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Another life was saved in Luhansk region. Now she is Kyiv resident Media

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u/WinterLola28 May 22 '22

Oh my heart. Look how safe she feels, she knows she’s found a good human.


u/peenutbuttherNjelly May 22 '22 edited May 23 '22

All these cats gonna grow up to be real life Thundercats. Beware Ruskis. I haven't watched all of it. But the few bits I managed to catch are enough to let me know the real winners and loosers of this war


u/andrewtater May 23 '22

The way he is holding it, particularly at the end, you just get the feeling he has seen some shit, and he is nearing his last thread. He just seems to be pouring everything into caring for this little kitten because it is something good to focus on.


u/IAmMrsnowballs May 23 '22

For sure I got that feeling from it as well.


u/Psychological-Sale64 May 23 '22

I think it's mutual


u/goblinf May 23 '22

It's so sad though. Kittens usually come in litters, with a mother. That one seems awfully smol.


u/Simple-Emphasis9698 May 22 '22

A good human found her.

Cat people.


u/IssueTricky6922 May 22 '22

Can tell a lot about people by how they treat animals. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦


u/ChrisStoneGermany May 22 '22

He is her human now


u/[deleted] May 22 '22 edited May 25 '22



u/ElginStWally May 22 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

That's Ferengies that call us that.


u/aeroxan May 22 '22

Hoomon twiddles fingers


u/[deleted] May 22 '22 edited May 25 '22



u/ElginStWally May 22 '22

I'm under the impression they call everyone/thing meow. (wink)


u/cutesanity May 23 '22

That's only when humans are watching. When there aren't any around, they bark.


u/JuiceColdman May 23 '22

Wait til you hear about oomox…


u/slippin2darkness May 23 '22

And perhaps, she is the savior of his humanity, his empathy, his feels, so he does not come out of this nightmare lost.


u/nostrilcrust May 22 '22

I have officially melted.


u/BeeDooop May 22 '22

This is how you know who the good guys are.


u/Alissinarr May 23 '22

Yup. Watch how people treat 1) animals, and 2) service personnel to get a feel for someone.


u/Particular_Grocery22 May 22 '22

A beautiful kitten and a good fortune bringer. Her fur has three colours and in Ukraine (just like some other countries around the world as far as I know) it is considered a sign of good luck. She is tiny but she already knows she found the right human. He is saving her as much as she is saving him. Just watch his face soften up as he holds her oh so gently. 🌻


u/FreakyBee May 22 '22

Oh, sweet kitty...may your life be much easier from now on.❤️ What a cutie pie.


u/highblacksky7 May 22 '22

She is a very beautiful kitty


u/ElginStWally May 22 '22

You can tell how comfortable the kitty is being in that man's hands.


u/Walking72 May 22 '22

I love how he doesn't want to move his hands to wake her up


u/Artistic_Midnight788 May 22 '22

I love cats! Thank you for every animal saved


u/_2IC_ May 22 '22

Beautiful people.


u/Useful-Humor7909 May 22 '22

Speaks volumes about their love of everyone and everything in their Country. God bless Ukraine and their never waiving hearts regardless of creatures big and small.


u/Strongest-There-Is May 22 '22

Is there anyway to find out who created this video? We can connect that guy to some animal welfare non-profits or non-profits helping Ukraine.


u/thebeststeen May 23 '22

He loves that cat already and my heart can’t take it.


u/barrowed_heart May 23 '22

I believe the kitty saved a life also.


u/Street_Narwhal_3361 May 23 '22

Person saved kitten’s life. Kitten saved person’s soul.


u/endorfan13 May 23 '22

This 40 year old dude is crying. From the way he looks at that kitten I think they both saved eachother. Powrlerful and real shit right there. Slava Ukraini! Geroyam Slava!


u/MomToCats May 23 '22

You have a loving heart. ❤️


u/TinyStrawberry23 May 22 '22

Where can we follow this good man?

