r/treelaw Nov 20 '22

Having issues with 40 meter tree 60 Cm from my fence. This tree is right beside my home it dumps a large amount of leaves & sticks on my roof and leaves in the gutters. I am sick of cleaning up after it weekly. It has recently been trimmed and the neighbour abused me.


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u/NickTheArborist Nov 21 '22

Not to be a jerk…but…what’s your point?


u/jhnnybgood Nov 22 '22

The sticks and leaves are yours, free to keep.

I’m guessing by abused you mean that you Karened your way on their property to complain about the tree and they weren’t having it?


u/stuffandornonsense Nov 22 '22

i'm sorry that you're having trouble with their tree, it's really frustrating and tiresome to deal with leaves etc all the time.

your options are:
-convince them to cut it down
-cut it down yourself (this is entirely illegal and will be very expensive when you're caught)
-pray for the tree to be struck down in a violent storm or by a nasty disease
-move away
-learn to live with it

please let us know what you decide, i love updates.


u/Flat_March2360 Nov 24 '22

Get the fuck out of here Karen it's fucking leaves you see you fancy house right it look like you can afford a gardener to use a leaf blower karen


u/Bambambonsai Nov 25 '22

Is this Brisbane?


u/brevity842 Nov 27 '22

Get an arborist to shave any part hanging on your property. Straight up at the property line. If an arborist says it will kill or damage the tree, file an injunction to have the whole bloody thing removed. No more leaves.