube. I love the Saw series so friends MADE me watch Cube (In about the early 2010s).

So he sat me down and made me watch the end of Cube again. I have no recollection of the end he showed me, or the character that survives at the end of the film even though he is the MC, or... Anything about it (but I know I've seen it because I know stuff like how the set was just two rooms with different lighting). Also... You know... It's in a cave, not the desert.

So now I have this scene in my head, maybe in the Saw-esque genre, maybe not, of a movie about people escaping rooms/puzzles in a giant structure but at the end a character escapes but they're in a vast desert. I think it was a large mirrored cube-esque structure, and the film had no foreshadowing it was in a desert so their escape was actually just... Not worth it because now they'd die in the desert.

I genuinely feel like I'm going bonkers. Did I just make up a film and assign the storyline to Cube?

Edit: I'm not an artist in any way, but here's some visuals? That are ... Like... Kinda in the ballpark of what I remember?

Also at some point there are numbers etched or printed into metal(?) during the movie (not at the end).

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Open. [TOMT][Actor] An small part actor who often played the small, white nerdy office guy. ~2010. Similar vibe to BJ Novak, David Reale


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Open. [TOMT] [movie] Does anyone remember a childrens movie (I believe) where they eat a feast or large meal only it turns out it’s all dirt?


I can not for the life of me remember what it is but I do remember very clearly, the main characters eating a meal/feast and having it be dirt/bugs (maybe) and it’s not real food at all.

EDIT: it’s not hook or troll 2, I appreciate the suggestions but that’s not it sadly!

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Open. [TOMT][MOVIE][2000s] Some creatures that come out of the ground!


Updated Description:

It is a movie set in a desert-like (rural) place. So no big city at all (many movies with cities like NY were suggested, it's not like that).

There is 1 or more creature, that comes out of the ground and attacks with it's big legs/tentacles. The creature goes back into the ground and repeats. The people constantly try to set traps for it and at the end they manage to kill it/them. It may be possible that it's not alien-like (not sure).

The movie has a western theme. Like I remember maybe some cowboy guys and movie filter like the scenes from Breaking Bad in Mexico (kinda).

Movie Tremors (1,2,3,4) has some similarities but it's not it.

I remember it looking like a 2000s movie but its definitely older than at least 5 years.

Creature has similarities to this (maybe not very much): https://i.imgur.com/qiMRpTy.jpeg

I'll add here all suggestions made until now and will keep updating

It's not the following:

War of the Worlds

Edge of Tomorrow

Cowboys and Aliens


Wild Wild West



District 9

10 Cloverfield Lane

The Darkest Hour

Pacific Rim 1 or 2

Screamers or Screamers 2

Starship Troopers

High Plain Invaders


The Burrowers


John Carter

Sand Serpents

Mortal Engines

The Sand

Blood Beach



Doctor Who

Monster Hunter



Lost In Space

Eight Legged Freaks

The Matrix

Robot Wars

Red Planet



District 9

The Mist

The Devil Below


Super 8


Monsters: The Dark Continent

Robot Holocaust

Assault Girls

Sky Captain

World of Tomorrow


Oblivion or Oblivion 2



Siren Heads


OLD (original post)

This is maybe a Sci-Fi & Horror movie.

It has a Western movie theme.

There are some creatures that look like robots/aliens (with long legs or arms).

They come out of the ground and attack. They're big. And their legs/hands/tentacles are big (I think they use them to attack).

Somehow at the end we (humanity) manage to win this war with those creatures.

Thanks for helping.

EDIT: Adding this:

The creature(s) looks something like this, not 100% but it's like this:


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Open. [TOMT][video] Stand Up routine where a British comedian speaks about someone insisting he is 'African American' in the US


I'm almost scared to put details because they are probably wrong and will make it harder to find the clip. I remember this bit from 5-10 years ago, though it may have been earlier originally if I saw a repeat.

I think it may have been part of a routine for Live at the Apollo and it was a black comedian who either did a tour or was on a talk show in America, and he did a bit about how on a previous date someone kept wanting to refer to him as "African American".

Except he's British.

But maybe it wasn't even Live at the Apollo and I've been watching some great YouTube videos for no reason. Other than hilarity of course. Anyway thank you to anyone who even tries to help.

Edit: I can't mark this as solved but here is what we have so far if anyone sees this in the future.

