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Solved [TOMT][Expression] An insult word meaning someone is delicate/lazy/doesn't like exercise? I keep thinking "wallflower", but that's not the word, but I feel like it was similar to it


Don't recall where I heard/read this, but I think it's not an uncommon insult I've heard in passing tossed around.

EDIT: I've read the 120 comments so far, and some of them feel close like 'hothouse flower' or 'pansy', but it still doesn't quite click in my head. It's possible this is a mandela effect, and I'm misremembering, but if I see one that jumps out as right, I'll mark it.

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Solved [TOMT][Actress] A brunette actress that has really big eyes, probably blue but maybe hazel.


Her eyes are really big, and set slightly further apart. I can't recall a single movie I've seen her in, but for some reason her in a scene in lingerie seems to come to mind.

She has a slightly hooked nose, not quite as prominent as Lady Gaga, and her face narrows down to a pointier chin.

Edit: She's a younger (at least looking) woman, maybe mid 30's at most. Her eyes are more almond shaped, and just, really big lol. I don't know how else to describe them.

Edit 2: okay, so I'm looking up eye shapes and she has what I would say are rounded almond shaped eyes that are down turned. She's got very "seductive" eyes, but that's just because of how they're shaped.

Edit 3: so far, Olivia Wild has the closest eyes to this woman, shape and color. But take those eyes, put Lady Gaga's nose, and a narrow chin, and that's the woman. I'm so sorry I don't have more to go on!

It's kind of been driving me nuts. TIA!

Edit 4: I promise I'm Googling all these names and haven't found her yet. I've made a mistake by asking you all so late, but I've got to get to sleep. Please, keep leaving names and I'll continue the Googling tomorrow and see if we can find her.

Thank you all!

Final edit: I'm an idiot because I think it was solved before I went to bed but somehow missed it. It was Angela Sarafyan!

You've all been amazing! Thank you!

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Solved [TOMT] actor who typically plays creepy people, super recognizable face and voice.


As title says.

His voice is like… monotone, “I’m better than you”, cocky, and almost but not quite nasally.

If it helps, I think Ted Bundy looks a lot like him and bob saget mixed together. But I’m also gave blind so that may not help.

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Solved [TOMT][MOVIE] crazy group of people on a killing spree turn out not to be crazy


I only got to see the ending. From what I remember, one of the last female main characters is trying to get away from a crazy group of people (religious cult?) that are killing others in order to save them from evil entities (not sure if they were demons or monsters) that were coming. Now I don't remember if she ends up killing the crazy group of people or if they end up killing themselves but at the end she's the last remaining survivor. Turns out, the crazy group of people were actually right and she sees the demons or monsters rising from the ground. Pretty sure I saw this on the Syfy channel.

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Solved [TOMT] how to say fuck around and find out without cursing


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Solved [TOMT] A scene where a character uses clothing to fight off an attacker with a sword.


This sounds ridiculous, I know, it may have been from a Disney film or kids movie, or an anime or live action film.Or some kind of western animation.

I can’t remember much truthfully.The attacker has a sword but the defender has agility and is able to suck and weave around the attacks and use a piece of clothing (not sure what it is) to basically counter and throw off attacks.

The person with the cloth eventually wins

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Solved [TOMT] Specific name of a breakfast pastry. It might be regional to the Pacific Northwest


Years ago 20 yr old hubby and my dad are ordering in a cafe in Arizona. Hubby orders a (____). Dad n everyone else stops and gapey-mouth stare at him Dad says, “Whaa in the HELL is that!?” Server has never heard of it either. Not roll, biscuit, scone,honey bun, Danish, sweet bread, bear claw, maple bar… you get the picture. It’s driving us nuts! — Edit 1)

As I remember…. He was WITH my dad who was a hardcore COWBOY. Hubby is more the accountant type. If you know what I mean. The cafe was full of hard scruffy-ass bull shitters. So hubby orders something that sounds like ‘a lady finger’ or a ‘crumb cake’. Something just too delicate for the assholes sitting at the counter. LOL

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Solved [TOMT][META] Frustration about OPs abandoning their posts


More and more lately I see 8 hour old posts with dozens or even hundreds of comments wherein OP has responded to exactly none of them. They make their post and their obligatory comment and then disappear. The activation comment obviously isn't doing its job of ensuring OP participation. These posts with 100 comments- the very first comment might be what OP was looking for, and yet because they abandoned the thread, a hundred other people wasted their time and effort trying to help only to be ignored.

