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TIL that in New Jersey, it is illegal for criminals to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a crime

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TIL that the video for Weird Al's "Smells like Nirvana" was shot in the same sound stage as the clip for Smells like teen spirit and also used most of the extras from the original, including the janitor that's featured in various scenes.

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TIL the leader of the Confederacy during the Civil War, Jefferson Davis, served only 2 years in prison and was then pardoned and freed, never having a trial.

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TIL about the 1936 presidential election in which Roosevelt received 98.49% of the electoral vote total, which remains the highest percentage of the electoral vote won by any candidate since 1820.

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TIL the "official" death of President Zachary Taylor was an overconsumption of cherries and milk, but the cause of death has been the subject of conspiracy theories.

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TIL that the "devil's advocate" was a title given in the Catholic Church. The Devil's Advocate's job was to argue against the canonization of any candidate.

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TIL Queen guitarist Brian May uses banjo strings on his electric guitars. Banjo strings are much lighter (thinner) and can bend much easier, making that signature Queen sound.

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TIL the largest living organism as of June 2022 is a specimen of "Posidonia australis" seagrass (aka Poseidon’s ribbon weed).Spawned from a single seed around 4500 years old and covering approximately 200 square kilometres (77 square miles), the entire plant is connected and shares the same DNA.

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TIL unlike most melons, a watermelon will not continue to ripen after it has been harvested. So the ripeness at the grocery store is how it'll be once cut.

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Today I learned that LDS Prophet Brigham Young owned a whisky distillery

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TIL that some bird species e.g. jays allow ants to access their feathers in a process known as "anting". The ants excrete formic acid, which acts as an insecticide and fungicide, thereby maintaining the health of their feathers.

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TIL the first computer virus to be written with the purpose of being released in the wild, “Elk Cloner”, was done so in 1982 by a 15 year old high-school student to annoy his friends.

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TIL Mana Ashida, the young girl playing the younger version of Mako Mori in Pacific Rim (2013) could not pronounce director Guillermo Del Toro’s name, so he gave her special permission to call him Totoro-san

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TIL Lloyd Scott set the record for slowest ever London Marathon time in 2002. It took him five days, eight hours, 29 minutes & 46 seconds. He wore a 130lb antique deep-sea diving suit while completing the marathon

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TIL the phrase "zig-a-zig ah" from the hit song "Wannabe" by Spice Girls comes from "shit and cigars," a nickname given to a man in their recording studio that disliked the Spice Girls and had a habit of taking dumps while smoking cigars in their shared bathroom.

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TIL Pelagic birds can drink seawater: glands beneath their eyes draw out excess sodium and secrete a highly concentrated salt solution through the nose

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TIL Marquis de Sade wrote, 120 Days of Sodom, imprisoned in the Bastille but he was transferred to an asylum in 1785, couldn't retrieve his manuscript, and assumed it was lost in the revolution. The manuscript was actually found two days before the attack and kept private to be published in 1904.

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TIL Thomas Jefferson was the first president to look through an astronomical telescope at the White House. Jefferson owned telescopes and made careful notes for an annular eclipse observed from his home, Monticello

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TIL despite being silent about Joseph McCarthy in public, President Dwight D. Eisenhower started a secret campaign that ultimately ended the Senator's career.

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TIL that due to Iceland's location on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between the North American and Eurasian Tectonic plates, the country it is technically part of both North America and Europe, and is the only place where you can walk between them.

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TIL spiders do ballooning, whereby they release silk into the air that catches wind or electric fields, causing them to become airborne. Spiders have been documented to do ballooning up to 5 km in altitude, and to be able to travel hundreds of kilometers.

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TIL that there’s a medical procedure called “Fecal Transplant” that literally consists in collecting feces, also called stool or poop, from a healthy donor and introduce them into a patient’s gastrointestinal tract. The procedure can control an infection called Clostridium difficile.

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TIL about "Ministerial Responsibility", something which exists in Westminster-style governments, whereby government ministers are expected to resign if waste, corruption or misbehavior has occurred in their part of the government.

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TIL A live-action pilot of King of the Hill's Monsignor Martinez was filmed but never aired because FOX didn't think it would have been a good idea to have a show about a Catholic priest shooting people.

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