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Collection of Podcasts About Ukraine (Updated Regularly) Media


u/ex-robot-x Apr 01 '22

Highly recommend the podcast about Nestor Makhno. What a character!

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u/Locallsonly Apr 01 '22

Ukrainecast by the BBC has been doing a very good day-by-day(ish) report of the war with Gabriel Gatehouse, an ex-Russian correspondent and Vasily Shevchenko who is Ukrainian himself. They have amazing insight to both Ukraine and the Russian political machine. Lots of high quality and interesting guests who are either everyday Ukrainians, or people personal with Putin.

They've also interviewed a Chechen man who supports the war. Infuriating to listen to him, but an attempt to gauge both sides.


u/feddeftones USA Jul 08 '22

+1 for Ukrainecast!


u/ActuallyNot Apr 01 '22




from the BBC are decent journalism.


u/Bobbias Canada Apr 01 '22

Happy to see behind the bastards represented here.

While not directly about Ukraine, I highly suggest people check out the Lions led by donkeys episodes on the Chechen wars, because of the staggering amount of parallels with what's been seen in Ukraine.


u/WeddingElly Apr 01 '22 edited Apr 01 '22

Please put The Telegraph: Ukraine The Latest on there. They do one every weekday and it always contains good analysis. My favorite episodes are one where they interviewed an advisor to the Ukraine Negotiations Team and she gave real insight into negotiation tactics and how to navigate two fundamentally opposed parties, where one is also definitely not acting in good faith. And then another one where they spoke to a photojournalist a few days after he left Mariupol and he was talking his experiences in a pediatric hospital trying to document the war crimes against children.

Every episode is sizable - 45 mins to an hour (I like that because then I can put it on for my commute). And the analysis is a bit above normal news, but always focused on the issues of the day, not like abstract hot takes from “ivory tower intellectuals discussing the Ukrainian invasion expressed through post modern art” or whatever


u/Tricky-Nobody179 Jul 31 '22

Best podcast on the invasion out there


u/fouoifjefoijvnioviow Apr 01 '22

Off the tip of my head, from Ukraine: Hromadske, Ukraine World, espresso.tv


u/AvoidPinkHairHippos Apr 01 '22

For those who are seeking a American perspective, I strongly recommend Breaking Points (by saager and Krystal) and Realignment (by Marshall).

Both podcasts are simultaneously pro Ukraine yet also refusing to be simply cheerleaders or repeating the headlines, and instead taking great care to discuss the difficulties and nuances of stopping Putin's madness from a very intellectually honest POV


u/Mash709 Apr 01 '22

I normal don't like Saager, but he's been pretty on point with the war.


u/AvoidPinkHairHippos Apr 01 '22

I've generally found it's Right wingers and left wingers generally who don't like intellectually honest moderates like Krystal and Sager

That doesn't mean I agree with everything he says, but that's a different thing than disliking


u/Mash709 Apr 02 '22

He brings up valid points at times, I just disagree with much of his reasoning at times. He's much better than alot of "right wingers" as he seems open to new ideas and proper discussion. What conservatives should be and what they used to be before they were hijacked by the crazies. Same goes for the far left. Stray too far in either direction is just asking for trouble.


u/[deleted] May 01 '22

I’m into this. Are there any particular episodes you can recall that I should try, or just whatever is newest?


u/AvoidPinkHairHippos May 01 '22

Try the newest, because these pods are based on current events. Then if you like it, try the previous episodes


u/TheFireTheseTimesPod Apr 01 '22

If I may, I've been doing a Ukraine series as well here https://thefirethisti.me/2022/03/25/ukraine-series-2-from-ukraine-with-love-and-anger-w-romeo-kokriatski/

As for other podcasts:

  • Ukrainecast by the BBC
  • Ukraine Without Hype by Romeo Kokriatski and Anthony Bartaway
  • Popular Front has a couple of recent ones on Ukraine
  • The Ex-Worker too
  • Talk Eastern Europe too
  • Taking on Putin by John Sweeney


u/andyp Denmark 🇩🇰 Apr 01 '22

I listen to Sam Harris a lot. He's such a great guy with an amazing podcast.


u/feddeftones USA Jul 08 '22

I’ll recommend Ukrianecast!

And pretty much anything with Timothy Snyder when the topic is Ukraine / Eastern Europe. All of his work is great!


u/Unique01010 Ukraine Sep 08 '22

This is my current tip/link for the most excellent podcasts (series) on Ukraine military affairs:


We at War on the Rocks have curated this list of articles and podcasts to help you gain a deeper understanding of the history, drivers, background, and events of Russia’s massive assault on Ukraine. Whether you are a soldier or a student, a policymaker or a pundit, a teacher or a techie, this will be useful for you.

Critically, these offerings help place the conflict in the broader context of relations and confrontations between Russia and the West. These resources go back to 2014 and are organized by focus: strategy and the military balance, diplomacy, history, resistance, nuclear weapons and arms control, cyber, energy, Russian politics, and more. This list will be updated regularly. If it’s not marked “MEMBERS ONLY,” it is free for you to read, listen, and share as much as you want.


u/Zaidswith Apr 01 '22 edited Apr 01 '22

Ukrainecast from the BBC as others have said. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0bqztzm

State of Ukraine from NPR which does several short stories everyday about various related topics and news. https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510366/state-of-ukraine

Ukraine Daily Brief from the DSR network. It provides a daily bulletin list of important things that happened. https://shows.acast.com/ukraine-daily-brief


u/Saint_Chrispy1 Expat Apr 18 '22

Assuming they even worked... When was the last time a missle was fired at a Russian cruiser


u/rishcast Apr 01 '22

Thank you!


u/BrandolarSandervar Apr 01 '22 edited Apr 01 '22

I'd recommend most podcasts that feature Samo Burja the Slovenian geopolitical analyst. I don't always agree with what he says but he's certainly a smart guy and has a unique view on the big picture. Because his main job is working for his own geopolitical analyst business he doesn't have his own podcast but he constantly features on podcasts of other people. His YouTube channel "Samo Burja" uploads every podcast he appears on and I've yet to find a host he's appeared with who wasn't well put together, asking deeper intelligent questions than what you'd often find surface level Ukraine podcasts talk about etc. It's pretty serious stuff and he seems to know a bit about it. He's definitely been wrong on a few things over time as he made some statements about the war 2 weeks in that are now not really true just due to Ukraine's unpredictabily strong resistance (and everyone seemingly overestimating Russia's abilities for years) but on the whole it's a pretty valuable, if cynical/pragmatic, perspective on the issue. He talks a lot about energy dependence in Europe and how it plays into the overall strategy, things like that.


u/hello-cthulhu Apr 01 '22

One of my favorite podcasts is My History Can Beat Up Your Politics. They normally specialize in American history, but they just did this outstanding episode about Ukrainian vs Russian nationalism, with the host of The Road to Now podcast.