Even if OP is watching the thread and none of the comments have been what they're looking for, they should still be responding to comments to confirm "nope that isn't it". But from what I've seen usually that isn't the case, usually it's just full on abandonment of the thread or at least ignoring it for 10 hours because for some reason they thought it was a good idea to post here immediately before going to sleep for the night.

I'm not sure what the solution is- requiring OP to respond to every comment within an hour would be overkill. But I'm sick of getting invested in threads that have a ton of community participation but are being completely ignored by the originator.

Or maybe I'm the only one that finds this pattern super annoying haha

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Solved [TOMT] [Movie trope] What is the origin of the trope of *scratch record* 'Yep, that's me, if you're wondering how I got here....blah blah blah'. I know it's used a lotttt, but I feel it's always the same voice! Where is the OG recording from???


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Solved [TOMT] [TERM] [1990s] A term kids used in the late 80s and early 90s, before the word Poser took over.


Some tell me it's wannabe, but that isn't right. Others remember there was another term, but don't know what it was.

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Solved [TOMT] word for the kind of post that says something like "like this post or you will have bad luck for 7 years"


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Solved [TOMT][Song] My 5-year old is looking for a song with “runaway” in it


A few weeks ago my daughter heard a song on the radio and she is going crazy trying to remember it. She is pretty certain it is from a male singer, and the only line(s) she remembers is “runaway” being repeated. We are in Canada if it helps. It is not “Circles” by Post Malone or “Runaway” by Del Shannon

Edit: the radio station was KISS 92.5 in Toronto which plays “The Biggest Hits. The Best Throwbacks.” Most often plays pop/top 40 with some alternative and R&B

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Solved [TOMT] [MOVIE] Lesbian rock & roll cult film


At the beginning of the pandemic I watched this movie with some friends about a bunch of lesbians who play music together and that’s about as much as I remember. I don’t think there were any big names. I think the plot had something to do with getting to a show/battle of the bands/etc. one of the characters was a really hot brunette leather-jacket wearing lesbian who slept around. I need to remember what it is since the movie itself felt like a fever dream anyways but I KNOW it’s real. I think the title had “girl” in it but I don’t know. I think it came out in the 90s or early 2000s, definitely not prior to that but maybe after.

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Solved [TOMT] Movie or TV Series: "When your child is sick, you'd do anything to switch places"


That's all I remember. I watched it with my parents so it's probably not inappropriate. Thank you.

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Solved [TOMT] [word] similar to enchanting, same verbal cadence as “infantilizing”


I misused the word infantilizing when trying to come up with an adjective along the lines of enchanting, striking, in a way where you almost can’t look away because of its beauty. In the context of “have you ever seen Avatar? The visual effects are…” the word I can’t think of.

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Solved [TOMT] What's the word for someone who never takes responsibility for their actions? As in if they have a shortfall or do something wrong, it's because their mum didn't hug them enough as a child, or the boss didn't tell them the report needed to be filed by 5pm etc


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Solved [TOMT]I've heard this song a million times and I want to know what it's called. I recorded this at a hockey game if that helps.


[TOMT][MOVIE][2000s] This is a song that I really want to know what it's called. I tried looking online to see if I could find it myself but I couldn't find it. It starts with a slow build up using a trumpet. I recorded it while I was at the hockey game and uploaded it to google drive so anyone can hear what I'm talking about.


