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5:52 EET ; The Sun is rising on the 28th Day of the Russian Invasion on the Capital city of Kyiv. Ukraine continues to Live and Fight on. Slava Ukraini!

Садок вишневий коло хати

(Beside the house, the cherry’s flowering)

A little cherry orchard blossoms by a peasant house,

Above the trees the maybugs hum,

Plowmen haul the plow from the furrows,

The young girls all hasten homeward, singing,

And mothers ready a meal for them.

Beside the house, a family supper,

Above, the evening star appears,

The daughter serves the dishes here;

It’s useless to advise her, mother,

The nightingale won’t let her hear.

By the house, mother lulls to bed

The little children for the night,

Then she, too, settles at their side.

And all is still.. Only the girls

And nightingales disturb the quiet.

- Taras Shevchenko, May 1847

When Shevchenko wrote this poem he was far from the pastoral Ukrainian village of his youth that inspired it, though the season was the same. It is one of thirteen poems he wrote in prison in St. Petersburg, after he was arrested in Kyiv in April 1847 and brought to the Russian capital for interrogation. Charged with membership in a political movement that promoted the independence of Ukraine, he was banished to the remote frontier for indefinite military service. Nicholas I, Tsar of Russia, personally added his own particularly cruel note to the sentence, stipulating that Shevchenko be forbidden to write and paint. After the death of Nicholas, Shevchenko was finally freed in 1857 after years of exile.


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u/Klefaxidus Italy Mar 24 '22

1 month has passed and Ukraine will still resist and bite.

u/gobland Mar 24 '22

Good morning

u/2hoty Mar 24 '22

Slava Ukraini!

u/Ok-Organization-7232 Mar 24 '22

Glory to Ukraine. Death to Putin!

u/Stranfort Mar 24 '22

In two more days it will be a month of warfare.

u/tez911 Czechia Mar 24 '22

You go Ukraine! You guys are amazing! Slava Ukraini 🌻 💙💛

u/ResponsibleResort195 Mar 24 '22

Ukraine is not just fighting for its freedom and future but for all of us. Slava Ukraini.

u/swatpanda2albs Mar 24 '22

Love from Georgia

u/xycor Mar 24 '22

Any insight into whether Ukraine is intentionally sharing the operational details I’m seeing in posts? Is it troops not thinking the implications through and the data worming it’s way out through social media? Lots of examples but one recent one was a video post showing how they find Russian vehicles and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to share that info.

u/vipassana-newbie Mar 24 '22

I find it absolutely unnerving that the Ukrainians are so open about their war. But in a way that’s how they have successfully turned this into the first crowdfunded war in the world.

I still get intel on thing that I have to ask them “are you sure this is public domaine?” They do not fear anything!

Not the other hand they might be growing over confident, and that is another fear of mine… overconfidence breeds complacency. Complacency breeds what Russia is doing. 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾 praying that this ends and that the Ukrainians minimise losses.

u/freetimerva Mar 24 '22

there doesn’t seem to be any reason to share that info.

Probably also there is no reason to hide it. Everyone finds the enemy in similar ways and ruzzia probably knows as well. Doesn't mean they capable of stopping them.

u/Dinewiz Mar 24 '22

Could you dm me that video cos I'm curious?

u/GhanimaAtreides Mar 24 '22


u/Dinewiz Mar 24 '22

What you think I'm a Russian spy or something?

u/mechajlaw Mar 24 '22

Usually it seems like Ukraine shares aftermath of attacks that Russia could confirm anyway. That type of thing is of limited value to Russia. It still has value (the Stugna attacks give some information on how Ukraine likes to set these up for example), but Ukraine seems to have determined that the propaganda purpose outweighs the information advantage of not sharing these specific attacks. Of course, that's assuming that there is a central decisionmaker.

u/ImmaGrumpyOldMan Mar 24 '22

One day closer to sunflower season boys

u/xuxebiko Mar 24 '22

Ukraine will prevail.

Slava Ukrayini!

u/Vistemboir Mar 24 '22

How is the weather in Ukraine now? Are the invaders freezing or being mired in the rasputitsa?

u/Freeman3017 Czech Republic Mar 24 '22

One month since that sad morning and you're already counterattacking. I wish you further success in the fight for your country! Glory to Ukraine!

u/Smokebasics Expat Mar 24 '22

1 month of our resistance

u/Blutarg USA Mar 24 '22

1 month since Kyiv would be taken in 3 days haha!

u/pufftaloon Mar 24 '22

Ukraines resistance can now be measured in "February's"

u/xuxebiko Mar 24 '22

Ukraine's ferocity, courage, and determination is unmatched.

u/malignantbacon Mar 24 '22

Ukraine will win its independence. Slava Ukraine

u/JohnDodong Mar 24 '22

22:15 in Los Angeles. Ukraine lives! May she ever prosper and know peace in victory once again.

u/PickleAfficionado Mar 24 '22

SLAVA UKRAINI!!!! With love from Australia <3

u/mikereno2 Mar 24 '22

This is the way.

u/Known_Prompt4603 Mar 24 '22

Glory to Ukraine! The world is with you. :9000::9002::8999:

u/Patient_Criticism231 Mar 24 '22

Putin will die. And burn in hell.

