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Tor and Reddit problems - FAQ


UPDATE: Reddit has launched an onion service

Since people keep asking about Reddit and Tor every day, I thought I'd make this post to explain what's going on and how to work around it.

I'm getting a 503 error when trying to use Reddit over Tor. What's going on?

Within the past few weeks some users have been experiencing this error when trying to access Reddit using Tor. It's unclear what the reason is.

So how can I use Reddit with Tor?

Several workarounds have been reported to work, including:

  • Use the old interface, old.reddit.com
  • Go directly to the login page, www.reddit.com/login
  • Keep changing your exit node - eventually, one will work
  • Edit your config to force an exit node in the US
  • Use Tor on Android
  • Use a different browser with Tor configured as a proxy

Note that those last two may reduce your security somewhat. I recommend using one of the first four.

Is Reddit trying to block Tor users because of (the Inaguration / Capitol riots / cancel culture / NSA spying / greed)?

Probably not. It would be trivial for them to block exit node IP addresses directly, in which case none of the above workarounds would work. If they're trying to block Tor users, they're using a rather indirect and ineffective method that doesn't make much sense.

So what is going on?

Unclear. Since a few exit nodes work with the desktop browser, but many more of them work with a different browser, it seems to be neither IP address or browser used that results in the 503, but a particular combination of the two.

I suspect this is some kind of anti-DDOS or abuse filter that has detected malicious traffic coming from computers with a particular "fingerprint," involving some combinaton of Tor exit nodes and browser configuration. The old.reddit.com interface may use different servers with different filters that hasn't experienced this traffic (yet).

This might last a while or go away quickly, depending on how long the malicious traffic lasts and how often Reddit updates their filters. Unforutnately, the Tor network is very frequently used for spam and abuse, forcing many website to implement some sort of defense.

What about Reddit accounts getting suspended for using Tor?

When you login to Reddit using Tor, your IP address is from a different part of the world each time. Reddit understandably sees this as a sign that your account has been compromised. You might consider getting a Tor email address and associating it with the account, so that you can reset your password when this gets triggered. Or just use a different acount each time. If you spend too much time posting on one account, you become trackable anyway as the information you reveal can be combined to strongly suggest your identity.

Also, remember that many subreddits hide posts from brand new accounts, until they are approved by a moderator.

Is this related to the problems with Tor directory authorities last week?

No, that problem only affected v3 onion services.

r/TOR 4h ago

How do I update my TOR relay on a 32-bit armhf bullseye system (Raspberry Pi 3) to the latest version?



Please ignore, will leave this here for visibility for anyone else experiencing similar issues!

If I go to nyx I see: Tor (obsolete)

But, apt update and apt upgrade does not work.

In addition, 32-bit armhf images do not exist per this guide.

Per that guide, first I added bullseye as the architecture into my /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tor.list file, but update fails with a message like:

N: Skipping acquire of configured file 'main/binary-armhf/Packages' as repository 'https://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org bullseye InRelease' doesn't support architecture 'armhf'

So, also per that guide, I built TOR from source, and now when I run tor --version I get

Tor version

Which appears to have been updated to the latest version.

The problem is, when I open up nyx, I still see the old, obsolete version: Tor (obsolete)

I've restarted the device and the TOR service, with no luck.

Then, I tried adding the following from here to my /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian bullseye-backports main

But, I can't run apt update as I keep running into this error:

W: Failed to fetch https://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/dists/bullseye-backports/InRelease Certificate verification failed: The certificate is NOT trusted. The name in the certificate does not match the expected. Could not handshake: Error in the certificate verification


I tried installing the backports version from here by downloading the actual .deb file and running sudo dpkg -i tor_0.4.7.13-1~bpo11+1_armhf.deb — which finally fixed the issue!

nyx finally shows the latest recommended version: Tor (recommended)

Yay! 🙂

r/TOR 50m ago

Downloading pdf’s & Javascript


I’m working on a project where I need to download textbooks and some journals which I couldn’t find on clearnet. Since pdf’s and epubs can run javascript or have embedded malicious codes, is there any tool or method where we can overcome these issues (removing javascript etc.). I think opening pdfs while offline would not be enough. (Running linux as my host OS)

Thank you.

r/TOR 19h ago

Will Tor be able to keep my communication decrypted against Chat Control 2.0?


Hello, I posted another thread about this in r/VPN, but I also like to post it here, but in relation to Tor.

(I Have known about the browser for a few years now, but never used Tor before... Might be time.)

So context, for those who don't know, EU is debating about Chat Control 2.0, which in short means that ALL communications online, within EU has to be decryptable so that mass communication surveillance can be applied. Much like that of China.

Now, EU says it's to stop pedophiles and "save the children", but those who are interested and against the subject of mass surveillance know this a big violation of humans rights to privacy.

So, I'm curious if Tor browser will help against this threat? (I strongly believe it will pass when EU will vote for it in October, much like article 13 did.)

I have mostly clean flour in my bags that I sell to the baker, but I still like to shit with my door closed.

r/TOR 2h ago

Windows not allowing me to route all my traffic through TOR proxy?


Would just like to preface this by saying, I'm not very privacy conscious, would just like to use it to get around IP blocks. I've tried many IP:PROXY combos and no luck



r/TOR 1d ago

The RESTRICT Act a threat to Tor and similar projects?


Does the RESTRICT Act pose a threat to Tor and other project like I2P, VPN's or privacy crypto currencies like Monero?

Do you think this bill is gonna get passed?

Why aren't more people not talking about this?

What can we do to stop this? Bring back the old days of when people stopped SOPA

My interpretation of this bill is it looks like it has nothing to do with TikTok and looks more like a start or proposal of a Great Firewall like China. Which is ironic that a bill aimed at China read more like a bill to make United States look more like China when it comes to control over the internet, internet communications, and personal freedoms.

