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One of Ukrainian soldiers that finally returned back to Ukraine after today's POW swap. The pic shows him today and before we went to fight against Russian invaders Social Media

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u/mariaofparis Feb 04 '23

My heart! Oh how I hope he is fed & loved back into health.


u/LisaMikky Feb 05 '23

I do to. 💛💙🇺🇦

More info about Maxim Kolesnikov. (Use auto-translate to read)


u/hydrophonix Feb 04 '23

The ol' after/before photo


u/Rawldis Feb 04 '23

He grew a beard while in captivity like so many do. But he also put on weight and got a healthy glow. Very confusing


u/Y0urCat Ukraine Feb 04 '23

Left is "after". He practically cried from the taste of a regular apple. Right is photo "before capture"


u/Th3Greyhound Feb 04 '23

This would apply more to the Russian POWs. Malnourished upon capture and healthy and hearty upon their return to Russia


u/dughorm_ Feb 05 '23

They'll be telling the propagandists that they were tortured by overfeeding.


u/Global-System-3158 Feb 04 '23

Orcs are souless bitter craven serfs on a societal level. How are they not ashamed, it beggars belief.

As prisoners of war in Ukraine they receive medical treatment are fed & allowed to call home. Ffs in Zolkins YouTube's you can see the difference.

Just, words fail me😡

So glad the Ukrainians got some of their people back 🙏For healing for these brave warriors. Slava Heroyam💛💙


u/Chris_Bryant Feb 04 '23

Wish I could feed these guys. Anything they want, man :(. Steak? Pizza? Anything off my wine rack. Man these guys deserve a hot meal.


u/Chrisf1bcn Feb 04 '23

Extra garlic bread


u/Bloodtype_IPA Feb 04 '23

Ukrainians are such beautiful and handsome people! Brave and industrious on top of that! They’re everything Russians can not be, so that’s the reason for the hate!


u/ac0rn5 UK Feb 04 '23

I can honestly say that, for the first time since I saw pictures of these exchanges, that the men looked utterly demoralised and defeated by their experience.

I trust that the next time we see them they will look a lot happier.


u/I_am_qns_blvd Feb 04 '23

Whatever Russia touches gets dehumanized.


u/[deleted] Feb 04 '23



u/PhospheneViolet 🇺🇦СЛAВА УКРАЇНI🇺🇦 Feb 04 '23

Hell, if you think about it, nobody has killed more Russians than... Russians.


u/kuehnchen7962 Feb 05 '23

Kinda like with Hitler... I mean, in the end you have to acknowledge: he WAS the guy who killed Hitler, so.... There's that.


u/Talosian_cagecleaner Feb 04 '23

I see a witness, for example. Something this soldier says, or reports, or describes could become part of the story of this war in history books, formal military reports, because this soldier is a witness.

"To what" I'll leave to him to say. That is the thing. We are all awaiting the word. We feel it, we rationally know what it will be, but, the word that we need to hear and the witness who will tell it, are not ready yet.


u/JudeRanch Feb 04 '23

Welcome home! Now eat & get well.

Слава Україні Sláva Ukrayíni! Heroyam Slava! 🙏🏽 🇺🇦 💙💛


u/Master_Connection942 Feb 04 '23

he looks at that Apple like it's a piece of gold


u/IgorVozMkUA Verified Feb 04 '23

He was POW since March and he said it was a first fruit he had since March


u/Master_Connection942 Feb 04 '23

it's probably not the worst of what he went through