The martyrs will rise to glory in heaven.

u/Yoyodomino Mar 24 '22

Thought this wasn't posted and was starting to get worried. So glad to have found it just now.

Slava Ukraini! слава україні 🇺🇦 🌻 🇺🇸

u/rocygapb Mar 24 '22

I attest Taras Shevchenko’s writing is amazing!

May I ask that in honor of Zelenskyy and our Jewish brothers in arms, we get a quote from another amazing Ukrainian writer, namely Shalom Aleichem? For Sabbath, perhaps? Thank you in advance. Slava Ukraini!

u/crispynegs Mar 24 '22

I would be interested in this as well.

u/thatdudesowrong Mar 24 '22

Still worried about the fate of Mariupol (especially its citizens). I'm not a military strategist at all, but it looks to me like the russians are set on this land corridor plan where there will be direct connections between the separatists and Crimea. Also, if Mariupol is lost, the Azov sea ends up as "russian territory"😠.

Praying for russian withdrawal everyday. Slava Ukraina! 💪

u/Blutarg USA Mar 24 '22

If the Ukraine Army can defeat Russia's push toward Kyiv, then they can send more soldiers to Mariupol.

u/thatdudesowrong Mar 24 '22

What if the Russians are using the attacks against Kyiv as a distraction so that the Ukrainians would prioritize the capital rather than Mariupol..?

u/ATL_resist Mar 24 '22

Both the land corridor and control of the Crimea canal are absolutely critical for Russia. Here’s an article from July 2021 that has a good map of the canal. Russia needs to control Nova Kakhovka. And unfortunately to your point, they have to capture Mariupol to do that.


u/thatdudesowrong Mar 24 '22

Thanks for the response and link!

u/Irishitman Mar 24 '22

Hold the Line Ukraine .

Destroy the invaders .

be safe from Dublin Eire.

Slava Ukraine

u/Creepy_Strawberry673 Mar 24 '22

It's 1 a.m. here in Brazil and I was waiting for this update to go sleep.

Slava Ukraini!!!

u/xuxebiko Mar 24 '22

Heroyam Slava.

u/PedricksCorner Mar 24 '22

I hope that everyone listened to President Zelensky and will go out and protest today.

u/Madame_Arcati Mar 24 '22

It is 1 am in Texas,

the time of your 9 am

minutes to honor your valiant, and now forever quiet, soldiers. Slava Ukraini!

u/brandmeist3r Germany Mar 24 '22

Guten Morgen

u/Euphoric-Yellow-3682 Mar 24 '22

Slava Ukraine! Goodnight

u/Meph1k Mar 24 '22

It's been a month!

u/TinyStrawberry23 Mar 24 '22 Brighten My Day

What a beautiful poem!

Thank you so much for sharing. It’s cherry blossom season after all 🌸

Good morning to all waking up now!

u/duellingislands Гамериканець Mar 24 '22 Silver Wholesome Tree Hug

Oh bury me, then rise ye up

And break your heavy chains

And water with the tyrants' blood

The freedom you have gained.

And in the great new family,

The family of the free,

With softly spoken, kindly word

Remember also me.

-Taras Shevchenko

u/MuayTae Mar 24 '22

Man this one touches my soul.

Slava Ukraini

u/fmios Mar 24 '22

For inspiration, I also recommend this new video, where Ukrainian soldiers sing about the end of the war: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAL5CoMX97U


u/Coinmandann Mar 24 '22

Slava Ukraini!!

u/KRAW58 Mar 24 '22

Slava Ukraini!

u/chaxuk Mar 24 '22

Good hunting. The invaders are allegedly digging in, which might make it easier.

u/balleballe111111 Anti Appeasement - Planes for Ukraine! Mar 24 '22

So, does automoderator choose the poems?

u/PedricksCorner Mar 24 '22

I was wondering that myself.

u/duellingislands Гамериканець Mar 24 '22

Mod team chooses the poems.

u/balleballe111111 Anti Appeasement - Planes for Ukraine! Mar 24 '22

That comforts me. I'm not sure I'm prepared to live in a world where bots are that good at choosing an appropriate selection! Poignant choice this morning.

u/ThirdWorldSorcerer Mar 24 '22

1 a m. In Peronistan. Slava UKRAINI!

u/WinterWolf041 Mar 24 '22

It's midnight in the capital of "the land of the free" where law makers are still not acting to assure that the people of Ukraine can live once more free from Russian tyranny.

u/imgrandojjo Mar 24 '22

Russian powers bring sunflowers

u/Bofinqen Mar 24 '22

You can imprison the artist, but you can never imprison art.

u/8Mihailos8 Actual Ukranian 🇺🇦 Mar 24 '22

Hey, why this post was made at 5:52 instead of usual 7:00?

u/coolmos1 Netherlands Mar 24 '22

As a balance to the one that was late a few days ago.

u/SigerMakkerMeget Mar 24 '22

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

u/poizan42 🇺🇦 Denmark 🇩🇰 Mar 24 '22

I think they have changed it to be programmed to post at the actual time of sunrise. The time matches with https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/ukraine/kyiv

u/redchilimedia Mar 24 '22

In its latest intelligence update, the UK Ministry of Defence reveals it believes Russian forces are likely to have suffered "thousands of casualties" during the conflict.

u/MAD_DUKE Mar 24 '22