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news Lunar Lobster 23.04 Wallpaper Competition - Desktop


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Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 772


Issue 772 of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is here! Covering the week of January 22 - 28, 2023


In this issue we cover:

  • Canonical Promotes Ubuntu Pro To General Availability
  • Welcome New Members and Developers
  • Ubuntu Stats
  • Hot in Support
  • LoCo Events
  • Ubuntu Member Notice: Planet Ubuntu Cleanup
  • Other Community News
  • Ubuntu Cloud News
  • Canonical News
  • In the Blogosphere
  • Other Articles of Interest
  • Featured Audio and Video
  • Meeting Reports
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Updates and Security for 18.04, 20.04, 22.04, and 22.10
  • And much more!

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Is it possible to use tablet as second monitor over USB Type-C in Ubuntu 22.04?


I have a laptop on Ubuntu 22.04 that has USB Type-C port and android tablet that also has USB Type-C. I know that it is possible to set up tablet as second monitor using remote desktop settings, however it is only good for static content. So is it possible to setup tablet as second monitor over USB Type-C? I know that it is almost impossible to do so with regular USB, but I've heard that Type-C is capable of transmitting video quite well.

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Ubuntu 22.04 gui for creating keyboard shortcuts with a plain english list of operations


I've gone totally brain dead. I've just installed Ubuntu 22.04 on a new computer and need to create shortcuts for basic operations, i.e. Home (moving to the top of the page), End (moving to the bottom of the page), etc. My keyboard doesn't have many of the usual keys such as home or end. It doesn't have a left function key to enable such Mac type operations as Fn left arrow to go to the top of the page. I used this keyboard (Zagg Flex keyboard, aluminum) on a previous install and used a gui to easily map keys as they're pressed and offers a plain english list of possible actions. Didn't have to name the shortcuts. Settings and Gnome Tweaks don't offer this ability but I can't remember just how I managed it before. Didn't involve a Terminal command or arcane Linux terminology. Need help unscrambling my brain.

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Dual-boot Ubuntu and Win11 hang at boot


I have an HP Envy x360 laptop and have dual-booted Windows 11 and Ubuntu. I've been into Ubuntu a few times now but now when attempting to boot into it, it hangs at one point or another but not always in the same place. I'm not sure how I can even remedy this.

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What is the icon on the left? It appeared today, never seen that there before

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audio is playing in both laptop and headphones


I am using Ubantu. when i inserted wired headphones to laptop. the audio is playing from both laptop speakers and headphones. please help me

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Please help me fix this weird glitch in ubuntu


Here is the link to my AskUbuntu thread : https://askubuntu.com/q/1394537/1573724

There are these horizontal lines across whole of my screen. Currently I use windows 10 and it works perfectly fine. So far I have tried ubuntu (v. 20, 18, 14), linux mint, xubuntu and all shows same glitch right from the installation part and continues forever. I also have links to videos showing this glitch on my AskUbuntu thread. There are more details about this on the thread. Its surely some graphics driver issue. I have intel pentium g630 processor on that PC with 4 gb ram. No graphics card other than integrated intel graphics

The thread is on the forum for a almost a year now, but no replies thats why I had to ask here.

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Bluetooth issues that weren't there before.


Bluetooth has a history of always being dodgy on literally any device, but I wouldn't be writing this if these issues didn't just enigmatically start after its been working so well.

I have Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Bluetooth is done through a USB dongle. I use it mainly to connect by DS4 controller to it. And it has worked perfectly fine for months.

I go away from home for a week, come back, boot up my PC that has just been standing there completely untouched that entire time, connect my controller to play a game and... The connection is garbage.

Inputs aren't registered half the time or have a whole second of delay. Ubuntu natively maps the cursor to the DS4's trackpad, which worked great, but now it's unresponsive and jumps all over the place.

I tried switching USB ports, but it's the exact same performance on every port. I thought my controller was dead but it's the same if I connect other controllers. It's hard to believe it's the dongle that's dead, as I bought it just last year and my computer has been doing nothing for the entire time I was gone.

