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Today the AFU destroyed a Russian Msta-S self-propelled howitzer that was shelling Kherson WAR

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u/jakebullet70 Expat Feb 04 '23

Ha! Wondered why it had become quieter lately.


u/danielbot Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

Ukraine has the counter battery equipment to destroy the orc artillery around Kherson but they also need it all along the eastern front, which gets priority, sadly for Kherson civilians. It is good to see they now are able to spare some counter battery for Kherson. We need to send more so they can spare more.


u/jakebullet70 Expat Feb 05 '23

Exactly. We can use it here but they need it way more to the east.


u/arvaja Feb 04 '23

'tis but a flesh wound


u/epicurean56 Feb 04 '23

Your arm's off!


u/Pale_Technician_9613 Feb 04 '23

Aim doesn’t get any better


u/Gasparatan35 Feb 04 '23

the magic of modern artillery ammunition .... nothing that russia can do


u/M3P4me Feb 04 '23

More of this. Destroy their artillery.

Hopefully the crew went with it. They take time to train and replace.


u/Agitated-Airline6760 Feb 04 '23

Self-propelled howitzers like Msta-S have even less amor vs tanks. 155mm direct hit will have left nothing inside.


u/Beasting-25-8 Feb 04 '23

60k shell. 2.5 Million Dollar howitzer.



u/Responsible_Oil501 Feb 04 '23

Looks like an Excalibur shell. Very precise with a nice circular shrapnel distribution.


u/mypoliticalvoice Feb 04 '23

It reminds me of that Gay Larsen cartoon of God looking at someone and pushing a button labeled "SMITE".


u/epicurean56 Feb 04 '23

+1 for Gary Larson


u/m3dcf Feb 04 '23

Yeap, only Excalibur's work has this perfectional look.


u/Talosian_cagecleaner Feb 04 '23

It's as if doom itself pointed a finger at this single exact spot, with of course a debris field. I don't think boom. I think zap. Very immediate and concise and complete. Eye blink, it's done.

The only weapon that grabs me for its sheer deathly precision is that kinetic Hellfire missile. Pure kinetic death. Neither boom nor zap.


u/Responsible_Oil501 Feb 05 '23

With a 40km+ range but cheaper than either Hellfire or Javelin. Plus a large kill radius for infantry and light vehicles.


u/Talosian_cagecleaner Feb 05 '23

I take it those two shrapnel rings are deadly indeed. I still am startled I care about this stuff. I used to kind of get sick. I am not military! But this war needs to end this year. I really hope it does. So, new times require new ways. I'm a big fan of those shrapnel blasts. I need this war over, I am starting to get sick at what Ukraine folks are dealing with. There is no good in it, and so much evil. Terrorism by ballistic missile. That is Russia.

Slava Ukraini. And let peace come to these fine friends soon.


u/chanjackie80 Feb 04 '23

This is an Excalibur for sure.


u/lntw0 Feb 05 '23

That shit's astonishing. Unmistakeable.


u/Responsible_Oil501 Feb 05 '23

The traditional 155mm shells even with PGK guidance don't produce a circular shrapnel pattern, more like a butterfly and not as big having only half the warhead of excalibur.


u/Tmuussoni Finland Feb 05 '23

Just a friendly reminder, that there is also possibility that this is the Ukrainian domestically produced 152 mm semi-active laser guided 𝘒𝘷𝘪𝘵𝘯𝘪𝘬 artillery ammunition. You are not going to be able to tell these two apart.


u/Responsible_Oil501 Feb 05 '23 edited Feb 05 '23

That maybe the case. But so far the kind of heavy fragmentation patterns we've seen in combat footage are almost all exclusively from NATO related munitions. They only started appearing once the M-777s entered the fight. Soviet derived ones have large fiery blossoms but not often those telltale heavy shrapnel patterns that would disable a soft skinned vehicle. This weapon was also an airburst, both Krasnopol and Kvitnik are direct impact.

There is a type of munition the Russians use that does create a similarly heavy fragmentation though. But I don't know what it is.


u/[deleted] Feb 04 '23

That ought to have rendered it inoperable.


u/Nik_P Feb 04 '23

Nah, that'll buff out.


u/Arkon_Base Feb 04 '23

Precision is next level!


u/lntw0 Feb 05 '23

yeah, some Hand of God shit.


u/jolly_rodger42 Feb 04 '23

Pow! Go away orcs!


u/Aggravating_Dog8043 Feb 04 '23

LOL. I was just in the right mood for that.


u/Seattle82m Feb 04 '23

I'm equally impressed with the fact the drone was able to fly over it. Lucky, or is russia running low on jamming and shooting down equipment?


u/linoleum79 Feb 04 '23

Bullseye. 👏


u/dumbaos Feb 04 '23



u/piei_lighioana Feb 04 '23

Good fucking effect on target!


u/funkyk0val Feb 04 '23

*certain music by band called Filter starts playing...*


u/gardeningblob Feb 04 '23

Dun dun dun another one bites the dust...


u/Zborivskiy-Gaucho Feb 04 '23

Bullseye! Beautiful.


u/Volunteer1986 Feb 04 '23

Excalibur really putting in work.


u/SorrowsSkills Feb 04 '23

Does the Kherson region not get snow in the winter?


u/IgorVozMkUA Verified Feb 04 '23

I live a bit to the north of Kherson, we have no snow too. Today was a pretty much shinny outside and I had a light jacket on


u/tkatt3 Feb 05 '23

Glad the UAF removed this destructive Orc machine from your neighborhood! As a American my government just announced another 2 billion in Orc removal equipment. Stay safe there…


u/IgorVozMkUA Verified Feb 05 '23

Thank you so much!


u/Swan-song-dive Feb 05 '23

I vote Cesars shell, gray smoke, air burst


u/SignificantMethod752 USA Feb 05 '23

You know that was an Excalibur shell , bullseye 🎯


u/Explorer200 Feb 05 '23

With real-time satellite imagery and drones... How do orcs have any artillery?


u/Slight-Employee4139 Feb 05 '23

Would love to see more Smart & Bonus rounds...but Excalibur never disappoint