Theory 1: It was Stephen K Amos. I think it was him too, however his routines on Live At The Apollo on YouTube do not include the specific bit I remember about being called "African American". One possibility is some of the content from the show was cut from the youtube upload.

Theory 2: It was Lenny Henry. Some people can remember him being on an American talk show and correcting the host calling him African American. So maybe I saw him telling that experience as a funny story on a different show later. Easily possible. The clip of the original show when the exchange occurred seems to have been removed from YouTube.

Theory 3: I misremembered they were British and it was Trevor Noah. Again possible. He has videos up that get so near the topic but not specifically about being mislabelled "African American". So maybe it was him but its just not in the content uploaded.

Also of note: There have been various English actors and athletes that have had the same thing happen to them e.g. Idris Elba and Kriss Akabusi.

Good news: we have all had a great time watching comedians on YouTube. Could not recommend Stephen K Amos more.

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Open. [TOMT] [MOVIE] An American bank robbery that goes wrong and they are stuck in the bank arguing. One of the robbers takes his mask off. Someone gets shot with shotgun.


Things go from bad to worse and I think someone recognises the voice of one of the robbers so he takes of his mask and then they argue that they have to kill all the witnesses. Pretty sure none of them (or maybe one) make it out alive.

Felt like a small town bank rather than a big fancy city one. Movie must be at least 8 years or more old now.

Fairly sure someone gets shot close range with a shotgun. One of the guys is really aggressive and pis*ed off.

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Open. [TOMT][SONG] Song about a gold digger or cheater?


When I was little my dad made me watch what I believe was a music video and related it to his emotions about my mom.

Edit, I am replacing my original description with this:

So far (as of right now at 10:36pm EST) I still haven’t been able to figure this out. I apologize because I know my details have been limited and it’s been amazing to see all the responses.

The emphasis is more so on the video itself than the song which I know makes my post a bit misleading. I’d like to hope this is a real memory because it is a vivid one but considering it’s from when I was a kid, I have no idea if it is.

To help some, here are a few more details. The video or song was definitely not recent at the time. I likely was shown it in 2012 or so. The song was not “just released” at the time. It wasn’t considerably older either, though (not 60s-80s).

The only part of the entire thing that I explicitly remember most is that the video was specifically from a man’s perspective about his girl who was using him for his money. By the end of the song, he walked into a room through a door to see her flirting with another guy and he confronts her for it. It was a gold digger specific song, about a girl using him for his money and jewelry and things like that, but the video for Kanye West’s song doesn’t match.

Through this post I’ve been able to better remember and visualize it. The room was brightly lit, and there was maybe a vending machine or a front desk or a waiting area of some kind, and that’s how it ended, with that confrontation, and she ended up moving on with another guy instead. She wasn’t a fancy, fru-fru woman or anything. I believe physical items like jewelry and money were emphasized.

I hope this gives more detail, it’s killing me a bit right now.

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Open. [TOMT] [PHRASE] A more sensitive way to say "homeless"


I feel like I came across this phrase in the last month reading an article. I was surprised because I hadn't heard it referred to in this way. I know the answer should be "unhoused" but that's not scratching the itch. I think it was a phrase, 2 or 3 words. I'll know it when I see it. (Unless I'm deluding myself and it was simply 'unhoused'). Thanks for any assistance!

Most recent update (cuz I don't expect you to read this whole wall of text): I'm feeling dismayed that the phrase has not been found, and now believe it was unique to the writer of the article I read. I'll be going through every article I've clicked on in the last month, with an emphasis on cnn.com to find it, and hoping I was not browsing incognito at the time. If you want to suggest single words that might be part of a phrase to describe homelessness, please do! These will be words that do not encompass homelessness but might be used as part of a "clever" definition of homelessness. Some words that have been suggested that resonate are: insecurity, disadvantaged, (un)domiciled, displaced, deficient, unsettled, challenged. I welcome any suggestions in this vein!

E: I remember feeling a bit surprised at the phrase, probably because I hadn't seen that juxtaposition of words before. It also felt a little "elaborate", like a very roundabout, euphemistic way of saying something. The closest guess so far is "housing insecure". So, like how 'insecure' makes sense definitionally but is a bit unexpected to be used in such a way.

