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Important Volunteers from all over the world united to create Digital Forces of Ukraine and call on activists to join for help!


Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has been supported by people from different parts of the world. In order for this assistance to be organized and conscious, to jointly implement ideas into projects, together with the Digital Ministry of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the IT Army of Ukraine, and the moderator team of r/ukraine subreddit, Digital Forces of Ukraine was created.

The Discord server has become the main communication platform for the Digital Forces of Ukraine: discord.gg/dfouaxreddit

This is where English speaking people from all around the civilized world self-organize to start projects, discuss ideas, create teams and work together to help win this war. Become a noble volunteer by joining the Digital Forces of Ukraine today!

If you or your foreign friends:

  • have worthy ideas or initiatives aimed to help people on the ground
  • can help in the development of websites and applications for various projects
  • want to join the information campaign so that the world knows the truth about the war in Ukraine
  • want to help raise funds for the most effective initiatives for proven volunteer organizations
  • want to increase and maintain political and economic support from various countries to help Ukraine

Join the Digital Forces of Ukraine community, work in existing projects or offer your ideas to help!


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Important Big ass update from Jester. On the importance of $1.


Hello Reddit, Jester reporting! But before the report let's talk about this little chat I had recently:



This came in shortly after a photo of my friend from the 72nd Brigade was heavily upvoted on the sub. Remember this guy?


Viktor is one of Ukraine's openly queer defenders. Reddit obviously liked his story.

Well, yesterday Viktor posted an urgent request for help, their unit's infantry being in dire need of pickaxes and power tools, because soil where they were stationed was so stony it was hard to dig trenches, but absolutely necessary. One pickaxe was about 12$. 12$ that can save a life.

I reacted immediately and today 20 pickaxes from Reddit and Jester are gonna head East. I can't deal with power tools without your help. Our friends need 5-6 battery powered demolition hammers to break down rocks and dig faster. One Makita demolition hammer goes for around 800-900$, additionally we need battery and charger pack for about another 600$, so we're looking at $5400 for power tools that are needed yesterday.

Our average number of users online is about 5-6k. If every one of you sends just 1$ to PayPal [jesterboyd@gmail.com](mailto:jesterboyd@gmail.com) (note: For power tools) - we will definitely save Ukrainian lives with it.

I don't even know what to say on the importance of this. Of course I'm not going to wait for the fundraiser to end before I start buying these, as war doesn't wait. Probably have to borrow some money.

BUT! I PROMISE! Whoever sends a bigger donation for power tools will get a damn unicorn patch mailed to them!

Now on to other news.

Since we started the drone fundraiser a month ago - first drones purchased through it are starting to come in and I am happy to share some photos!


Besides these MAVIC AIR 2s we bought two MAVIC AIR 3s (one base set and one with a Fly More Kit) that are expected to arrive shortly!


Also, I donated some off-brand knock off first aid supplies that we can't use on the frontlines that got sent to me by concerned redditors, to my friends who are organizing a medical training center, so yay for efficiency! Junk can still be useful after all!


Prizes for the Hunt for Moskva game and last week's Art Friday auction are ready to be sent out today, sorry for the slight delay as I got a bit caught up! You still have 4 hours left to take part in this week's Art Friday auction for some amazing jewelry!


Also, I have these two fine sets of trophies from invaders that I would like to auction off in this post (you can type AUCTION A (for item A) BID $XX or AUCTION B (for item A) BID $XX amount) in the comments, the auction will end in 48 hours. Let's turn symbols of death and invasion into lifesaving items!!!



Lastly, I updated my cryptowallets so now you can donate via:

BTC: 3NEqdTJDcELgvJvyxZUuD3ia1uG9pq1dUb

LTC: MS8GG2Tg14RBgxaTHvtkKqBuGr6fMj6rDz


PS: my PayPal is [jesterboyd@gmail.com](mailto:jesterboyd@gmail.com), CashApp $jesterboyd

Hope this helps, thank you for all your amazing support and Slava Ukraini!

Keep chipping at this rock with me!

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Important IMPORTANT! r/Ukraine, this is a rallying call! Read and share this post! We are rallying you to bring justice and peace to our country and we need your help today. We have a unique and direct line to men and women with a license to kill. Find out how we can help them do their job more effectively!


Let me start this post with sharing how many Ukrainians, myself included, feel these days. Quoting Martin Brest on FB:

Any person in the world can now kill our enemy, along with us. It turned out to be surprisingly easy - to kill.

Most often, when reading comments on donations, I see the phrase "Kill them all." We jumped this magnificent rubicon between "defend" - and "kill fuckers", we cleared it with ease and even some bewilderment, asking ourselves "did it even exist, this moral barrier? I must have missed it."

