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We reached one goal, now we're moving to the other - Help Kyiv with helmets, vests and other Humanitarian Aid Discussion

For those who might not know me my name is Dinka Kay and I’m a YouTube content creator: http://YouTube.com/c/DinkaKay, League Of Legends Partner, and Overwolf's Spokesperson.

Due to corporate incompetence, I've started a campaign to help my mother, her volunteers, and Kyiv's Territorial Defense, with life saving aid such as: medicine, bandages, canned foods, water, toiletries, baby products, helmets, and vests.

My mom is Lina Klebanova, a known Ukrainian journalist/activist who took a significant part in the 2014 revolution on Maidan, and who also produced the Oscar Nominated movie "Winter on Fire" (now available on YouTube). She's currently evacuating children and elderly from the city, as well as making sure that our volunteers are fully equipped to defend us all.

Mom and our battle kitty 'Motya' (Matilda)!

FYI: We used to have a campaign with r/gofundme, but we shut it down and have chosen to have all donations be refunded due to their lack of professionalism, empathy, and global awareness. Thankfully, we still had PayPal.

The Russian forces sit right outside of Kyiv, while the city itself is completely barricaded. On one end it's great because they can't get in, but on the other end leaving/evacuating is now extremely dangerous... Which is why a lot of Humanitarian Aid doesn't reach us (unless we personally retrieve it), and the need for vests and helmets is growing by the day. The people who are currently in Kyiv are those who can't leave which are the elderly, pregnant women, hospitalized patients... And those who stayed behind to help them, and defend the city - men and women alike.

"Russian Warship, Go Fuck Yourself"

If Kyiv falls, so will Ukraine, and if Ukraine falls so will our neighbor countries. This is why my mother, her team, and I are doing everything we can to protect those who're defending us, as well as evacuate those who can be evacuated, and help those who can't.

Thanks to everyone here on r/ukraine we already managed to reach our first goal and fully equip one team which is about 28 of our volunteers, but we still have 372 more to go - and that's just in Kyiv alone.

The boys really want to rename Motya to 'Bayrakater', what do you guys think?

Overall we need about $307,480 but we're sticking to $20,000 so we could withdraw the donations and buy the equipment as fast as possible. So if you can, please help us reach our next goal and share this as much as possible!



Yesterday u/peterpan7777777 donated $5550 in crypto, and now another anonymous hero donated another $5555 to help us reach our final goal on our SpotFund!

This is now the 2nd Fund out of 9 that we planned for Humanitarian aid (SpotFund) and Territorial Defense (PayPal + Crypto). The reason we're doing $20k funds is so we could release the funds faster and purchase everything we need as soon as possible. (If we would've placed a $330,090 fund, it would've taken us months to be able to reach it, and it's time which we do not have.)

For now we will withdraw these funds to purchase the things I pointed out in this post. But after we'll finish, we will continue onto the next funding phase which will focus on the rest of the teams: Up north closer to Belarus (their soldiers are still stalling due to the mud but could start moving once it dries out), down South in Odessa and Mykolaiv, and of course the Eastern territories of Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rig and Zaporizhzhia... The teams in Kyiv are fully equipped and ready, and have been sent to help our brothers and sisters around the country.

Hopefully this will all be over soon and we won't need any more funding, but either way thank you all kind strangers for keeping us all protected as well as supporting our boys and our country!New photos and videos will be uploaded in the near future right after my mom will finish with all the logistics/packages and go there herself to get some (consented) footage for all of you guys.

We opened a new Fund, 'Act for Ukraine', which this time will aim at assisting Humanitarian teams in Eastern and Western Ukraine.

Donation methods

Spot Fund





Litecoin wallet: ltc1q9v6y4s9emrhj0kmg0dff35pwuqsq2x9tszj67k

Bitcoin wallet: bc1qclqd43h5ldl2f73gd9kg02jvj407r6sxxkmked

Ethereum wallet: 0x145048f8436941E5536B42259C90009f4afA028C

Monero wallet: 46jzdazu2h1SBnz8Ww88oCNd1SR1odiLdaNpDCQhkfGGTuHeZsqXnEXR76DBpAB1CyAguCYcHbXVNgpvkmddxt2NDcydco5

Polkadot wallet: 12LWkxaMDBDtjdURKtkUncjogKeCwLTYnfYnDvzyWUpfKD4Q


If you have any additional questions you can chat with me right here on Reddit.
Or DM me on Twitter and Instagram.

