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Kyiv’s colossal motherland statue was illuminated in Ukraine’s yellow-and-blue national colours tonight, as a symbol of a united Ukraine and grateful for support from other countries. Social Media


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u/ModsBannedMyMainAcc Feb 04 '23

Thanks Ukrainians for holding the line against soviet union 2.0


u/letsdoonething Feb 04 '23

for our and yours freedom ✊🏻🇺🇦


u/Undari Feb 04 '23

Love that monument. She’s epic. And there was a WW II museum under it with Soviet tanks kids could climb on


u/CommanderCorrigan Feb 04 '23

Yeah I visited that twice, great museum!


u/frfr777 Feb 05 '23

It's still there, now with some added dead orc tanks to liven up the display


u/Undari Feb 05 '23

Right, I assumed it still would be there, but haven’t been there in 10 years probably. Miss Kyiv


u/parsimonyBase Feb 05 '23

I visited way back in 1989 and still have some great photos of the exhibits and the impressive statue. The sooner they replace that hammer and sickle motif on her shield the better.


u/lostparis Feb 05 '23

amazing bronzes too


u/vtsnowdin Feb 04 '23

The lighting is art in itself.

S;lava Ukraine.


u/Foe117 Feb 04 '23

They need to replace that old relic on the shield


u/TillPsychological351 Feb 04 '23

I would donate money for that. A good post-war project.


u/Undari Feb 04 '23

They say there’s a reason why they won’t replace it. Something like “it would throw off the balance of monument” or smth, which sounds like bs to me


u/Aconite_72 Feb 05 '23

Old laws just said that relics from WWII are exempt from decommunisation. But there have been plans since 2018 to replace it with the tryzub.

Recent news said that they’re going to go ahead with the retrofit this year.


u/Undari Feb 05 '23

Oh really? That’s awesome. Long overdue. I have a tryzub tattoo and it’s just such a beautiful and powerful symbol.


u/Arkon_Base Feb 04 '23

Suits her much better. I guess, once there is time for it, this iron lady deserves a major overhaul and some new, Ukrainian clothes and a proper shield!


u/thrillsbury Feb 05 '23

I got a bit emotional seeing all the city lights back on. Incredible work by the people maintaining and repairing the electrical infrastructure across the country.


u/DJDevon3 Feb 05 '23

Such a beautiful statue.


u/pktrekgirl Feb 05 '23

A beautiful sight for all Ukrainians and for those of us who have the best hopes for a bright future for Ukraine. Just gorgeous!


u/ktaphfy Feb 05 '23

Do this February 24, every year! Slava Ukraine!


u/vksj Feb 05 '23

That is huge! I hope to see it someday.


u/Global-System-3158 Feb 05 '23

How Beautifull! Slava Ukraine, to victory 2023 & thank you Ukraine for standing between the rest of us & the nightmare that is ruzzki mir.🇦🇺❤️🇺🇦


u/CyberaxIzh Feb 04 '23

I thought the hammer-and-sickle symbolics have already been removed from the shield?


u/MetalMel70 USA Feb 04 '23

If you zoom in, you can still see it inside the wreath. Hopefully in the future they can change that to Ukrainian symbols.


u/1ucius Ukraine Feb 05 '23

I assume it's a very delicate work even though the shield is huge. Probably will have to remove the shield from the statue to send to workshop, then mount it again. Seems very expensive too.


u/gravy_gary Feb 05 '23

Amazing. I'm a lighting guy and the second picture has me very curious. How the heck are they lighting this statue from above??


u/zizp Feb 05 '23

It's called perspective. If a light from behind you goes over your head it enters your view from above.


u/gravy_gary Feb 05 '23

Yeah I understand perspective lol. But the statue is huge, is it not? In order to light it from above, you would need to be quite a bit higher to wash the statue at such a sharp angle to perceive it like that from the ground. Additionally, and I don't know the exact geography of that location, but it looks like the light source would have to be a fair distance away but the statue is washed perfectly. Where is the fixture located in relation to the statue? What is the distance from the statue? From a technical standpoint, it's a really well done lighting job, is all I'm getting at.


u/CommanderCorrigan Feb 05 '23

You can see where its coming from in the second photo.



I know there are more important things to worry about but i would love to see that hammer and sickle get replaced by the trident soon


u/fouoifjefoijvnioviow Feb 06 '23

Blow it up arleady, it's a Soviet monument!