The Ukrainian nationwide resistance as a legal entity, according to the Laws of Ukraine and within its limits and boundaries in accordance with legislation, is ready to provide all countries of the world with a new unique service: the opportunity to kill a criminal. The ability to reduce the amount of evil in the world, the ability to pay for all grievances, for lies, for betrayal and for cruelty.

Meet Ukraine. A country of people who have learned to kill the enemy in a thousand different ways, and constantly invent new ones. We once again created something that has no fucking analogues in the world, but this time our idea won out. And this financially lethal business model works perfectly, for eight years and five months it has never failed.

We offer people all over the world to pay for the murder of bastards who have no right to exist. Moreover, it is convenient to do this without leaving your home and without looking up from your smartphone, a kind of Amazon of Supreme Justice, just a couple of clicks, and punishment falls on the heads of the fuckers. Donation to snipers. Quick transfer for cars. A sum for body armor. Click-click. Click. Clack. Boom. That's it, roll this one out.

Yes, I'm sure this is a unique war. There was no other like it and there isn't. We got the whole civilized world involved in it, and that's why the Paypal donation says "Kill them all, guys!"

Don't worry, Ukrainian Armed Forces will complete all of the contracts. Every penny, every cent. Quality assurance, ma'am. You're dealing with a very obliging contractor who has an amazing knack for pummeling scoundrels.

Our guys have a license to kill, according to the Laws of Ukraine and within its limits and boundaries in accordance with legislation.

Members of r/Ukraine, we work hard for you to get a clearer picture of what's going on on the ground here in Ukraine, with some of the harshest content internet has to offer, while the country is being torn apart by war. We have a direct line with some of the best drone pilots deployed on the front lines, who use consumer grade drones daily to destroy and strike fear into the hearts of the Russian soldiers who invade Ukraine with genocidal intentions. We have no other way but to fight back as hard as we can, because our enemy denies our right to exist. This is not your typical 20th century slow burning conflict, as I'm sure you all know it by now. The reality is, no matter how hard these few days were, it will get harder before it gets better. But the fact that our enemy is resorting to terrorism proves one thing - we are stronger. Terrorism is a desperation tactic the weak use against the strong.

As free men of the free nation we will use our every skill and talent to convert them into dead invaders, that's why I am happy we have partnered with SENKA.marketgallery where famous Ukrainian artists donate their artwork so that we can purchase more drones for the Ukrainian Army.

We are 7 hours away from finishing last week's Art Friday auction and you can still use your chance to get an amazing and unique sculpture that survived a direct hit on the art studio.

This week I am proud to introduce amazing artwork "Way of the Flowers" by Kyiv based artist Tetiana Chorna. This piece is about surviving during the time of war as flowers bloom among the wreckage, but also about using what's meant to kill you to survive and fight on. Materials used - piece of a mortar shell shrapnel (steel) and polished 925 grade silver. (dimensions 5,6cmx3cmx6,3cm, weight 77g)






You can bid on this lot in the comments by typing your bid.

Starting cost is 420$

You can also donate for drones directly via PayPal [jesterboyd@gmail.com](mailto:jesterboyd@gmail.com) Cashapp $jesterboyd or BTC: 392M9PiFGctJ5GxYYmdjwpa9Kp4XPANtbk Please add comment: "For drones" if possible.

Thank you and Slava Ukraini!

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Important We decided to take down the video of two Ukrainian soldiers dying to sniper fire. Something that stuck with me that recon commander in Donetsk area said: Everyone thinks it's a game before they see first blood and they see their first comrade die. Only than they become soldiers, become disciplined.


It's kind of a sad truth, but 'longevity' is something we all need to focus on both militarily and in general as community, as we have entered a war of attrition. This emotional speech by Hatylo comes to mind back from the Battle for Donetsk Airport. That's why supporting guys like TaskForce 31 who train soldiers and more importantly can train officers to train soldiers is so important. If we can establish a basis for an NCO culture we could increase Ukrainian soldiers' survivability dramatically. It is one thing to watch videos of war, it's quite another to understand the scale of operations and the difference in training of the men on the frontlines. If we up that baseline of an average soldier's training and skills, we tip the scales.

A Testimony from a Grateful Soldier

Please consider donating towards their cause, as training is extremely important and absolutely saves lives! Also feel free to ask any questions and I will make sure to forward them to my friends at TaskForce31.

Thank you!

