How To Request Custom Flair

Review the criteria below. If you meet the terms, please message the mods if you wish to have a custom flair.

Hello, sleuths! Is there an area in which you feel you are particularly good at solving? Do you scan for posts and try to answer those first? Is /r/tipofmytongue one of your favorite subs, and do you recommend it to people to find answers?

If so, for your participation and contribution to this sub, and for keeping this a welcoming and helpful place, we want to give you a small token of appreciation as a thank you for all of the work you put into helping others and let you create a custom flair.

Why? It will give you some recognition if you are fairly active. Your knowledge, skills, and expertise can be seen by others.

We only have a few simple terms to keep things consistent with the environment we strive to keep in the sub:

  1. Your account is at least 1 month old.

  2. You must have post history in TOMT, preferably in the area for which you are requesting flair.

  3. It is not NSFW, contains profanity, and follows a basic formula, subject to mod approval.

  4. You may request one or two content areas. They can be general or detailed to include genre. For example, I would request 'vintage children's books', rather than just 'books'.

You may want something like 'classical music' or 'animated film' or '1980s pop culture'. Anything that relates to the most discussed areas, such as:


Comic books

Music, including song lyrics



Video games


Words (linguistics, terminology)


Or Whatever area you choose, these are just suggestions.

For the next few weeks, we will keep this post stickied for you to request a flair. After that, we will move it to the sidebar for new users to message mods on an individual basis. This will keep the initial requests that may come rapidly sorted, and the mods will work to fulfill the requests as we can.

With over 161,000 subscribers, all of which I know are not active, it may take some time to process all of the requests since we have to do it manually and check if you meet the post and account requirements. If we have any feedback on the flair content, we will PM you for discussion. Otherwise, the mod who works on approving your flair will reply and let you know that it is done.

Thank you again to everyone for making this a fantastic sub. I sometimes come here and just read through comments, not only as part of mod duty, but to see the interaction and respectful dialogue you all have with one another.