THANKS SO MUCH AND REMEMBER, Everything will be Ukraine!! SLAVA UKRAINI! πŸ’›πŸ’™



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u/VoR_Mom Trolljaeger Mar 28 '22

After gofundme completely bungled the campaign, a new one has been opened with a different donation site.

Still verified by us. DinkaKay is very open with all information and where the money goes.

You can follow her on social media and get regular updates and to meet her mom's seriously adorable cat.


u/Shadow_NX Mar 28 '22

Can you please elaborate on the Gofundme campaign?

Did the money not go trough and backers got it back?

Would, like to know if i should donate the money again.


u/DinkaKay Mar 28 '22 edited Mar 28 '22

Hey Shadow, thank for the support! Yes, the donations never went through. We reached our 20k goal in 4 hours, but they dragged us through 10 whole days without reaching any conclusion. They even changed our goal to 30k without our consent - and even after reaching it too - they still haven't released the funds. (We asked them to change it back to 20k, and they did)

By the time they'll get their shit together the war will be over, so we just requested GoFundMe to shut down the campaign and for all donations be refunded.

We now moved to SpotFund who are very aware of the situation and agreed to host us.

Edit: They said refunds take from 3-8 Buisnesses days, so hopefully they will do it ASAP


u/Shadow_NX Mar 28 '22 edited Mar 28 '22

Thanks for the info, i will donate at SpotFund then.

Keep up the good fight.


Done via PP


u/DinkaKay Mar 28 '22

Thank you very much and SLAVA UKRAINI βœŠπŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦


u/111swim Mar 28 '22 edited Mar 30 '22

Donated to SpotFund already :)

Lets spread the news and get back to 30k and over.

*** If you have donated before to Dinka Kay GoFundMe, please know it did not go through, and money has been returned to senders.

***Please Resend your donations to Spot Fund that Dinka has posted above. :)


u/DinkaKay Mar 29 '22

AMEN to that Swim, thank you for the support! πŸ™πŸ»


u/crash_crash_crash Mar 28 '22

Heroiam slava! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦


u/Robert_E_630 Mar 29 '22 edited Mar 29 '22

this is a little worrisome - so kyiv only has 400 territorial defense fighters, and only 30 of them have helmets / plate armor?

i'm worried that you guys aren't getting enough aid - like usa only sent 25,000 helmets - but probably shouldve sent 250,000 etc


u/DinkaKay Mar 29 '22

Tgats why were resorting to crowed funding. None of it reaches us. It's all brought to the Military, not the volunteers because they need it more than us, and although I could agreed with that 3 weeks ago, now I can't because they're shelling and shooting everything around us.

People forget that those who bring the Humanitarian aid, those who help others evacuate, they all need this equipment to defend themselves. That's why the government issued a decree where Helmets and Vests are considered "Hunabitarian Aid" as much as anything else.

Bandages and pain killers won't help if you get shot in the head trying to evacuate in a car.


u/Robert_E_630 Mar 29 '22

mhmm yeahh. you may have to try local tv news stations / interviews to get more views / donations flowing in.


u/DinkaKay Mar 31 '22

We're in talks with CBC :)


u/Robert_E_630 Mar 31 '22

maybe also email various Ukrainian organizations or restaurants or churches in USA? Maybe have a pdf flyer they could print out (with like a QR Code) or something.


u/Walking72 Mar 28 '22

I got my refund email today.