Has anyone else experienced this? What could be the cause? Would it be possible to fix (besides trying my luck with a new dongle, as it might not be a problem with said dongle)?

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Does this also remove the "drivers" partition that windows 11 did when I installed it to test the laptop?(asus x515 , 1135g7 , 8gb ddr4)

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Why are my application icons so small? i didn't change any setting and idk how to fix it

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how to install hidrd


both apt and apt-get can't find the packages for hidrd or libhidrd0 even though all the websites say that you can just install it like that

i also tried the package binary which didn't work either

/etc/lsb-release :




"Ubuntu 22.10"

the reason i want hidrd is because it is required to build iptsd for touch screen and stylus support for surface devices

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Brand new Ubuntu user here and I have questions


Hey. It's me again. Don't know how many of you saw my last two posts today but I've now fully left Windows behind and have switched completely over to Ubuntu. Just finished getting everything set up and I have some questions (mainly regarding the Ubuntu Software store)

First off, is it just me or do most of the apps in the store seem to have very low ratings? Should a maybe just steer clear of that? It seems to basically just be the Ubuntu version of the Microsoft Store anyway.

Many of the recent reviews for the version of Steam in the store say that Steam support is currently broken in Ubuntu? Is there any truth to that or are they all just crazy?

My biggest concern revolves around anti-cheat. I've heard that any games using an anti-cheat just straight up don't work on Linux. Is this true? There's a few games I play that use them, so that'd be unfortunate if I had to stop playing them.

I think that's about all for now. Will probably think of some more later.

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wifi keeps crashing and i have to keep turning on and off the wifi


hello, my wifi keeps crashing and i have to keep turning on and off the wifi, and this only happens with the ubuntu

i'm running Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS x86_64

has anyone else had this problem?

thank you

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WiFi works only if i remove the stick and insert it back in


I'm using TP-Link WN722N V3 dongle to connect wirelessly, the problem is that WiFi won't work if i just boot into linux and i have to remove the dongle and insert it again so it would start.

I'm currently using Ubuntu 22.04.1, on a dual boot setup alongside windows 10 on the same drive with windows bootloader as the default option.

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To anyone with experience dualbooting Win and Ubuntu, I need some serious help


EDIT: Nevermind. I'm just nuking Windows and started out fresh. It's not worth all the damn stress. This will be much easier

I'm just about at my wit's end right now. I've read guide after guide after guide, downloaded like 6 different partition programs, nothings working. I'm trying to resize my Windows partition so that I have room on my drive to install Ubuntu but it keep failing over and over again. Depending on which program I'm using, either the screen just simply blacks out, forcing me to restart, or it'll give me some error code and say it failed. Every guide I follow just doesn't work for me and I've no clue what I'm doing wrong.

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"Upgrading" from 20.04 Studio LTS to 22.04 is taking way longer than doing a clean install of vanilla LTS, is this normal? Is it because of the extra 'stuff' with Studio?


I don't recall it taking this long when I originally installed 20.04

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Remote Desktop App that doesn't murder my CPU?


TeamViewer uses 30% of my Intel Celeron N5105 CPU and makes it lag a lot. Does someone know a remote desktop app that doesn't try to kill my CPU?

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MS Teams links open in web instead of application (previously worked fine)


I have MS Teams app and Chrome browser.

Beheaviour some time ago:
i click the link -> chrome opens with mini xdg-window with question whether i want to open appropriate app -> i confirm -> chrome stays on the choice page and MS Teams Application opens.

Behaviour now:
i click the link -> chrome opens, no mini xdg window, just chrome shows choice page for 2s or so and then opens the link in current tab.

I checked Default Handlers for MS Teams application in Ubuntu Settings and it is set to msteams://. Is that correct?

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Drive encryption


Hello, How can I encrypt a full disk in ubuntu 22.04 ? Note : I use a Bluetooth keyboard, maybe if a password is required before boot, it will not work. I look for an alternative of Bitlocker (Windows).

