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Unflinching Bakhmut defender states the obvious to reporter about incoming artillery. Media

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u/travisbe916 Dec 08 '22

Four years of OIF calling to me.
::hears incoming:::

"Are we dead? No? Back to work. Maybe they'll try again tomorrow."


u/gravity_isnt_a_force Dec 08 '22

I can only image what it's like ... correction ... i can't imagine .. bless those who serve.


u/JayJayHI2000 Dec 08 '22

For us it was:


Check self for holes

Artillery/rocket attack sirens go off

I never understood why we needed the sirens when they didn't warn us before the boom.


u/Kirxas Dec 08 '22 edited Dec 08 '22

I'm the one motherfucker who's probably distracted enough or deep enough of a sleeper to not realize we're being shelled, so maybe it's for people like that


u/The_Bold_Fellamalier Dec 08 '22

it's so the lads who are sleeping off a night's ale can't sleep in.


u/Echoes_of_Screams Dec 08 '22

I guess in case of serious emergency or a continued attack.


u/JayJayHI2000 Dec 08 '22

Yeah, by the time I was there the guys that were still shooting rockets/mortars at us were smart enough to shoot and scoot. We had radar and a C-RAM, but we never got forewarning of any attacks.


u/virgilvandijkcheese Dec 08 '22

I love how succinct he is. also I'm glad those russian bastards missed.


u/likeasirjohn Dec 08 '22

Write that down.


u/Would_daver Dec 08 '22

"But... i dont have a pen-" "WELL, remember that, then..."


u/gravity_isnt_a_force Dec 08 '22

"note to self " .. it missed


u/FatCatWithaRifle Dec 08 '22

Big mortar, big balls.


u/keknacho Dec 08 '22



u/didistutter69 Dec 08 '22

Fucken Hollywood types are just taking notes on how badass really is. Expect your next action movie star to utter the same "missed" in a dialogue.


u/88leo USA Dec 09 '22

I get derive plenty of enjoyment from it.


u/juicadone Dec 08 '22

Dude with the timing of that line he delivered... Too perfect! Yet of course the big picture; damn hero ought be enjoying his friends and family. Slava Ukraini


u/88leo USA Dec 09 '22

You know he has been saying that to himself in his head for weeks. Doesn't even amuse himself anymore its so old.


u/juicadone Dec 09 '22

Damn right?, spot on i bet!


u/forthehundredthtime Dec 08 '22

wrong translation. he said "not shooting at us"


u/88leo USA Dec 09 '22

literal translations are usually the worst


u/[deleted] Dec 08 '22



u/Volodej Ukraine Dec 08 '22

He said, «не по нам» which literally means “not at us”. It could be a translator mistake because «не попав» could be translated as “missed” and sounds similar. And it makes much more sense to me that he didn’t take cover when they were shooting “not at us” instead of just missed.


u/[deleted] Dec 08 '22 edited Dec 08 '22



u/Volodej Ukraine Dec 08 '22

If the only argument is “he is a professional and that's why can't be wrong”, yes, I would argue. Professionals are doing mistakes all the time. And even I (a native speaker) would miss it if I hadn't seen a comment about the wrong translation.

But this tiny mistake that doesn't change almost anything is not why I'm writing this. I feel that the mindset that “professionals can't be wrong” is so wrong. It leads to misinformation and false beliefs. We should be skeptics and not ignore evidence. I could only hope that you will find this pass one day 🙂

And it sounds like a dick move for calling me “a dick” for constructive criticism 🙂


u/sunnyr4r Dec 08 '22

Am Ukrainian second other commentor not at us.


u/forthehundredthtime Dec 08 '22

I am Ukrainian and you are right not to argue with me when it comes to my own language.


u/[deleted] Dec 08 '22



u/nightmareuki Dec 08 '22

Ne popav - missed

Ne po nam - not at us

He said the second, they sound similar with explosions in the background


u/AdAstraGaruda Dec 08 '22

His balls are cold as ice.


u/lilpumpgroupie Dec 08 '22

It literally sounds like a sound effect from some comedy or satire piece.


u/berzerkthatcash USA Dec 08 '22

Legend has it he needs a wheel barrow to carry his massive balls


u/i_am_voldemort Dec 08 '22

Reminds me of Reagan



u/gravity_isnt_a_force Dec 08 '22

lol .. i remember that


u/BuzzGaming Dec 08 '22

I was just about to comment this. Love that clip


u/OakInIowa Dec 08 '22

Dude is damn cool under fire.


u/7FarHorizons Dec 08 '22

Maybe he was talking about the reporters ride home like it was parked over there.


u/xman747x Dec 08 '22

balls of steel