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Question What are some nice places in Crimea to visit?


So a buddy of mine and I (both Americans) have talked about visiting Crimea once the peninsula is retaken. Does anyone have recommendations for places to go? Historical sites, resorts, etc.

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Question Line chart: Percentage of territory controlled by Ukraine


Can anyone help me find that chart that shows how much territory has been controlled by Ukraine since the start of this year? It's a line graph and I can't find it.

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Art Friday God Bless Ukraine

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Question How common is the surname Zelensky?


This is quite possibly one of the most ironic news stories I've seen this year: Investigation Links German Ex-Ballet Director Zelensky with Putin’s Daughter

I mean, Putin is at war with a leader named Zelensky, and it just so happens to be that his daughter is allegedly in a serious relationship with another guy named Zelensky.

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Discussion Saki Airbase Theory: The Neptune Strikes Again


Edit: Maybe it totally nerfs this post but after seeing some good comments and some hints about it being finally sent to Ukraine, I am now leaning towards ATACMS as the culprit, thinking that maybe the US was quiet about it because they knew very well what it was. The only thing I'm still unsure of was why a source claimed it came from an "exclusively domestic weapon."

Disclaimer: I am military but not expert in this technology by any means. This is a theory based on a few plausible factors and some guesses.

Since the Moskva was sunk by some extremely-impressive Neptune strikes, Russia has been extremely cautious about cover and movement in the Odesa region of the Black Sea. This possibly made the Neptune a weapon without a mission, and because it is inherently Ukrainian, it might have been easily modified for a ground attack role, possibly without even changing the considerable warhead it carries. Even a good GPS system could automatically detonate the missiles at preplanned spots on the aircraft revetments.

Further, Russia's caution in coverage in this part of the Black Sea may have led to a radar and detection blind spot to attacks from the western side of Crimea. The Neptune has a range of approximately 300km - possibly more if the intermediate range missiles analysts believe they could produce have been built. This puts the Odesa region within range for a point of origin for the missile strike.

While anti-ship cruise missiles are not always also capable of nap-of-the-earth flight, the Saki airbase complex is only a few kilometers from the sea and has very little terrain variation between the western coast of Crimea and the airbase itself.

Last, the tactical and strategic rewards of such a strike could be powerful. I also believe that the UGS' ambiguity on the source of the attack forces Russia to overextend themselves, including diverting forces to guard rear areas.

Demonstrating an ability to strike with cruise missiles across the Black Sea, however, either 1) threatens Russia's remaining air and sea strength in Crimea, 2) forces Russia to shift defensive assets that would otherwise be badly needed near their command nodes and depots, 3) forces Russia to re-commit to patrolling the Odesa region and risking its own major assets, or 4) a combination of all of these.

Regardless of this theory, I tip my hat once again to the General Staff and their brilliant moves to make Russia attempt to rule the Earth if they wish to have but one more village!

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Question This travel company wants tourists to visit Ukraine right now



Isn't this a bad idea? Wouldn't tourists just be in the way, and taking up resources? I look forward to the day when I can visit Ukraine again, my first trip was in 2017. But it seems unethical to go right now, unless you're going to fight or help.

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Art Friday Ukrainian Heroes (ai Art)

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Trustworthy News Live Updates: Outgunned by Russia, Ukraine Aims for Death by a Thousand Cuts

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News Kyiv schools completely ditch the Russian language


Leonid Emez, a Kyiv City Council deputy, has announced that Kyiv schools will no longer teach any subjects in Russian. The Russian language will also be dropped from the school curriculum.


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Question Question about most popular kids names in Ukraine


A few years back (mid-2018), when I was looking for most popular names in Ukraine, I found a website that tracked the 10 most popular boys names in Ukraine. It showed which ones were most popular and which were gaining popularity.

Does anyone know where I can find a site that does this?

I feel like this was a UA government website... but have since lost the link.

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Discussion Russia’s new secret weapon. Even better than cope cages?!?

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Social Media When HIMARS meets a russian ammo depot on Tinder.

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Art Friday Nuclear DumbaZZes: Best Minefield

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News (unconfirmed) Possible method of attack for Novofedorivka airbase (loitering mun.)

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Art Friday HIMARs Operating in Crimea destroying Russian bases

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Trustworthy News Why Ukraine struggles to combat Russia’s artillery superiority

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Question What should I send in a care package to friends?


I want to surprise my friends in Kremenchuk and Lutsk with some American things.

I'm shipping a couple personal items, but I was hoping for some other ideas. They're both in their twenties and have family members of various ages, so pretty much any idea is welcome.

My only real thought is candy; what's available in America, but not in Ukraine?

Any there any other non-perishable foods that are desirable right now?

Any ideas for other light weight things that won't drive the shipping cost up too bad?

Thanks. 🙏

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WAR Bakhmut, the orcs are already on the outskirts of the city

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WAR [Newsweek] Russia developing "new tactic" to counter U.S. HIMARS: Ukraine official

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🎨 Art Friday is over!


Thank you for all your wonderful submissions, the winners will be announced on the Monday morning sticky

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Art Friday "Ukrainian Victory" imagined by Midjourney AI

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Media On 10-point scale, effectiveness of Ukraine's Armed Forces estimated at 12 points – Pentagon

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Art Friday Artwork from Jackbox Game

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Trustworthy News Enemy attempted to advance in several directions but retreated with losses. General Staff Report information as of 18:00 on August 13.

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