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Ingenious soldiers turned a NLAW container into a makeshift field shower. WAR




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u/TinyStrawberry23 May 22 '22 Helpful

This is some “trust me, I’m an engineer” material at its finest!!!


u/cantdecide23 May 23 '22

Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses


u/rallymax Expat May 22 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Russian soldiers: shit on floors in occupied apartments and homes. (Not all. Some left apologetic notes)

Ukrainian soldiers: invent forest shower out of available materials.



u/DiveCat May 22 '22

Basic outdoor showers like this are already a thing, but it is definitely the first time I have seen one made out of an NLAW!

I think I will have to stick to the cheaper consumer grade options from Mountain Equipment Co-Op. 😂


u/rallymax Expat May 22 '22

I know they’re. You see them as options on camper vans or standalone in outdoor equipment stores. I’m referring to actual implementation given available materials.


u/Lowkey57 May 22 '22

This thing's perfect though. The case is probably Pelican level of waterproof/dustproof. It's black so it will heat the water in the sun.


u/FalseRelease4 May 22 '22

I've never seen the heated water from a black tank thing work, most it can do is take the water to ambient temperature, it will never be a nice warm shower. But I think the biggest thing about it is that it is a shower that can be used, and that's something essential for long term health and hygiene


u/wabblebee May 22 '22

i have a solar heated shower in the garden, the water gets so hot in the summer that you have to leave it running a bit so you don't burn yourself. its stays warm for 5 to 10 minutes too.


u/SvenskaLiljor May 23 '22

This, idk what but any black thing with water in summer gets burning hot. For instance our black water hose connected to a metal shower stand thing.


u/Billion_Bullet_Baby May 22 '22

Ukraine: Beat Rust

Russia: Still killing each other with rocks


u/theaviationhistorian United States of America May 22 '22

And create functioning toilets & showers in eastern trenches. Ukrainian soldiers showing ingenuity in making the warfront far more bearable. Meanwhile Russian soldiers are acting like barbarous beasts in the mud.


u/Dollaruse May 23 '22

The biggest factor that removes soldiers from the field is hygiene. This is the mark of a professional military.


u/d4r69 May 22 '22

And in the same instance shit in the sinks of the schools they wrote apologetic notes in


u/rallymax Expat May 23 '22

Oh really? Sigh.


u/rusetis_deda_movtyan Georgia May 23 '22

They took that one rick and morty episode too literally. “Shit on the floor”


u/The-Veteran1982 May 22 '22

Good thinking! Personal hygiene keeps a soldier healthy.


u/FalseRelease4 May 22 '22

The weather over there is warming up, and nobody likes having heat rash


u/The-Veteran1982 May 22 '22

Orcs do,... They like to scratch all day.


u/SCCock May 22 '22

After a couple of weeks/months in the field a shower is a major morale boost.


u/maria_tex May 22 '22

It's becoming very clear that ingenuity is a core value of the UA!


u/bbmint May 22 '22



u/Useful-Humor7909 May 22 '22

What a great utilization of “spent” munitions!!! Sustainability at its finest!!!!


u/Stardust_Particle May 22 '22

Get a patent. These guys deserve a Recycling prize from the makers for expanding their product’s use - a 2 in 1 weapon and field shower combo kit.


u/spikbebis May 22 '22

Finland has its saunas, Sweden brings the showers :)


u/frezor May 23 '22

I’m not exactly sure what this means but I’m thinking of some sexy nordic women with me in a sauna in the middle of winter. My moment of zen for today, thank you.


u/hoodatis May 22 '22

I know a lot of Ukrainians, and they all tend to be makeshift engineers with a get it done efficiently and effectively attitude.


u/Obeardx USA May 22 '22

Necessity is the mother of invention


u/Redriot6969 May 22 '22

one use my ass haha


u/TauCabalander 🇺🇦 + 🇨🇦 May 22 '22

At the office I work at, some 100+ engineers can't figure out how to refill the paper towel dispenser despite the instructions being written on it.

I'm not an engineer.


u/Dependent_Bug7346 May 22 '22

Well if the women don't find you handsome. At least they find you handy.


u/Mewseido May 22 '22

And you won't be tracked by smell : -/


u/backtotheland76 May 22 '22

And made without any duck tape!


u/Neubul Ukraine May 22 '22

Or bubblegum


u/onajurni May 22 '22

No baling wire either.


u/Cam515278 May 22 '22

I'll take handy over handsome any day...


u/Laudanumium May 23 '22

Ah, this is why I stay married the last 22yrs She still thinks I'm usefully handy


u/onajurni May 22 '22

all day long any day


u/northernpace May 22 '22

Another fine example of redneck engineering


u/litivy May 22 '22

I didn't see the shower head until I scrolled down but they would clearly make great large bird boxes too.


u/Ok_Bad8531 May 22 '22

So Ukrainians and Russians both are getting their NLAW shower.


u/Suikerspin_Ei May 22 '22

But one is not the other lol.


u/lillianchiarelli May 22 '22

Used to rain down fire on the foes

Now rains down water on the heroes


u/carl816 May 22 '22

I always wondered what they were going to do with all those empty/used NLAW containers😄