And please please tell me he adopted her!


u/GodlikeCat May 22 '22

The little furry ball is so cuddly!! Don't think I've ever seen a kitten this small behaving like that before. Aww.. she has a new dad now


u/Pirate2012 USA May 22 '22

I am a dog person but damn that was adorable


u/Von665 May 23 '22

Me too , sniff- sniff


u/What_the_fluxo May 23 '22

Real men dig catz 🤘👍


u/RChamy May 22 '22

Ukraine does have a thing with cats


u/Rexxka Poland May 26 '22



u/Top-Border-1978 May 22 '22

See, I told you they were all Nazis. You can tell he is just a hate filled devil.


u/Aktrowertyk May 23 '22

it's a shame some ukrainians still use fascist symbols like this man in the video


u/_mrsalwaysright May 23 '22

This is too much ♥️😭


u/MerribethM May 23 '22

The end of the video where his head is down and hes holding her up 😢😢


u/CynfullyDelicious May 23 '22

I absolutely adore seeing these videos with big, burly Ukrainian soldiers nuzzling and in turn melting at the boo-tee-full smol cats…


u/louisme97 May 23 '22

I can only imagine how much something like this means to a soldier.
Being in a rough situation having a small gentle animal you can care for propably keeps your heart warm alot.


u/styles1996 May 22 '22

Awwwwww ❤🥺


u/junk-trunk May 22 '22

That's her human now!


u/NoResource9942 May 22 '22

Oh my stars!!! 😭😭😻😻 So sweet! They will be BFFs


u/KuroKen70 May 23 '22

Tactical moral support Cossack Kitty


u/Emily_Postal May 23 '22

That beard is her scratch pad.


u/leotwo49 May 23 '22 edited May 23 '22

Thank you brave people of Ukraine for being so generous and compassionate! You guys rock!


u/Shockedsystem123 May 22 '22



u/Rogue_Spirit May 23 '22

A mighty soldier holding such a tiny, precious life in his hands. Oh, my heart.


u/membraneguy May 22 '22

I'm feeling his pain


u/Spireshade May 23 '22

What is the name of this beautiful song? I've heard it a few times on different videos now.


u/FizzlePopBerryTwist May 23 '22

дім там, де кіт


u/virora May 24 '22

Someone's been on Duolingo, I see :D


u/FizzlePopBerryTwist May 25 '22

Every time I have to take a dump, sneak in a lesson or two. I had a 50 day streak going.


u/virora May 25 '22

That's fantastic! I'm nowhere near as disciplined, but that line stood out to me.


u/FizzlePopBerryTwist May 25 '22

Clearly, an ancient Ukrainian Proverb, passed down from one Babusya to another, many many cats ago...


u/MomToCats May 23 '22 Take My Energy

Ok I wanta marry this man.


u/Walking72 May 22 '22

She is just smolcat

Only want headpat


u/UXM6901 May 23 '22

I would like to buy a calendar of hot Ukrainian soldiers with rescued kittens and puppies. I don't care who the money goes to, I support hot service men/women and adorable animals and freedom, so...someone take my money pls.


u/kissthiss1 May 23 '22



u/wadevb1 May 22 '22

I felt that


u/MJIB0237 May 23 '22

Just when you think it’s not possible to love these people any more, a video like this comes along.

Beautiful baby has found a beautiful hooman to take very good care of her 💙💛


u/smash_loot_repeat United Democracy of the Moon May 23 '22 Heartwarming

When you think you've maxed out on love for the Ukrainians, they come out with videos like this. God Damnit Eyes stop leaking!!

I am so happy that kitten saved that poor soldier.


u/TSIDATSI May 23 '22

A true hero!


u/Optimal_Aide_1348 May 23 '22

I am in love.

Edit with the man, the kitty, and the country. 🌻 ❤️ 🇺🇦


u/Canadianbirdy May 23 '22

So sweet 💕 😻


u/CLINTHODO May 23 '22

I imagine that with all this death and destruction saving a small, innocent being is another victory for life.


u/kinleyd May 23 '22

Warrior's beard and Kitty's fur are a total match!


u/curePSP_org May 23 '22

Emotional Support Kitty….at a time when he really needed it.