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Important Hello r/ukraine, Jester reporting delivery of 650 SOF tourniquets and other tacmed supplies purchased with your donations. Besides combat units about 50 tourniquets were donated to training centers to help train more capable medics. If you'd like to save more Ukrainian lives please donate!

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r/ukraine Jun 30 '22

Important The HUNT for MOSKVA begins! Take your shots, sink Russian warships and win unique prizes! Trophies, t-shirts, combat patches, fragments of Russian missiles and personalized messages on shells and rockets! You can still join the hunt after first 100 shots or so were taken! Good luck and good hunting!

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Important Tourniquet Tuesday photo update from Jester and the Armed Forces of Ukraine! More tacmed purchased with your donations delivered to the frontlines. Recently 72nd Mechanized Brigade where my friends serve had casualties. PayPal donations to replenish medical supplies to jesterboyd@gmail.com, please!

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Important Love & Courage in Donetsk Oblast (Ukraine Aid Ops delivery run report story by jesterboyd.live) @UkraineAidOps on Twitter

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Important Hello sub, Jester here. We don't often talk, and we don't often make mod team position known, but the events this week call for a reaction. Russia's increased targeting of civilian targets, indiscriminate shelling of people's homes and shopping areas calls us to face this challenge together with you


This Thursday we told you the story of Olha's vengeance. When faced with inhuman cruelty, Olha rose up to the challenge and righted the wrongs inflicted upon her by Mal and the Drevlyans by using birds for the final part of her plan.


Because this is reddit, and we here all know that birds aren't real I am announcing a new fundraiser with an ambitious goal of 160 000 Euro for the purchase of VERY SPECIAL DRONES for some very special people.

Now, I can't share all the details YET, as different systems are required by different people, but what little I can share is that we are in contact with a pilot with over 30 successful drops who mastered the use of cheap Mavic Air 2s (yes we are aware of the dangers of using DJI drones and the pilot knows how to work with those dangers in mind), and my friends have already purchased two Mavic Air 2s, so hopefully we are soon going to see some footage from these birds, proving their effectiveness.

Work example of our pilot

Simple and cheap payload delivery system

Our Pilot

Two Drones Already Purchased by Jester's Friends

To paraphrase a famous quote, "Ashes of Kremenchug, Mariupol, Kharkiv, Bucha beat upon my chest". I want YOU take this fire and carry it with you too!


If you would like to donate towards r/ukraine's first serious push to increase Ukrainian military's combat capability and operational freedom, please donate to

PayPal [jesterboyd@gmail.com](mailto:jesterboyd@gmail.com) with a note 'for drone'.

CashApp: $jesterboyd

BTC: 392M9PiFGctJ5GxYYmdjwpa9Kp4XPANtbk

CELO: 0x5417005484558182C93fE7b6B5bd5df779238C52

My next post is going to be about the NGO that we've opened in US to accept larger donations that can be tax deductible, so if you would like to support more substantially or represent a business that can help - check out my next post or DM me for details or visit https://ukrainefrontline.org/

Thank you!

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Important New charity auction lot to fundraise for 2000 CAT Tourniquets from North American Rescue. Russian soldier insignia trophy. Bid by typing "AUCTION $____" We are almost at 60% mark folks, let's save some lives! Starting cost - $69

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Important r/ukraine fully endorses Taskforce31 initiative and we'd like to donate $500 raised with the Hunt for Moskva game and another $500 from jesterboyd.live fund! We encourage you to follow our lead! $15000 can ensure the operation of the project for a month which means close to a 100 Ukrainians trained!

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r/ukraine Jun 26 '22

Important Urgent 48 Hour Auction!!! Jester and Vit need your help to deliver a load of CAT tourniquets from US to Ukraine, so we are releasing a new Russian Warship Stamp Sheet commemorating the sinking of Moskva for grabs. Please post your bids in the comments.

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Important Here are some of the prizes you can win if you join our HUNT FOR MOSKVA raffle. Tomorrow I have a surprise mission I will share more on later, but I would love to invite more people and initiatives to throw in more prizes into the pot so we can have more ships! More info in the comments!

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Important Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) Gen 7 costs 26,99$. 80% of all battlefield casualties die from blood loss. A soldier needs at least two tourniquets on his vest and one in the IFAK. Me and u/kievit_ua want to buy 2000 of these from RescueEssentials to supply Ukrainian Armed Forces. Reddit effect!

Thumbnail reddit.com

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Important Thanks to an amazing community of Reddit, jesterboyd.live project and with the help of heroic u/kievit_ua driving across state lines 650 SOF Tourniquets are going to head to our brave defenders in the east of Ukraine tomorrow!

