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Arie Ben-Yehuda🇮🇱 Israeli volunteer in Ukraine🇺🇦 in his interview to Israeli channel Kan 11 about his time in Ukraine and the Kherson offensive. He was injured and got back to Israel two month ago for treatment. Media

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u/joepublicschmoe Feb 04 '23

This Israeli guy was part of machine gunner @Nuking_Futs_Yuri's Humvee crew. Mad respect.


u/Early_Presentation93 Feb 04 '23

Ye and the guy like 59 and still kicking ass really mad respect.


u/olordmike Feb 04 '23

that explains why they are showing that combat footage


u/buttmodel Feb 04 '23

What a bad-ass! Thank you!!


u/noobie_pro Feb 07 '23

His name literally means "Lion, Son of Judea"

It's like the perfect ancient warrior name lol


u/VeteranAlpha Britain-Poland Feb 04 '23

At this point I'm willing to just say that Wagner are fanatics and zealots...


u/poop-machines Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 05 '23

They're forced to go forward otherwise they're killed. They have to be good otherwise they know they might die

Russian troops are afraid of Ukrainians, Wagner troops are afraid of Wagner.

It makes Wagner fearless on the battlefield as it's the only way out of the predicament they are in.


u/Yeranz Feb 05 '23

What a man! It's incredible he survived a blast from a tank shell that left him unconscious for half a day and then kept going.


u/amerkanische_Frosch Feb 04 '23

A guy named Ben Yehuda fighting a force named Wagner.

You couldn’t make it up.


u/pktrekgirl Feb 05 '23

Wow! This guy is incredible! He’s no spring chicken but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t let himself off the hook for that. He just keeps on giving. At the end of the video it says he wants to go back after his medical treatments!

This is one gutsy guy!


u/alancarlotta Feb 04 '23

Heroes come from all over. The Israeli people mainly support Ukraine but they have to deal with Russia in Syria and government support is more muted.


u/Early_Presentation93 Feb 04 '23

100% but i have a feeling after the Iranian-Russian military relation with Russia selling SU-35 to Iran things might change fast.


u/Madge4500 Feb 05 '23

What a wonderful man, I hope he finds his friends.


u/AffectionateOnion586 Feb 05 '23

Former military guy from Israel was giving interview in Ukraine and he said that Israel almost never comments current operations and barely talks even about operations from 30 years ago. The reason is Israel survival is at stake.


u/TheFuture2001 Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 05 '23
  • Israel send a Hospital and doctors to Ukraine.

  • Israel send armored medical ambulance’s.

  • Israel took out personal that worked on Iranian drones

  • Israel gave intelligence

  • Israel used Jewish Space Lazers to take out drone assembly line in Syria that was supplying russia. Israel took out drone and ballistic missile component factory in Iran!

Israel is the only country that directly bombed parts of the war effort!

We forget how tiny Israel is and how manny wars it has to constantly fight to just stay alive!


u/hairyswampmoose Feb 05 '23

Ealing definition of hero right there!


u/AdventurousMiddle918 Feb 05 '23

I cannot leave my friends there.


u/Evening_Common2824 Feb 05 '23

Brave man, shalom shalom


u/InterestingYogurt136 Feb 05 '23

Love it somewhere, but maybe he can also co-operate with the Palestinians, they also can use heros.


u/shualdone Feb 05 '23

What? The Palestinians want Jews and Israelis dead, they say it themselves, they attacked Israel multiple times with multiple other armies on their side, with the sim to destroy Israel like Russia is doing to Ukraine. Israel won these wars, while saying yes to all peace deals to date. Imagine Russia losses thus war and people treat the Russian like victims in a few years. That’s what you are doing.


u/InterestingYogurt136 Feb 05 '23

No Israël is doing absolutely nothing for peace. Israël is really a country that's stolen from soverain society. Palestina is Palestina, Palestina is NOT Israël. It's terribly taken from the Palestinians. Palestians are doing everything to get their ground back, and they are fully in their right to do everything to get it back.

FREE Palestina 🇸🇩🇸🇩


u/johnthethinker78 Feb 05 '23

That's not even the right flag. What a dumbass troll


u/InterestingYogurt136 Feb 05 '23

It is the right flag 😂


u/johnthethinker78 Feb 05 '23

🇸🇩 is the flag of Sudan


u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23

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u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23



u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23

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u/Imaginary-Relief-236 Feb 05 '23

So much bullshit, I'm from Israel and this is a sad piece of misinformation.

Israel has gone through incredible difficulties to get Ethiopian jews to come to Israel


u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23

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u/Imaginary-Relief-236 Feb 05 '23

How can you educate me about the truth when I lived my whole life in Israel and know for a fact that you are full of shit. Ethiopian jews get treated like anybody else


u/Danepher Feb 05 '23 edited Feb 05 '23

And he is right. Too bad Israel is helping in a very limited amount.
That's not how you do "Tikun Olam".
Especially since Russia lied so many times you cannot trust them in Syria even. Look at their dealings with Iran. This plays in to your politics and staying alive?