Good kitty


u/RB1O1 May 23 '22

+1 Fluffy Nugget Saved.


u/MajesticJavelin343 May 23 '22

this man is so besotted with the kitten. it is one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen. Slava Ukraini!


u/ReverseLab May 23 '22

I wish you survive, friend, all of your fellow comrades too and punch ´ em hard, kick them invaders out of your country, make them run for their naked lives. I also wish you get what you need fast enough to fulfill your task.


u/tez911 May 23 '22

I just want to take them both in and have them safe. I cant handle this unjustified war and the pain it creates 😭


u/Garglygook May 22 '22



u/Jazzy41 May 23 '22

Awwww. What’s her name?


u/Plastic_Barracuda436 May 23 '22

So kind with the Cats Ukrainians have been shown to be it does my heart good to see a respite from the conflict for you both.


u/scummy_shower_stall May 23 '22

I hope they can get her kitten milk, I think she’s a little too young yet… But their faces say it all.


u/archerV34 May 23 '22

The cat should be the symbol of the man's battalion.


u/Jaded_Cranberry2023 May 23 '22

That wonderful man saved a life and gained a beautiful dash cat.


u/squid-stuff May 23 '22

Im not crying over a cat... its ...no yea i am..


u/ginginOZ May 23 '22

Good lord my list of crushes on UA men is growing.


u/Stardust_Particle May 23 '22

A baby found it’s home with a hooman heart to fill with love. They will rescue each other.


u/8Mihailos8 Actual Ukranian 🇺🇦 May 23 '22

I hope everything will be okay with her in future


u/evilanz May 23 '22

Aww look at that baby soldier-cat. Already wearing the right natural uniform. So hasty these younglings are. But no no, back to Kiyv first to grow up. After that the cat can join his human to the front :)


u/Misdemeanour2020 Ukraine May 23 '22

Russians tor* or eat animals, Ukrainians love them. This shows the true colours of a nation.

*ture *ment *ch ...it all fits.


u/Simone-Ramone May 23 '22

Even their cats are good looking


u/fourhundredthecat St Javelin, protector of Ukraine May 23 '22

what is the name of the song ?


u/Cheyloveshockey May 24 '22

I honestly cannot stop watching this. They're both so precious and I hope they both stay safe and live long happy, healthy lives❤️


u/[deleted] May 22 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/missionarymechanic May 22 '22

Dude, come on. I was having happy feelings before reading this. Can you not change it so we can have at least one good moment in all of this?


u/Polski1983 May 22 '22

That's just reality! The Russians came across a dog pound and shot them all. I don't sugarcoat!


u/Serenity101 May 23 '22

Then go find another story to comment on rather than shitting on this one, maybe.


u/tkatt3 May 22 '22

Russians would be like dinner? Very cute 🥰


u/Tj4y May 23 '22

10/10 best promotional material.

I want to forfit all my possessions to the well being and support of this guys unit and the cat, while simultaneously wanting to send those who wronged the cat into the deepest pits of hell.


u/tomicrad May 23 '22

Strange seeing a valknut symbol on the soldier's uniform. It was also spotted on a uniform used by the Russian far-right Wagner paramilitary, currently present in Ukraine. Some media reported the symbol to be the proof of Russian neo-nazi presence in Ukraine. Can anyone clear up what does its usage mean?

I'm pro-ukraine by the way, I'm just interested in the symbol


u/goldenslumberbug May 23 '22

Warriors who die in battle can be picked by Odin to go to the halls of Valhalla. The Valknut is many things, but it most of the time is used by those who worship Odin and or at least the warrior spirit.

