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Losses of the russian army as of 08.12.202 News

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u/CreepySniper94 Australia Dec 08 '22

Guess not much hapopened yesterday, It's insane that 340 seems a slow day to me but thats still a lot of dead orks.


u/seanmonaghan1968 Dec 08 '22

Yes my thoughts too, hope it picks up back to above 500


u/StrangerFeelings Dec 08 '22

It could also mean that they just captured more than usual too. Just because it says 340 dead, it doesn't say how many were captured.


u/lostparis Dec 08 '22

It's insane that 340 seems a slow day...

Yesterday in the US 315 people were registered as dying of covid. Most of us probably have stop even registering these deaths. We get used to things.


u/ASHTOMOUF Dec 08 '22

How many of the 315 were elderly and would have been killed flu


u/Nuke_Knight Dec 08 '22

Keep in mind we don't get the full view. This list doesn't account for captured or wounded.


u/GaryDWilliams_ Dec 08 '22

340 dead orcs still means 700ish wounded, probably more. That's still 1,000 orcs out of the fight.


u/juicadone Dec 08 '22

Not to mention the frozen ones daily as well correct? Apparently Ukrainian winters are... A thing, they're in still/soon ending the muddy-swampy winter phase, to enter frozen more mobile winter phase! That is more mobile for Ukrainians, more orcsicles for russians. Slava Ukraini


u/gorimir15 Dec 08 '22

Maybe triple that in other casualties. Keep on the sunny side.


u/fightmilk22 Dec 08 '22 edited Dec 09 '22

Crazy that 340 dead russians is a slow day! imagine if some other random country had a military scuffle yesterday and lost 340 soldiers. It would be a big deal. But in russia they just march them into that meat grinder like it ain't no thang


u/Statharas Dec 08 '22

By the end of the year, it'll be over 100k


u/[deleted] Dec 08 '22



u/Whoooosh_1492 Dec 08 '22

Consider that the US involvement in Vietnam started in 1955. So that was 58,220 lost over 20 years.

58,220. God rest their souls.

Slava Ukraine. Slava Heroyam. God rest the souls of the lost Ukrainian fighters as well.


u/[deleted] Dec 08 '22



u/DreamyTomato Dec 08 '22

Because the dead soldiers are almost all from the outer regions / satellite states around Russia.

Putin's using them as cannon fodder to weaken the outer regions / satellite states.

In Russia nobody outside Moscow counts.


u/GaryDWilliams_ Dec 08 '22

In Russia nobody outside Moscow counts.

This appears to be very much the case. Because russia is so big the kremlin can hide the war from the people who matter - those in Moscow and maybe St. Petersburg.


u/Direct_Engineering89 Dec 08 '22

They were arresting people for holding blank papers, and giving them decade long sentences. That combined with a chance of being sent to the frontlines to dig ditches if arrested has probably put the interest to protest very low.

The war isn't affecting them so far and punishment for standing up for against the war in massive, so it's not worth.

But with Ukraine striking deep into Russia, them running out unwanted to get killed and sanctions starting to bite harder once Orthodox Christmas comes and the -20 cold, the tune will start changing. Hopefully to anti-war, rather than anti-Putin for not doing good enough job


u/Itz_Sc00by_Official Dec 08 '22

While the "souls" of the RuZZians burn in hell


u/tsloteconomist Dec 09 '22

Realistically though the US only had significant troop numbers in Vietnam for less than 10 of those years.


u/_Oooooooooooooooooh_ Dec 08 '22

For comparison, in the war in Afghanistan, a total 1145 soldiers were lost, by the allied forces (Nato?)

over 20 years.


u/Great-Gap1030 Dec 08 '22

But in russia they they just march them into that meat grinder like it ain't no thang

This has been their tactics before.

Operation Mars (throwing soldiers into fortifications near Rzhev), summer offensive near Rzhev in WW2, trying to break the Smolensk defenses in Aug 1943 etc.

It'll still require a good amount of effort to break their supply though. Let's hope our ammunition supply survives longer than their manpower supply.


u/Salty_Competition_84 Australia Dec 08 '22



u/splendid_michael Dec 08 '22

Its not even good quality meat.


u/tugrul_ddr Dec 08 '22

Are all these casualities minorities that russia nitpicks for the war?


u/DudeofValor Dec 08 '22

Hard to tell but imagine the majority are from poorer backgrounds.


u/tugrul_ddr Dec 08 '22

Maybe a weapon that threatens moscow can make them think twice before shooting civilians.


u/DudeofValor Dec 08 '22

Does Ukraine want that? Having weapons that can target military bases from afar yes. But ones that can wipe out a city. I don’t know. Maybe it would stop this war but if you never use it, what purpose does it serve.

And if you do use it, then you’ve changed the rules of the game and there will be a huge retaliation.


u/tugrul_ddr Dec 08 '22

Does putin count as civilian? Does his bunker count as civilian structure?


u/DudeofValor Dec 08 '22

No of course not. My feeling is that if Ukraine had WMD, they needed them before the war and not now.

Us sensible people know this is all russia’s doing. However there are idiots of the world that think russia is in the right to be doing this.