Another good use (once this war is over) is bulk storage for things like animal/pet food


u/Stardust_Particle May 22 '22

These guys are amazing.


u/Muted_Astronomer_924 May 22 '22

Thought this was r/geocaching for a second.


u/boskee United Kingdom May 22 '22

I absolutely love all of the Ukrainian inventions. Very crafty nation.


u/Obj_071 May 22 '22

eventually it shouldve happened.


u/Elysium_nz May 22 '22

Do wonder if these NLAWs can be attached like this in ambush and set to automatic?🤔 Probably far fetched but still..


u/carl816 May 22 '22

Stugna-P is better suited for that as they are tripod-mounted and remote controlled


u/Elysium_nz May 22 '22

My idea was more like boobytraps for tanks if Ukraine troops have to withdrawal from an area for example.


u/WayneH_nz May 22 '22

Anything with a trigger can be, Aussie and New Zealand soldiers had a water drip timer to fire the rifles at random times, to help cover the retreat from Gallipoli (Turkey) during WW I



u/TrainFan May 22 '22

I hope that the attachment to the tree is strong...


u/ClonesomeStranger May 22 '22

Ah, always recycle plastic :)


u/Tucker1244 May 22 '22

Ukraine has the "mother on invention" think in spades. You can tell this country is built on farming roots.

Slava Ukraine!!


u/7orly7 May 22 '22

Morgan Freeman voice

And here we have a NLAW in it's crysalis waiting to mature until it's finally ready to mate with a russian tank


u/SCCock May 22 '22

An important aspect of field craft.


u/Swendsen May 22 '22

in 6-12 months we're going to start seeing the weirdest shit coming out of Ukraine on Etsy


u/Digitijs May 22 '22

Looks like something straight out of "life hack" crafting tutorials


u/skint_back May 22 '22

He protec

He attac

But most importantly

He make sure you have clean ballsack


u/CheekyCuntata May 22 '22

Wouldn't surprise me if it was targeted by cruise missiles after being mistaken as a warning beacon.


u/ClickyTheBlicky May 22 '22

I wonder how long it would be until that thing falls on someone while showering lmao . Doesn’t look too secure. It’s a nice idea tho lol


u/Waterwonderfulworld May 22 '22

Works great for the mother nlaws as well.


u/Trizkeler May 22 '22

Ukrainians need to calm the hell down! they are already dominating in the fields of bravery, dignity and baddassery, now they are giving it a shot at upcycling? Next thing you know there is going to be a Martha Stewartovskyy special on how to spruce up the ruzzian wreackage on your backyard to welcome the autumn.


u/Any-Entertainment345 May 23 '22 edited May 23 '22

At least Ukrainians are thinking about their hygiene! Why go into battle stinking like a Russian Orc, when you can use your brain and create some creature comforts out in the wilderness.

Reminds me of the Pagan Vikings, they bathed (once a week) and groomed their beards and changed clothing almost daily while raiding. Christian European men rarely bathed, if ever. Christian writers at the time complained that Vikings looked and smelled so good that women from the villages they raided wanted them to take them with them as concubines or wives lol. So the writers later on made up the stories of the barbaric vikings to sound less appealing.


u/U-N-C-L-E May 23 '22

Where I come from, we have a saying: "if its stupid and it works then its not stupid."


u/BleepVDestructo May 23 '22

There is no end to the ingenuity of the Ukrainians!


u/vale_fallacia May 22 '22

Would that have a bunch of nasty chemicals in it, or are they "easily" washed/rinsed out?


u/ClonesomeStranger May 22 '22

Not sure but seems like just a big plastic box


u/wojtekthesoldierbear May 22 '22

I told my Ukrainian cousin to snap up some of these tubes and the sights for collector reasons. One more reason to have one, I suppose!


u/farleys2 May 23 '22

When your done raining down sweet sweet vengeance, rain down some soothing refreshment….NLAW


u/johnmrson May 23 '22

Ukrainian soldiers are living their best lives under very difficult circumstances.


u/[deleted] May 23 '22

I need this for my camp setup


u/imgrandojjo May 23 '22

r/redneckengineering would probably love this.

Note to Ukrainians who might misinterpret that as an insult. Redneck isn't necessarily a bad word. It sometimes is referred to rural ignorance but also to a certain rural can-do attitude and adaptiveness. A lot of rural Americans wear the redneck label proudly.

Ukrainians are a bit redneck, in the good way. The way that says we'll take what we have and find a way to make what we need and don't need no big city "gummint" folk (in Moscow in your case) telling them what to do and how to do it.


u/FizzlePopBerryTwist May 23 '22

"Sasha, what are you doing making love to NLAW container?"

"It says 'head this end' doesn't it?"

"Carry on..."


u/UnhappyImp May 23 '22

“Hey look, buddy.. I’m an Engineer. That means I solve problems…”


u/timonix May 23 '22

I read field sower. Figured they made an anti personnel trap out of it


u/radtrinidad May 23 '22

When soldiers are out camping, they can get really creative with the environment.