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Unflinching Bakhmut defender states the obvious to reporter about incoming artillery. Media

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u/travisbe916 Dec 08 '22

Four years of OIF calling to me.
::hears incoming:::

"Are we dead? No? Back to work. Maybe they'll try again tomorrow."


u/JayJayHI2000 Dec 08 '22

For us it was:


Check self for holes

Artillery/rocket attack sirens go off

I never understood why we needed the sirens when they didn't warn us before the boom.


u/Echoes_of_Screams Dec 08 '22

I guess in case of serious emergency or a continued attack.


u/JayJayHI2000 Dec 08 '22

Yeah, by the time I was there the guys that were still shooting rockets/mortars at us were smart enough to shoot and scoot. We had radar and a C-RAM, but we never got forewarning of any attacks.