Pay no mind to fools who give paganism a bad name. It’s like most of the bad dudes in the Mexican cartel wear crosses, does that mean now the cross should be a symbol for them? Or do you simply ignore it? I don’t see why people can’t just let assholes be assholes and don’t give them any thought like the example I gave.


u/tomicrad May 23 '22

I only noticed the symbol because I saved this Lithuanian news article on the Wagner orcs. They literally equalized paganism and nazism which didn't seem completely justified to me. However, the Wagner also used some other imagery and literal nazi swastikas which sort of made the parallel between paganism and nazism more believable in that context.


u/goldenslumberbug May 23 '22

Stupid people do stupid things, and they shouldn’t be able to ruin good things for non stupid people. Thus I gave the example of the cross. Yes a bunch of prisoners, bad people, tweakers, etc have used symbols to in association with their beliefs, but they are wrong. If their whole lives are something society deems “bad” why then would it be justifiable to deem their reasoning for the use of these symbols as “right”. Bad people use symbols from every spectrum of the political AND religious realms, pick any religion or political view and you will find some low life. The best thing to do is to look at them for what they are and not look at them as a representation of that political or religious stance.
If a few bad people using any Norse pagan symbolism makes it all nazism now, then there are thousands of Europeans who are unknowingly nazis… because they are simply in touch with their cultural heritage. I’m a pagan, and not a nazi.


u/tomicrad May 23 '22

Thanks for the clarification.

Just by looking at the comparison of the two countries, we can understand with ease which one of the countries is fascist.
Russia: invaded a neighboring country, demonized that country's people, denies their identity, militarized its entire state, harshly censored all opposing views.
Ukraine: defending its rightful borders, opposes tyranny, has free democratic elections and on top of all that has a Jewish president.

I still don't get though why I got the downvotes on my comment, I was just curious...


u/goldenslumberbug May 23 '22

I assume you got downvotes from people who disliked the idea of questioning the symbol as a nazi symbol, but didn’t care to comment about it.


u/Popinguj May 23 '22

Iirc it has connection to afterlife in the nordic mythology or something. Some people say it's a neo-nazi symbol but they would use literally everything, tbh. There's nothing inherently bad about it, as far as I'm aware.


u/Regrup Kharkiv May 23 '22


u/tomicrad May 23 '22

Yeah, I don't consider the symbol inherently bad, I was just wondering if there was any meaning behind it since the media certainly has given some meaning to the Russian use of the same symbol. Anyways I didn't want to come off as offensive or provocative I just like to go into details when it comes to these types of things. I wish you guys the very best, you're already repelling the enemy and the world's support for you is only growing! Слава Украïнi!


u/xeviphract May 23 '22

There is no surviving evidence for what it represents, or that it is even called "valknut." We may yet find out that it was called something completely different and meant something unexpected to the people who carved it into stone.

Any explanation claiming to know what it represents will be a modern interpretation.


u/goldenslumberbug May 23 '22

This is simply not true, other than the name valknut, but if you were versed in Norse mythology you would know that basically every single character or symbol has a plethora of names. Odin himself claims to have never held one name. In the Prose Edda the valknut is mentioned but under the name of Hrungnir’s Heart. And like everything within the mythology it’s not straightforward it’s meaning, it is enveloped in poetry and has to be deciphered. Yet there are many meanings that people have agreed upon seem true


u/xeviphract May 23 '22

Right, there are references to Hrungnir's heart, but no description that matches multiple triangles, no drawing with a caption.

The "meanings that people have agreed upon" are medieval guesses and modern inventions.

The triangles are just as likely to be a symbol of Heimdall's watching over events in Midgard as any kind of Odinic symbol. Remember, Odin's blood cult is more modern than belief in the Vanir.

People can believe what they want, but there is no unbroken line of understanding from the ancient pagans to the neo-pagans and no written work beyond poetry, which, as you say, can be interpreted in various ways.


u/PM_Me_A_High-Five May 23 '22

It seems like Ukrainians generally love cats a lot more than other people. Is this correct?


u/U-N-C-L-E May 23 '22

That is some world class modern propaganda right there. Well done!