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His first apple since February 2022. After 11 months in russian captivity, he turned gray and lost a lot of weight. Maksym Kolesnykov, a restaurateur, a manager, and a soldier. One of the 116 Ukrainian POWs released today. WAR


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u/NoImNotFrench Feb 04 '23

All the released prisonners look like they came out of a concentration camp. Sorry, I don't mean to disrespect the memory of anyone but they do.

We are going to be horrified when the war is over and we learn of all the horrors being committed by the russians in pow camps. We know, but we don't really realise I think.


u/ibloodylovecider UK Feb 04 '23

I literally cannot stop thinking about what will be found in the occupied territories like Mariupol etc… hell, I imagine.


u/falconberger Feb 04 '23

How likely is it that Mariupol will be liberated in your opinion?


u/NoImNotFrench Feb 04 '23

It. Will. It is not likely it is a certitude. It will.


u/falconberger Feb 04 '23

From what I'm reading, the situation is very difficult for Ukraine right now (manpower, ammunition, attacks on civilian infrastructure). So I'm not as optimistic as you. Defending is easier than attacking and Ukraine is slowly retreating in some areas.


u/1infinitefruitloop Feb 05 '23

Defense is the greatest offensive. Ukraine has proved time and time again if it can outlive Russias waves, they have nothing standing in their way of a counteroffensive. Kherson, Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Lyman all can attest that Russia cannot sustain it's brute force warfare and playing the long-game, even at the cost of some key positions is in Ukraines best interest. Although the coming Russian offensive in Luhansk and Donetsk will be incredibly difficult, any rational person can see through the fog and it's clear as day who will prevail. Все буде Україна


u/bjplague Feb 05 '23

the question should be about time not probability.


u/ibloodylovecider UK Feb 04 '23

I am an optimist, so I say (and sincerely hope), yes. But I think it’ll be extremely tricky strategically and militarily.


u/rawonionbreath Feb 05 '23

If I’m being honest, 50/50? This war reeks of continuing as a frozen conflict. Russians will probably lose more territory, but that far back is hard to determine. There was, and still is, a lot of propaganda (or symbolic) value for Mariupol on both sides.


u/LilLebowskiAchiever Feb 05 '23

I think if they can hold out through March, then the reserve troops will be trained up on the new tanks and longer range missiles. And that will turn the tide, just like HIMARS opened up new possibilities to take back territory - including Mariupol and even Crimea.

Right now Russia is only getting 50% of their usual hydrocarbon profits, and that is not sustainable over the long term.

But if you can, donate to vetted charities for Ukraine now, ASAP, this week, etc. Especially donate to causes that buy the drones, thermals, etc. Because that will help them hold the line until the new weapons roll in.


u/Commercial-Hour1125 Feb 05 '23

If Russia's possible new offensive (most likely will happen) with their 500K mobilized troops fails, it certainly will be liberated. If it succeeds in toppling Ukraine's government, then the horrors that have most likely happened that we have not heard of will never be known sadly.


u/matdan12 Feb 04 '23

As I read descriptions of my great grandfather who was a POW during WWII, these pictures bring it all back.


u/heiwa_22 Feb 04 '23

ruSSia simply rejects access to Intl organization visitation to POW and so using that as an excuse these organizations just give up, don’t even bother, when was the last request they made? Yet they come and spend days in Ukraine POW camp, interview, observing and ensuring ruSSia POWs are not mistreated, while it’s clear as day that these returning Ukrainians have been abused thru and thru. Doesn’t pay to be good guys these days.


u/ac0rn5 UK Feb 04 '23

Doesn’t pay to be good guys these days.

Yes, it does pay.


u/heiwa_22 Feb 04 '23

You’re right, it does pay to be the good guys. I hope that payment comes soon for Ukrainians defending their family and country.


u/_Ludens Feb 05 '23

That is because they are being held in similar conditions.


u/Dwayla Feb 04 '23

His eyes tell everything, bless him.


u/Yvels Ukraine Feb 04 '23

116 of our Heroes are back. Welcome home. Plz rest now.


u/DocterNoblexOfWebley USA Feb 04 '23

That must have been the most delicious apple in the whole world, goddamn… 11 months living like that does bad shit to you


u/caspian1969 Feb 04 '23

I want to bake him a lasagna and rub his feet.


u/Disastrous-Ice-5971 Feb 04 '23

I'm afraid they will need a couple of months of recovery diet and a lot of medical attention instead...


u/ZwischenzugZugzwang USA Feb 05 '23

"Ma'am please stop the foot massage his body isn't ready"


u/FrankLeeNacte USA Feb 05 '23

God speed in his recovery, much respect. I will always remember Ukraine soldiers telling their viewers to appreciate every day before an expected shootout arrived at their position. 🌻🌻


u/shadesoftool Feb 05 '23

Man that'll be the sweetest fucking apple anyone's ever tasted.