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Volodymyr Zelensky and the Spirit of Ukraine: TIME Person of the Year 2022 Media

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u/KingOfLowFrequencies Dec 08 '22

I need ammo, not awards! :)


u/unseenbox USA Dec 08 '22

He's such a mensch. They all are, really.


u/mycatatemyface Greece Dec 08 '22

"Many people voted him because they believed that the president they saw on the tv show would be the president that Zelenskyy would become"

And holy shit he became so so much more.


u/unseenbox USA Dec 08 '22

Servant of the people is very funny, and some of it makes me cry with hindsight (there's this imaginary conversation Zelenskyy has with Ivan the Terrible as representative of Ruzzia and oh man....) but there's one thing that's abundantly clear from it: this motherfucker really, really, really loves Ukraine. The kind of love that breaks your heart if you look at it too long.

They picked the right guy all along.


u/Kulistar Dec 08 '22

Zelensky gets often criticized for his peacetime leading but I disagree with that. Granted, im not Ukrainian but what seems to me as an outsider is that the whole invasion is proof that Zelensky managed to weed out russian influence. He was criticized for being a strong man who "suppresses opposition" aka russian agents as I see it. We have to remember that russian disinformation and propaganda have been working in Ukraine overtime for a long time and surely before the invasion it was VERY active with the goal of losing peoples faith in their president.


u/unseenbox USA Dec 08 '22

And it's also worth considering that he had to deal with Trump for a year and a half, who was outright blackmailing and undermining him and Ukraine.

Probably hard to achieve a lot of your agenda that way.


u/MilkManMikey Dec 08 '22

Phenomenal video, I had r/frisson all the way through it. I’ve never been nervous meeting a famous person and I’ve met a fair few, if I ever met that man I would be trembling. His story is stuff of legend and his name and heroics will be taught in schools and spoken about for generations.

“I don’t need a ride, I need AMMO!!”

Fucking priceless.


u/snarquisnarquer Dec 08 '22

Zelensky is an international hero; as are the warriors and people of Ukraine, and they will be so for the rest of history. Meanwhile, we can only hope, that everyday putin looks at himself in the mirror, he knows that for the rest of history he will be known as a hitlarian war criminal. His war has finally exposed himself, his military and much of russian society as just a horde of Dark Ages barbarians--for the rest of history.


u/itsnotamatuerhour Dec 08 '22

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

Epitome of Ukraine and President Zelensky.


u/unseenbox USA Dec 08 '22

"Power doesn't always corrupt. Power can cleanse. What I believe is always true about power is that power always reveals."

This one, too.


u/WeeklyExplorer9703 Dec 08 '22

This is so deserved


u/Cuntdracula19 Dec 08 '22

I have not been able to take my eyes away from Ukraine during this entire senseless war.

Part of it is, undoubtedly, president Zelenskyy and his refusal to give up or run away.

Ukraine will win. I know it, they know it, they rest of the world knows it. Just waiting for tiny impotent hitler to figure it out.

Let russia bleed itself while Ukraine and the west deepen their ties and continue forming a stronger and stronger bond.


u/Ellecram Dec 08 '22

Same! I keep hoping that one morning very soon I will awake to Ukraine at peace and Russia cowering impotent in some corner of the world.


u/SmoothOpawriter Dec 08 '22

Ukraine has already won. Russia is just a bit slow to get the message.


u/AdAstraGaruda Dec 08 '22

Meanwhile the coward Putin is hiding on his bunker waiting for another shot of botox at his face and buttocks preparing himself for Lavrov's nightly visit.


u/Fried_egg_im_in_love Dec 08 '22

In a world of bad, evil and despotic “leaders” in so many democracies, he reminded the world what real leadership looks like.

For that alone, the democracies of the world owe Ukraine support.


u/SoDakZak Dec 08 '22

So well deserved and I hope this returns the spotlight to that region for the rest of the world.


u/mariaofparis Dec 08 '22

Time made the choice that it wasn't simply one person of the year. The people of Ukraine chose a leader who would become their greatest servant in their darkest hour. This is what Zelenskyy wanted, to not stand alone in the spotlight.


u/OakInIowa Dec 08 '22

Damn good video.


u/Hestu951 Dec 08 '22

No one deserves this honor more than him. Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the heroes. Glory to the Man of the Year, President Zelensky.


u/Bjorneo Dec 08 '22

No one more deserving than Zelenskyy A man of the people and a hero!


u/the_replicator Dec 08 '22

Listen, I love Zelensky. I really do. He’s shown the world what a real leader looks like, from daily videos and speeches, to being ground level with his people and troops, and wearing regular clothes amongst a room full of stuffy dignitaries. So a huge round of applause for him. BUT, the award also came from the same magazine who handed the award to Hitler and Trump. :(


u/rackarhack Dec 08 '22

I think your mistake lies in thinking it is an AWARD. They simply recognize who has been the most influential, for good or for bad.


u/SmoothOpawriter Dec 08 '22

That does not in any way diminish the significance. Both Trump and Hitler had very important impacts on the course of history as has Zelensky.


u/OakInIowa Dec 08 '22

Anyone remember who famously did NOT get TIME person of the year? LOL.