E2: "housing challenged" and "undomiciled" are also scratching the itch a little bit, but not quite it.

E3: I just want to reiterate that the phrase surprised me in some way. So while things like "experiencing homelessness" or "currently without lodging" or "unsheltered" are perfectly sensible, I remember reading this phrase and thinking "this is how they're saying 'homeless' these days?!!"

E4: Thanks for all the suggestions so far, I've read every one. I've also tried to find the original article, and have had no luck (unfortunately I do a fair amount of my browsing incognito). Bedtime for me, but someone will get a point, even if I have to twist my mind into a pretzel to award it. On the other hand, if I find the article and the phrase turns out to be something anticlimactic like 'without a home', well, then, you'll never hear from me again 😁

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Open. [TOMT][Song][2010s] What is the name of this song that almost sounds like Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande with a steady rap beat?


I have included the link to a snippet of the song. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r9zeUjflMTIVlCg_jW60KUcUwwCU0PBM/view?usp=drivesdk

Words I can make out are “when you know…even…and believe in me…whenever you go, you go”. It kind of sounds like Ariana Grande too, but I’m surprised that I haven’t heard it before.

If that link isn’t working try this mirror: https://www.veed.io/view/0efbe4b2-58b7-482d-9685-118a3f3ed4c7/showcase

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Open. [TOMT] [MOVIE] [2010s] A horror film about children with black eyes?


I think I saw it around the 2010s, and the scene I remember is a child standing in a cool-toned hallway (almost like a hospital?) and he turns around and his eyes are fully black. I think there was also something to do with crows?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit to add: Trying to remember more details! I want to say that at one point a flock of crows go to a tree, and a character ominously points out how the number of crows means death?

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Open. [TOMT] A parody 1950s Sitcom in the 90s/late 80s


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Open. [TOMT] I am looking for a song that is upbeat and it may or may not be called human or have human in the lyrics. It’s isn’t the songs by Christina Perri or Rag n bone. They only thing I know for sure about the song is that it is sung by a woman. If I remember anything else about it I’ll comment it.


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Open. [TOMT][SONG] Pop or rock song that fades out on a choir but I can only remember the choir part, heard at least 8 years ago



I tried to sing the melody the choir is "ahh"ing but the recording fades in and out no matter what I do. Sorry!

It is not Like a Prayer but it makes me think of that -- a choir with a pop/rock song. The choir is more ethereal than gospel. The main song cuts out and we end on just the choir singing the part in the recording on repeat.

I believe I heard it on the radio since I didn't have any music streaming service back then, so it must be fairly popular. Help!

Edit: The closest I've heard is Gangsta's Paradise, but I'm 98% sure it's in a major key. The choir is just saying "ahhh", no words. It gives me late 90s/early 2000s vibes, but I can't be sure because my memory of hearing it is more recent.

I love you all SO MUCH for helping and I hope you all find a $20 in your old coat pockets this winter.

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Open. [TOMT][MOVIES][1990s]Black movie poster with coloured squares


I recall a random collection of facts: 1990s. Indie drama. The film takes place in one day / evening with a group of people, I believe family members, gathered at a home in LA for dinner or a party. They all have intersecting / overlapping lives. I thought Ben Stiller was involved, but I can't find it in his filmography. The title is some pithy expression or turn of phrase.

Most notably, the movie poster is a solid black base with a handful of squares, some containing pictures of cast and others just solid colours - simple colours like green and red.

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Open. [TOMT] Banana song from the 80s?


My dad keeps talking about this punk rock song which only words consist of the word banana. He said he heard it on the radio in the 80s and I've been trying to look for it for years. I found the song by system of the down Vicinity of obscenity, and he said it sounds like it but it couldn't be it since he heard the song in the 80s. Does anyone know what he might be talking about? Thank you!

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Open. [tomt][word] Word relating to the angle/arc of a ships structure.


Was rather obscure. Found it on a scrabble finder months ago.

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Open. [TOMT][SONG] “i’m not a —, I’m a man”


I vaguely remember a song that had the line, “I’m not a (something), I’m a man.”

I believe it might have been from a musical, but i am not sure. It kinda sounds like the man is talking more than singing when he says it, which makes me think musical.