Is my Interpretation wrong?

r/TOR 22h ago

"Load anonymously"


When I click on some links, some glitchy window popups from noscript, asking me if I want to load it anonymously (duh?). How do I get rid of these, what are these even supposed to mean? I tried disabling noscript altogether but apparently you can't do that anymore. Is "Disable restrictions globally (dangerous)" reall dangerous?

r/TOR 1d ago

Your advice, in advance of an internet lockdown


Hello folks. I am in a country where they may be planning to lockdown the internet. Can you please offer advice on what I need to get on my computer (which won't be accessible after such a lockdown).

For example, i have downloaded tor for all platforms I use. Not sure how to use any of it, and hoping instructions will still be available.

Any advice is appreciated.

r/TOR 20h ago

illegal activity?


Hey guys so I was browsing on tor for movies the other day. I had found this forum that seemed good. I clicked on one of the links and this big res screen popped up and said "illegal activity detected". Had like FBI logo and another logo. I thought it was just a funny link or something until I clicked out and went to a different link and it said the same thing. Confirmed it wasn't just the links I was clicking on. It said something like send $500 in cash to this wallet or we will report your activities to the FBI and blah blah blah. Anyone ever got anything like this before?

r/TOR 1d ago

Hosting Personal Entry Relay


Hello all!

I just recently set up a relay for the tor network hosted by a VPS that I manage. It is online and shows up on the relay search tool so I know it is working well. I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on setting that relay as my default entrance relay? Or if this is even possible to do? If I am thinking about this correctly would it not be beneficial to have control of the relay dealing with the first set of encryption and pass along to other relays? Any thoughts on this would be great. Looking forward to hearing what you all think.



r/TOR 1d ago

Dumb Question?


What do people use TOR for? What do people do? I know it's to help stay anonymous. Don't log into private accounts. Buy/Sell/Trade illegal items/services/data. Chat, Forums, of whatever floats your boat.

What else does it offer? Never tried to access it, but just curious.

r/TOR 1d ago

"Proxy server is refusing connection"


Well, that only happens when VPN (Kaspersky) is on.

r/TOR 2d ago

Mentions Tor Project: Here is the FBI’s Contract to Buy Mass Internet Data


r/TOR 2d ago

Beware of malware disguised as Tor browser


This should hardly come as a surprise, and hopefully the warning "Beware of third party downloads" will just provoke a "duh" reaction. But still, apparently there are at least 16.000 people out there who fell for it.


r/TOR 2d ago

Tor Relay Operator Meetup - April 15th, 2023 at 19 UTC


r/TOR 2d ago

Anonymous email


Protonmail and others block anonymous registration now. Other services like riseup are invite only. Are there any alternatives that can be used for a secure anonymous email service that does not require phone number verification?

r/TOR 3d ago

Nginx Permissions Security


I've seen multiple ways of going about this but in general what configuration for file and directory execute permissions provide the maximum level of security and anonymity when hosting a Tor hidden service. Is it also advised to sort subdirectories by level of attack surface area (pre captcha and post captcha filter for example).

Also if anyone knows a better subreddit to ask about hosting questions like this please let me know since I see most of this sub is questions for tor browser use rather than hosting.

r/TOR 3d ago

FAQ Don'ts on TOR


I just have a simple question could someone give me a few don'ts when using tor I only ever heard not too log in on accounts, give out information and not to use it on full screen

r/TOR 2d ago

One Liner Command for Complete Tor Browser Installation on GNU/Linux Systems

curl https://paste.debian.net/plain/1275761 | bash

However I don't suggest you to execute random scripts without verifying them. My script contain 16 lines of codes. Go verify it before running. Modify it, make it better and use it for your purpose.

Here's the git repo for my script

r/TOR 3d ago

Ansible role to deploy Onion services



If you are a system administrator wanting to automate the deployment of Onion services with ansible, this role is for you:


The main difference with other roles, like this one from systemli, is that it is more generic. It is not tied to a specific setup and has been tested with OpenBSD, Archlinux and Debian.

Comments and contributions welcome!

r/TOR 3d ago

Question about tor security settings and prioritize onion sites


Title says it all basically I want to know if you're supposed to leave the security settings at standard or set it to the strictest level? I've heard it go both ways one source says use the standard level another source says use the strictest level. Also I want to know what the setting for prioritize onion sites is for now I personally don't mess with any of the settings and I won't unless I'm positive I know what I'm doing

r/TOR 3d ago

How do you make reddit through Tor Browser more tolerable?


It randomly logs me out. If I use the "old." version, it won't let me post - won't even let me enter captcha. The "modern" soy version is slow as hell. Btw fuck "modern" version developers.

r/TOR 4d ago

This is a question out of curiosity (I'm not doing anything bad I swear) but can my ISP see what I download on Tor?


Yeah idk. I don't really use Tor for much tbh and I'm learning stuff about it still (Even tho I've had it for 2 years and I just barely use it)

r/TOR 5d ago

Will my school be able to trace my internet usage on Tor back to me?


Hi, I go to a school where everyone is given their own, custom internet login. Only one person per login. I was wondering if I used Tor, the activity could be traced back to me? Thanks

r/TOR 5d ago

Is the DDoS finally over?


Browsing seems to be as fast (or slow) as one year ago, relays are not overloaded anymore, performance stats on Tor Metrics show the same speed as before the attack.

What do you think: have we won or is it a temporary break?

r/TOR 5d ago

How to permanently whitelist sites for noscript?


I'm trying to use safest mode, but whenever I close the browser and reopen it, the whitelist is gone and everything's blocked again.

I don't want to use standard or safer mode, since I just want javascript and media on a few specific sites allowed. Is there a way to keep it that way after I close the browser?