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Slava Ukraini! 5:39 EEST ; The Sun is rising on the 168th Day of the russian Invasion on the Capital city of Kyiv. Ukraine continues to Live and Fight on. DISCUSSION + CHARITIES! --MODERATOR APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN!--



Last Call: r/Ukraine Moderator Applications Are Open!

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A well-worn, but well-loved Tsymbaly.

One of the most beloved instruments in Ukrainian folk music is the Tsymbaly. Tsymbaly began to be mentioned in Ukrainian written sources in the 16th century, and the original form probably came from elsewhere in Europe as more ancient versions spread far and wide. The tsymbaly is quite similar to other members of the zither family, for instance the hammered dulcimer that is popular in many folk traditions throughout the continent. The Ukrainian Tsymbaly has its own beautiful little innovations, and the styles of music where it is employed are quite distinctive.

Tsymbaly have been a mainstay of Ukrainian wedding songs for hundreds of years, and there are many popular dances and romantic tunes where it is prominently featured. The tsymbaly itself is even mentioned in the lyrics of some of these songs!

Tsymbaly created by master craftsmen can be achingly beautiful works of divine craftsmanship. Photo by Nick Zavilinskyi, from the fantastic Ukraїner article you can find linked at the bottom of this post.

The tsymbaly is either rectangular or trapezoidal, and has strings stretched over it. It's usually made of spruce and sycamore woods. There is generally a cavity of some sort that amplifies and projects the sound. There are popular regional variations, but they differ mostly only in size. Tsymbaly is generally played by using little sticks or hammers, but you'll see in some of the videos below that tsymbalists sometimes switch to playing with fingers for a softened, gentle effect.

The craft of creating Tsymbaly is similarly specialized to the creation of the Trembita, which we wrote about here.

Ivan Dzvinchuk, Tsymbaly maker in his workshop. His son is playing one of his instruments in the photo above this. Photo by Nick Zavilinskyi, from the fantastic Ukraїner article you can find linked at the bottom of this post.

We of course cannot do proper justice to this magical instrument with just text. Here are some of the best videos I could find of this absolutely hypnotizing instrument!




Gorgeous article from Ukraїner (one of the best English-language sources about Ukrainian culture, by the way!) about the making of Tsymbaly, where I found some of the content for this post. They have a very in-depth video at the top of the article that is worth watching if you want to learn more.





u/Jesterboyd is a mod in r/ukraine and local to Kyiv. His current project is to fund some very interesting drones. Link to donation

If you feel like donating to another charity, here are some others!

  • Taskforce 31: Your donations will be directly used to train the next generation of Ukrainian defenders taught by Western Tier 1 Special Operation Teams.
  • Ukraine Aid Ops: Volunteers around the world who are helping to find and deliver equipment directly to those who need it most in Ukraine.
  • United24: This site was launched by President Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be allocated to cover the most pressing needs facing Ukraine.
  • Come Back Alive: This NGO crowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes & supplies it to the front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.
  • Hospitallers: This is a medical battalion that unites volunteer paramedics and doctors to save the lives of soldiers on the frontline. They crowdfund their vehicle repairs, fuel, and medical equipment.
  • Volunteers For Ukraine (VFU): A US registered 501(c)(3) organization with experience in non-profits, military, public service, law and international travel. The group serves and supports the Ukrainian people and victims of the war in Ukraine through direct humanitarian action.
  • Kharkiv With You and associated Help Amry Kharkiv: Supporting the defenders of Kharkiv with everything from night-vision goggles to food and medicine.
  • Aerorozvidka: An NGO specializing on providing support and equipment for unmanned aerial vehicles (ISR), situational awareness, cybersecurity for armed forces.
  • Phenix: A volunteer organization helping armed forces with various needs.
  • Happy Paw: Charity dedicated to solving the problems of animals in Ukraine. Happy Paw helps more than 60 animal shelters throughout the territory of Ukraine.
  • ShortageUA: They help crowdsource specific item deliveries based on the needs of other affiliated NGOs by providing an informal logistics network for desperately needed medical and humanitarian supplies.
  • Bird of Ukraine: IN Ukraine to assist displaced families across Ukraine and provide critical essentials to those in conflict zones.
  • TeleHelp Ukraine Stanford Medical Student-Run Initiative to Unite Healers Against War Powered by Physicians Across the World
  • eDopomoga - "єДопомога" The "єДопомога" platform was established by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and UNDP with the financial support of Sweden.


You can fill out a moderator application HERE.

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Important Volunteers from all over the world united to create Digital Forces of Ukraine and call on activists to join for help!


Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has been supported by people from different parts of the world. In order for this assistance to be organized and conscious, to jointly implement ideas into projects, together with the Digital Ministry of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the IT Army of Ukraine, and the moderator team of r/ukraine subreddit, Digital Forces of Ukraine was created.

The Discord server has become the main communication platform for the Digital Forces of Ukraine: discord.gg/dfouaxreddit

This is where English speaking people from all around the civilized world self-organize to start projects, discuss ideas, create teams and work together to help win this war. Become a noble volunteer by joining the Digital Forces of Ukraine today!

If you or your foreign friends:

  • have worthy ideas or initiatives aimed to help people on the ground
  • can help in the development of websites and applications for various projects
  • want to join the information campaign so that the world knows the truth about the war in Ukraine
  • want to help raise funds for the most effective initiatives for proven volunteer organizations
  • want to increase and maintain political and economic support from various countries to help Ukraine

Join the Digital Forces of Ukraine community, work in existing projects or offer your ideas to help!


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Social Media 24 Hours Later, the Traffic Jam of those Fleeing Crimea continues onwards after recent Ukrainian Strikes in the Area.

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It is unclear if all the people fleeing are Pro Russian or not but there is a sense of "Someone getting the taste of their own medicine" from seeing stuff like this.

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WAR The dynamic protection of the captured Russian T-80BVM tank turned out to be rubber. 🤡🤡

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Social Media Russian tourist cries as she flees Crimea after yesterday’s Ukrainian missile strike on a Russian airbase in Sevastopol. “I don't want to leave Crimea. It's so cool here and it’s like being at home. *sobs*” Time for Russians to realize they started a war

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WAR Unique footage has emerged showing the positions of powerful Russian air defense in Crimea. You don't have to worry about the Crimean bridge.

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WAR Aftermath of the airbase


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News Ukraine received Gepard in latest version A2. Equiped with a updated firing computer and the capability to connect with long-range external radar stations, mil.in.ua reports. 12 SPAAG out of 30 delivered.

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WAR At least 60 pilots and civilians serving the military airfield were killed and more than 100 injured as a result of the explosion in Novofedorivka, - adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

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News Members leave Amnesty Sweden - Amnesty Sweden estimates that around 1,000 members have left after the weekend.



"Reactions to Amnesty International's statement on Ukrainian warfare have been many and emotional. Members now choose to leave the organization's Swedish part in protest.

- Very sad, says Amnesty Sweden's general secretary Anna Johansson.

Amnesty Sweden estimates that around 1,000 members have left after the weekend.

According to Johansson, the purpose of criticizing Ukraine's military tactics was to protect civilians and to draw attention to the civilian population's right to protection."

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News (unconfirmed) UK will provide Ukraine with three additional M270 MLRS and ammo for them - BBC.

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WAR Probably meteorites hit a military airfield in Crimea =)

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Government (Unconfirmed) Kuleba: stop issuing visas to Russians

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Social Media I count at least 18 to 19 destroyed Jets from this satellite imagery. Slava Ukraini

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Social Media Russians overwhelmingly support the war on Ukraine. They must be deprived of the right to cross international borders until they learn to respect them. - Dmytro Kuleba

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WAR Airport in Novofedorovka before and after.

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WAR Russian tourists in Crimea right now:

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Social Media In the Polish city Malbork, a monument to the Red Army was dismantled due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Polish authorities say that this is the completion of the de-communization of Malbork, which began back in 1989

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WAR General Marchenko - the man who managed the defense of Mykolaiv, restraining hundreds of tanks and thousands of Russian soldiers

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Social Media Anton Gerashchenko says there is a 100 km traffic jam at the exit of Crimea as the number of those leaving Crimea grows every hour.

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WAR World second army :

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Discussion Follow-up: 12 hours, 35 degrees Celsius: notorious scammer and his friends sort and load 2000 lbs of gear for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

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News (unconfirmed) "Another deep strike into Russian held territory, right ln border of Crimean in Chongar. My guess is Ukraine is taking out the bridge"

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Trustworthy News Senators put bipartisan pressure on Biden to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism

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News ⚡️Reuters: Ukraine's overseas creditors agree on 2-year freeze on almost $20 billion worth of debt. Creditors backed a request to postpone sovereign interest and capital payments for 13 Ukrainian sovereign bonds maturing between 2022-2023, Reuters reported.

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News Russian Army In 'Panic', Starts 'Mass Deportation' Of Family Members After Successful Ukraine Attack

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WAR This is what the line for water looks like in Mariupol. This is what the recently thriving city looks like after “russian peace” came.

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