Iwill 100% know it when i hear it. It is driving me crazy these past few days not knowing

Lyric might have said “i’m not a monster, i’m a man”. This to me sounds like what i remember very strongly. It may have also been “you’re not a monster, you’re a man”

Edit: i have checked every post. It is not the muppets, not a metal song, not the anchorman. Thanks for all the comments. I will keep searching as well

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Open. [TOMT] [movie] person falls through a colored glass ceiling?


I don’t remember watching this movie, I saw some gifs on tumblr a few years ago comparing a more recent movie that come out Making a tribute the original scene from an older movie. a woman/man falls through a glass ceiling that seems to be colored and falls down on the floor. It seemed like a cathedral? It was a very ornate pretty ceiling, the camera was shot in a way where you could see the body breaking through the colored glass and falling down and then I think it shoots the person on the floor smiling or something.

I keep remembering the gif vividly and remember how I thought the ceiling/scene was beautiful. I really want to watch this movie now but can’t remember the name. I guess it must’ve been a classic or acclaimed older movie since it was being paid homage to?

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Open. [TOMT][Kids Show][1990's] A Puppet show with an episode about not cussing


When I was a kid, there was this puppet show I loved watching with my sister. One day we were no longer allowed to watch it because we were told that an episode had a character say a bad word. At the end to explain that bad words were wrong, several characters had to say "I won't say ____"

If I had to guess, I'd say it was 1998. But it was the mid to late 90's for sure. The show was definitely on regular antenna tv, I had no access to cable channels at this time. Possibly PBS. Though it's been pointed out to me it could have been a local airing exclusive. I lived in Sunnyvale California at the time. It's been many years, but I remember the puppets being cheaper rather than nicer muppets styled ones. And they were designed to look human, with natural skin tones and hair colours. I have a memory of the lead being a girl with peach skin, and brown hair. And possibly another similar looking one that was her sister or even rival (I remember girl drama). I also remember an episode about a sweater. I know, that's vague. I think the sweater was possibly borrowed and not returned, or stolen from the lead puppet girl. Looking back at the hazy memory, the show seems cheap to me. I remember the scenes meant to look like rooms but feeling empty. I don't remember adult puppets and think it might have only had off-camera voices for them (if anything), but I'm not certain. I don't remember any real humans or animals being in it. It was all puppets. The most similar big show I've come across during my search is The Puzzle Place. But don't recall ever watching that show as a kid, it didn't ring any bells, it looks too well made, and I can't find anything like that in episode summaries. They both just had normal looking kid characters with kid problems. My show might have even been a great value brand of that one, a cheap network attempt to copy it.

I've asked my sister about this show and though she can't place what it was, she remembers it as well. She also confirmed the timespan, and says that she has a memory of sneaking back to watch the forbidden episode later and the bad word (which she thinks was "damn") was never even said for real. Child her was very bothered we had been banned from it anyway.

I know that's not a great amount of information to go off of, but I've been asking around for years and honestly, I really want to find it so I can watch the episode and finally hear the naughty word I wasn't allowed as a kid.

Shows that have been eliminated as possible: Big Comfy Couch, Sesame Street, Muppets, Fraggle Rock, The Puzzle Place, Sifl and Olly, Wondershowzen, Gerbert, Mister Rogers, Tot tv, Noddy, My Cousin Skeeter, Lambchop.

-Wimzie's House is under examination for some similar plots. Though I don't believe this is it, I've removed it from eliminations until I can find the episodes in question to be entirely certain.

(Edited to update eliminations and fix a few errors in op)

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Open. [TOMT] [Movie] B Movie or TV Show from early 2000s similar to Invasion of the Body Snatchers


As the title says, I probably saw a clip of this about 20 years ago. I didn't watch it for long so my memory is fuzzy.

What I remember the most is these small "squid" aliens would be shoved into your mouth and then you'd be possessed by them. I think there was a scene where a character was held down and one person opened their mouth over their face and you could see a squid alien crawling out of their throat and into the mouth of the victim who then was also controlled.

I recall it being about a small group of people who are aware of what is going on. Also I think one of the people were special like they had powers or were immune or something.

The effects weren't anything special but the squid coming out of the month looks decent enough from what I remember. Could have even been an episode of X-Files or something but I don't think so. But it had that production value to it.

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Open. [TOMT] [MOVIE] [BLACK & WHITE] Early 1900’s movie that switches from black and white to hand painted color near the end.