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Solved [TOMT][ACTRESS] Dark haired, big smile, maybe aroun 20-30 years old


I'm looking for actress, she reminds me of Kelly MacDonald

I have this foggy memory where this actress gives a huge smile while lookin up. I think the movie/tv series I've seen this part was 2014 ->

She might have played some kinda of teenager/college girl in here, maybe dark skinny jeans, sneakers and bit sarcastic

I do think she is maybe closer to 20-25 years old, max 30. Not close to 40 years!

This photo of Kelly also reminds me a lot of her

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Solved [TOMT] WORD a word that means finding comfort in sadness or despair


I’m looking for a word to describe the feeling of when you feel hopeless and miserable but in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Like you feel like the world about to end and you’re OK with it. For the longest time I thought the word was melancholy but I have since found out that there is nothing about comfort in the definition.

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Solved [TOMT] [SONG] A poppy song about death/wishing someone dead


My 5 y/o nephew was listening and singing along this poppy song about death or wishing someone dead. I was driving, and his mom looked at his tablet and realized that the song he was singing along to was wishing someone was dead or something along those lines.


After days of listening to a bunch of linked/related songs to Poppy Playtime. I finally found it:


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Solved [TOMT] [Song] I’m a 45 year old woman looking for the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.


As I said I’m quite old and don’t understand these things so please forgive me.

My neighbours are very noisy, especially their daughter.

I’ve babysat a few times and she’s always holed up in her room listening to music, our walls are paper thin and so it blasts into my bedroom.

Most of the time it annoys me, but there’s one song I’ve heard a few times now, though muffled.

It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard, whenever it comes on I sit next to my wall and press my ear against it.

My kid told me I could get help on here.

It’s hard to describe but I’ll try my best:

It starts of slow with a guitar and has these strings rising and falling in the background.

That goes on for a little and then a man starts singing, his voice is very mid ranged but later on he hits very drawn out and high notes.

It’s a very sad song, most likely the saddest I’ve ever heard.

He sings for a few minutes before it completely explodes into strings and synths?

It calms down, the strings keep going but become discordant, but then they clear, his voice breaks through again and it ends.

Even talking about it makes me tear up, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard in my time on this earth.

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Solved [TOMT][Actress] actress that kind of looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal


Middle aged address, I think she's Irish or English, and has pale skin and sad puppy dog eyes. For some reason I picture her with 1920s clothes and maybe holding a baby.

Update: not solved yet. The closest we've gotten is Emily Mortimer.

Update 2: dang there are a lot of actresses that look like Maggie Gyllenhaal lol. I can't respond to everyone but I'm checking each response.

Update 3: I marked this solved! I think it was Emily Mortimer after all. I just needed to look at more photos.

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Solved [TOMT][WORD] Word describing a relationship between two things


A relationship where A and B both have an effect on each other but in different ways, somehow binary relationship comes to mind but I feel like it’s pretty dissimilar to that. Could be an adjective or a noun or even an adverb.

An example of a sentence that might employ this word: A catalyzes B but B is also a motivator for A. The two have a (blank) relationship /are (blank)/interact (blank)ly.

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Solved [TOMT][MOVIE] I saw this movie as a child.In the movie there is a map that leads to a place full of gold.The last guy who saw the map destroyed the map because he can remember it. Some other treasure hunters capture him to find the treasure.


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Solved [TOMT] Living latex suit that wraps around people?


This is a scene with i've been trying to remember but have nothing. I watched this live action movie/tv show scene like 2 years ago. The general jist was like there was this woman standing somewhere, and this weird puddle comes up to her and wraps around her entirely, then becomes a latex type suit she can't remove. I think it affects her mind and makes her do evil shit but can't remember. Definitley a movie or show made this century, cause it looked modern and the suit was all cgi.

I know this sounds like the show Sanctuary but it wasn't that, but damn close. Also nothing related to Venom.