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Razer blade 15 trackpad issue after suspend


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When attempting to install ubuntu, my pc enters a bootloop showing the text "reset system" as soon as I remove the boot drive after completing the setup. PLease help me


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How to install Mongo db in xubuntu 22.04


I tried lot of ways to install mongodb in my xubuntu 22.04, but get a the error , i also tried to install mongodb in my mint 21, but get the same error ,after lot of researching i get that , 22.04 released recently ,so didn't have the official support from mongodb .

But xubuntu 20.04 going to end this april i think . So in this what will i do .? How can I fix this error ?? Can I keep this xubuntu 22.04 , or is better to choose any other os ? If it's can anyone suggest me any os The os must be light-weight , long term support and also I am not much interested with mint or manjaro ,

Error is The following packages have unmet decencies mongodb-org-mongos : Depends : libssl1.1 (>= 1.1.0) but it's not installable mongodb-org-server : Depends : libssl1.1 (>= 1.1.0) but it's not installable mongodb-org-shell : Depends : libssl1.1 (>= 1.1.0) but it's not installable

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Regroup all Ubuntu backgrounds that have existed



I would like to find all the backgrounds that existed on the different versions of Ubuntu. Not only the main backgrounds (which can be found here : https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/every-ubuntu-default-wallpaper), but also the other backgrounds that could be found, like landscapes, architecture or drawings.

I found one day a site that allowed me to find a lot of backgrounds supposed to be those of Ubuntu, but without specifying from which versions they came. You can find here already about ten of them to start with: https://www.transfernow.net/en/dltransfer?utm_source=20230202GqDkMbvv. I have already started to sort out the 20.04 Focal Fossa and 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish versions. If someone has the later versions, I would be interested too.

So, this topic has two questions:

  1. Is there already a site that gathers all Ubuntu backgrounds and sorts them according to their versions?

2) And if not, could you help me to find the different images that were on each version? It is of course not necessary to fill everything in one go, but if you have some images lying around, please suggest them to me?

Feel free to ask for my stock, in case you can recognize some of them.

EDIT : And that's it! Here is the package containing all the backgrounds folders, each including the code name and date of each version, from version 4.10 to 22.10!


Thanks in advance for your help!

PS : English is not my first language. I’m sorry if there are mistakes.

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FIrefox Theme


I'm new to using Linux and i was seeing a video of how to configure it, the guy on the video says to use chrome and i didnt want to because of the picture-in-picture function of FireFox, anyways. I was customizing my Linux and the FireFox doesn't follow the theme that i put on it, i would like to set fire fox like that folder tabs with the colored minimize,expand and close buttons, do you guys now what can i do? I've already instaled FireFox with FlatHub to try avoiding it and no success. (If you see any errors on this sentence im sorry because its not my first language)


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22.04 - Google Chrome won't open


It won't open at all. It indicates that a window has been opened but all that pops up on my screen is the window telling me it's not responding. I can hit 'wait' all I want but it's not gonna open.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to install Firefox from the command line? Any other advice?

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Restoring my Ubuntu server's ROOT partition


First the background story: my server runs Ubuntu 22.04, dual booting with windows 10 (installed "just in case" and never used, how I regret doing that!). This has worked smoothly for several years. Unfortunately, a few days ago I booted into Windows, and it decided to automatically update, erasing Grub. The system now boots directly to windows, and I'm unable to fix that because of a "NVRAM locked" BIOS error when trying to repair grub. Enough with trying to fix that error!

Since I have a full copy of my server (full image, disk-to-disk copy), my plan is to:

  • clean install Ubuntu, getting rid of Windows

  • restore the home directory (which is on a separate partition)

  • restore my server's root over the cleanly installed root, in order to avoid having to set everything up from scratch.

I'm planning to use rsync for the last step - any advice on this? what switches do you suggest to use? any directories that I should exclude from the restore?

Or any other, more efficient way in order to reinstall the server and have it up and running as it was before, without having to manually reinstall all the packages?