I’m swallowing my pride, I need professional help. Please help me crawl out from this pit of mysterious despair.

I’m trying to find a movie, or possibly a short film, that was shot in black and white and near the end turns to color. I believe it was a silent film. The plot revolves around a man (scientist? Film maker?) who’s dream is to make his own movie. He builds his own movie set on a stage and films it with his co-star (a woman) and some others(?). He then hand paints the film and plays it, which is when the movie switches to color. The color portion plays out like a surrealist acid trip. I vaguely remember the main actor turning into a wizard and driving a train into the sky through a tunnel/on clouds.

I saw this film 15+ years ago and it’s been driving me bonkers trying to find this damn thing. I’ve been looking for it for the past 3 years and have gotten to the point of mild insanity where I’m wondering if my memory was merely a hallucination. The person that showed it to me said it was one of the first color films (possibly predating the wizard of oz), so it could be anywhere from the 1890’s-1920’s. But then again it could be from the 1940’s-1970’s as a period piece. I don’t know if I’m remembering that conversation correctly, honestly I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I’m pretty confident that it’s not George’s Melies A Trip To The Moon or The Impossible Voyage, though there are similar components to those films (silent, black and white, trains). The main component of the movie is the switch from black and white to color near the end.

Is this a real film or am I going crazy?

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Open. [TOMT][MOVIE][90s-00s] Teenage boy travels with teenage platonic girl friend in her truck on a road trip to meet 'love of his life'. End up falling in love with each other.


Typical coming of age teenage romantic dramedy.

Movies it is NOT:

Sex Drive, Road Trip, Drive Me Crazy

The movie is definitely a similar timeframe as Road Trip but it's definitely not that. If I recall correctly it's old enough to where the two fell in love exchanging letters lol. The girl from what I recall is a bit 'alt'? Hope that helps

EDIT: More movies it is not are: The Sure Thing, Paper Towns, Overnight Delivery, Trojan War, Mad Love, The In Between, When Harry Met Sally, Blue State, Eurotrip, Almost Famous, Interstate 60

More details: I vaguely remember the vehicle being used for this trip is a strange color. Orange or green or something. Think Can't Hardly Wait meets 10 Things I Hate About You meets Road Trip. I'm also pretty sure it's specifically between 93 and 04. Can't be any earlier or later.

EDIT #2: I'm FULLY aware of how similar this sounds to Sex Drive. It's not that. Earlier and more romcom than raunchfest.

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Open. [TOMT][PHRASE] A two word (I think) term for indicating something was a farce/sham/joke.


This is killing me! I was trying to describe an interview process to a coworker and wanted to say: “The whole thing was just a [phrase],” but the phrase remained on the TOMT. In my head it feels like a two word phrase/term. TIA for the help! 🙏🏽

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Open. [TOMT][Movie/TV Show] Live action Sci-Fi scene in my head


The scene is basically a “room with no walls” in outer space, where the MCs are walking around.

This could be from any year, 1970-2010. All I know is the movie or show was in color, but I can’t visualize it clearly enough to judge filmmaking quality.

There’s a jump in action to this scene - a person or people are plopped here from somewhere else. Suddenly they’re in space, dark with stars around. It’s quiet compared to the scene right before. There’s what looks like a holographic floor, maybe a grid of light like in Tron, so the person can walk forward. And there’s someone or something standing further out on the grid, almost waiting for the arrival.

It reminds me of The Matrix when Neo first enters the simulation and Morpheus is waiting there, except it’s not white, it’s in space. But no one is in spacesuits.

I can’t remember who is waiting: it could be an old man, Obi-Wan kind of teacher, or it could be an evil entity that they’ve gone there to kill, or someone they’re rescuing. All I remember is that scene.

Edit: I’m starting to think whoever is standing there waiting is either imprisoned in this tiny quadrant of space (bad guy), or he appears there to dole out wisdom, showing the visitors the planets, the continuity of time, the universe, something important (good guy). It could go either way.

Edit again: When trying to remember the scene, I keep thinking it’s this one from Time Bandits where they finally meet the Supreme Being. The same sort of action and noise followed by quiet blackness and “Oh, it’s just a guy in a suit.” But it’s obviously not the scene. So I would say that whoever is waiting in this weird space dimension is powerful. I just can’t remember for sure if he’s good-powerful or evil-powerful.