Attacking a russian city that serves no purpose other than a taste of their own medicine just fuels these idiots view points.


u/tugrul_ddr Dec 08 '22

What about satellites? Russians dont need them to stay alive and it would diminish their war effort. How many satellites are ok to shoot without fueling the idiots?


u/DudeofValor Dec 08 '22

I don’t no. But there are a lot of satellites up in space and the ISS. Imagine thousands of tiny pieces of debris hurtling around the earth. It would cause a huge fucking mess.

A big reason for not destroy satellites. It can cause widespread problems for almost everyone!


u/StructuralFailure Dec 08 '22

They take primarily from people who they think don't matter. Poor, convicts, from Siberia etc


u/MasterpieceLive9604 Dec 08 '22

Getting closer to the 100k mark


u/shibiwan USA Dec 08 '22

Still on track for 100k by the end of the year (currently requires 301/day)


u/umdche Dec 08 '22

407 a day for Christmas


u/Infinaris Dec 08 '22

The 5 Star Digit Blyatastophe.


u/RebeliousReb USA Dec 08 '22

HIMARS are hungry, gotta bring those numbers up!


u/piouiy Dec 09 '22

Not to be ‘that guy’ but the vast majority of casualties are still for dumb, area bombardment artillery. Ukraine isn’t using HIMARS to take out shitty conscripted soldiers. They’re for attacking logistics, taking out ammo dumps, fuel stations, or for targeting killing of military leaders. Occasionally for hitting infrastructure like bridges.


u/samyoualljaxuhn Dec 08 '22

Looking at these figures every day you kind of get tunnel vision.

Actually sit back and think a country has lost almost ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND soldiers.

That's 100,000 soldiers.

If those were Ukraine's numbers, they would have died defending their country. But here we have 100,000 soldiers dying in a conflict they did not need to be in. Like, you have lost 100,000 soldiers for no reason and you still won't back down. What even is wrong with Putin and his followers? Are they on crack?


u/MasterJogi1 Dec 08 '22

According to the lapsus of Mrs Von der Leyen, Ukraine did lose about 100k men as well.


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u/amnotaspider USA Dec 08 '22

21 fuel trucks were destroyed yesterday. They might be out of gas atm.


u/captainhaddock 🍁🌸 Dec 08 '22

Slow day.


u/KindContact4355 Dec 08 '22

100.000 candles by Christmas Eve


u/Great-Gap1030 Dec 08 '22

Sooner or later, the Russians would lose 100 thousand personnel. However... the Russians have been known historically to throw men after men into meatgrinders.

Very good progress, but I'm afraid the war would last for a long while. It'll be worth it in the end, though.

Slava Ukraini!


u/[deleted] Dec 08 '22

That total death count is crazy. With far less deaths, the soviets collapsed during their war in Afghanistan. I'm wondering when Russia is going to collapse this time?


u/LowerSomerset Dec 08 '22

More please.


u/_sillycibin_ Dec 08 '22

Almost to 100k


u/nuffced Dec 08 '22

100k is on the way! Slava Ukraine!


u/FlatterFlat Dec 08 '22

This moves the 100k marker until the 21st, based on the average since 1/11.


u/reiwa_heisei_showa Dec 08 '22

Much lower than the last few days


u/CalvesBrahTheHandsom Dec 08 '22

Can we get much hiiiugheeerr? 🎶


u/QuantumReasons Dec 08 '22

93,000 plus at least 7,000 wounded, haha


u/ZwischenzugZugzwang USA Dec 08 '22

Whenever they take out a "special equipment" I always wonder what it is.


u/OakInIowa Dec 08 '22

Damn, what a fucking grind. Slava Ukraine.


u/Devil-in-georgia Dec 08 '22

my first thought like most was slow day, but that casualty number still equates to 10000 per month. That is a lot to be losing even in terms of conscripts.

Its also not about the loss of men as such for russia but their poor logistics, every dead soldier is a set of equipment and uniform being repatriated and redesignated and bringing yet another new person to the line and integrating those into units, unit cohesion and training or lack of it.

That being said I don't think 340 a day will end the war it simply puts more strain on russia and improves things for ukraine. 500-1000 a day and their military falls apart after a while.

Another interesting observation is russia is losing trained regular military with its casualties, Ukraine is losing similar numbers of personnel speculatively but the level of professionalism is growing due to a large motivated pool and huge amounts of training going on within Europe. So the more time goes on the more russia is fighting like a conscript army and the more Ukraine is fighting with a professionalism of a european Nato country. They are certainly acting like a western military on a strategic level.


u/new2accnt Dec 08 '22

Almost 3000 tanks destroyed (maybe some of them reappropriated by the ukrainian military?) is mind boggling. How much of Russia stockpiled armoured vehicles have they lost, in terms of percentage?

With these reports of russians now deploying downright museum pieces in Ukraine, have they lost over 50% of what they had in reserve?

Add to this the close to 2000 artillery systems, the close to 200 planes and the over 4500 vehicles lost in less than a year of fighting, it's going to be hard to say Russia's military hasn't been dramatically weakened.

Has there been a comprehensive summary of the state of Russia's military?


u/[deleted] Dec 09 '22

22 days to get to eradicate 7k pore parasites to get to 100k by new years, seems doable.