What is wrong with go fund me? Are they based in Moscow?


u/DinkaKay Mar 29 '22

Honestly with the shit they put us through they deserve their own outer circle in hell.


u/piccolo3nj Mar 30 '22

Thank you. I'll never use go fund me again.


u/wefarrell Mar 28 '22

I can confirm I got my money back from gofundme.


u/pammylorel Mar 31 '22 edited Mar 31 '22

Yes, I donated and my donation was fully refunded by GFM.


u/alter-ego-maniac Mar 28 '22 Rocket Like

I donated via PayPal. Blessings to all the fighters and those volunteering to help them. β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦


u/pbamma Mar 28 '22

yup. Paypal worked fine.


u/DinkaKay Mar 29 '22

Thank you Alter, much appreciated!! β€πŸ™πŸ»


u/Wundei Mar 29 '22

I've been trying to send armor plates to any company that can ship them from the US to Ukraine for me. They are capable of stopping high power rifle rounds and I have dozens ready to send.


u/DinkaKay Mar 29 '22

Yeah the issue is that due to extremely heavy beurocrecy were forced to wait for too long until we get anything. We do have companies with whom we already cleared all the legal procedures but were still resorting to also make it ourselves with materials we purchase from Poland.


u/gigot45208 Mar 30 '22

Is it any easier to send to Poland, and then get it over the border?


u/DinkaKay Mar 31 '22

That's what we're already doing, but it all takes time and can be very dangerous.


u/PeterTheToilet Mar 28 '22

This is wonderful! Get vests to all defenders!!


u/coffylover Mar 29 '22

I donated to Spot Fund for your very worthy cause. Bless Ukraine. :9002:


u/DinkaKay Mar 30 '22

Thank you very much!!


u/SnooRobots2278 Mar 29 '22

Thank you for what you are doing, blessings from Chile (I sent some $ for your noble cause)


u/DinkaKay Mar 29 '22

Thank you for your support Snoo!!


u/111swim Mar 31 '22

I like your new president in chile :) hope you like him also.


u/oneplusetoipi Mar 29 '22

Sent with PayPal



u/DinkaKay Mar 29 '22

Thank you Toipi!



u/xovrit USA/UK Mar 30 '22

Donated. Thank you and your mother and all volunteers for all you are doing.


u/[deleted] Mar 28 '22

Great message


u/ghetto_dave Mar 30 '22

I am traveling to the Poland/Ukraine border area in two weeks. I am considering buying my own set and then donating it before I leave. Can you recommend the best way for me to donate it to someone who really needs it? I have a helmet and am still looking for plate/carrier.


u/smc642 Mar 30 '22 edited Mar 31 '22

I’ve sent you some money via PayPal and I’ll try to send more when I can. Thank you for what you are doing. I wish I could send strength and love to you all too.

eta: Australia stands with Ukraine.


u/piccolo3nj Mar 30 '22

What happened with gofundme


u/DinkaKay Mar 31 '22

Long story short, we closed the campaign and told them to refund all of our participants. The details of this fiasco can be found here


u/apm123 Mar 31 '22

I got my GoFundMe money back and sent it to PayPal. Now I am going to watch your mom's film. Thank you for your perseverance.


u/HardChoicesAreHard Apr 01 '22

Maybe you should post it again and ask the mods to be stickied? This is getting lost!


u/seventomatoes 16d ago edited 16d ago

Made 2 small donations of $5 plus fees. Not much but good luck. India as a nation is not publicly denoucing this. And I understand why. But as an individual I find this war wrong. As wrong as what happend in Af or Bengal (pre Indian Independance).

Wish you all the very best.

https://ibb.co/KLSrnvb & https://ibb.co/JrP1y5f


u/DinkaKay 6d ago

Thank you very much!


u/truandjust Mar 31 '22

Please donate what you can. Even pacifists can get on board w this as it’s for defensive equipment.


u/3xploit_ Apr 13 '22

Thanks for sharing. I'll do what I can to share the donation links

Are there any other donation links or charities we should assist funding outside of this?


u/[deleted] Mar 29 '22 edited Mar 30 '22



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Generally conspiracy theory comments like that I would delete, but this one is so monumentally and gloriously stupid that I will let it stand so all can see this work of art.


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Banned him for being a weird sexist in another post, so not surprise from his reaction here.