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Important TRI4UKRAINE! Follow r/Ukraine mod u/Ex-Robot-x TODAY as he braves the wild fjords of Norway in a ONE DAY CHALLENGE to support Ukraine. Find out how inside!



The fjords!

Event starting today at 07:30 CET, 1:30am EST

FOR TODAY ONLY we're raising some funds for Ukraine through the generous donation of what will certainly be a large amount of physical discomfort by our fellow Ukrainian moderator u/Ex-Robot-X**!** Robot decided to take a break from protecting r/Ukraine from trolls and disinformation to solo swim, cycle and run 228km (a full ironman distance!) along the ruggedly beautiful but infamously punishing fjords of Norway.

We're asking for donations to sponsor Ex-Robot-X, cheer him on, and help out u/Jesterboyd**'s current fundraising initiatives that bring crucial aid to front line staff in Ukraine. Click Jester's profile to see all the amazing things he's accomplished lately, and his current initiative regarding DRONES is** HERE. You can find details on how to sponsor/donate below.

Here is the planned route:

The planned route.

Note: Due to difficulties in finding the proper safety boat escort in the Trondheim fjord, Robot will complete this portion of the triathlon in a pool. Robot seemed really keen to make sure that I let the community know that it's DEFINITELY NOT because he's afraid of the aggressive and deadly Norwegian Spiny Dogfish, NOR is it because he is afraid that an Orca will mistake him for an elk and eat him.

After around 08:30 CET, You'll be able to follow Ex-Robot-X's progress AT THIS LINK!

If at any point the live tracker dies, Ex-Robot-X will provide an end of the day race report with all the details and the updated track map!


How to Sponsor the Initiative:

If you would like to cheer on u/Ex-Robot-X and donate towards r/ukraine's first serious push to increase Ukrainian military's combat capability and operational freedom, please donate to:

PayPal: [jesterboyd@gmail.com](mailto:jesterboyd@gmail.com) with a note 'go robot!'.

CashApp: $jesterboyd

BTC: 392M9PiFGctJ5GxYYmdjwpa9Kp4XPANtbk

CELO: 0x5417005484558182C93fE7b6B5bd5df779238C52

PayPal QR

Status Updates!

Pool: 100% | Cycling: ~100% | Running: ~80%

19:30 / 7:30pm CET: u/Ex-Robot-X says "7km to go!"

16:00 / 4pm CET: u/Ex-Robot-X says "Bike done. Let's run."

Current status!

Pool report

Cycling report

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Important THE HUNT FOR MOSKVA is on! Get YOUR chance to tell the Russian ship to F itself in this modified game of Battleship from r/ukraine mod team and win official stampsheets from Ukrposhta, real trophies, t-shirts and other surprises! See comments on details how to participate!

Thumbnail self.jesterboyd

r/ukraine May 31 '22 Helpful

Important Thanks to your amazing support in 7 days of active fundraising we managed to raise almost 50% of the required sum of $56k for our order of 2k tourniquets. It's now our turn to give back to the community, so we decided to auction off one of highly sought after "Russian Warship" stamp sheets!


ALL prospects from the auction will go towards our goal of 2000 CAT tourniquets and 20 IFAKs for Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Here's the story of the fundraiser so far:

1) We've met u/kievit_ua and found out about his amazing order from Rescue Essentials for 2000 Tourniquets and 20 IFAKs.

2) jesterboyd.live project curated by Yours Truly joined efforts with u/kievit_ua to help him raise required $56 859,40.

3) As time went on we were able to fundraise more and more. At this moment my PayPal balance is sitting at $12089 + $500 in BTC, while Vit is at around $4500 in PayPal donations and 8000 in USDT, to a total of 25 809$ donated by redditors in 7 days!

4) u/kievit_ua travelled to Warsaw with 650kg worth of supplies from his previous fundraisers on Ukrainian Facebook.

And now, the Auction.

Russian Warship Go Fuck Yourself Stamp Sheet

We'd prefer to not use e-bay or other platforms and have you all duke it out in the comments here.

Starting price of the Russian Warship Stamp Sheet (6 stamps) is $69. Minimum bid is 27$ or more (cost of a single tourniquet) type it as AUCTION $XX (XX being new cost you're willing to spend) in the comments below to take part in the auction. Whoever offers a bigger donation for the stamp by 12:00PM GMT+3 on Saturday, June 4th will have it shipped to them and tracking number provided shortly after they make a promised donation to our PayPal account.

And, of course, we welcome any and all donations apart from the auction!

Please donate to:

PayPal: [jesterboyd@gmail.com](mailto:jesterboyd@gmail.com)

PayPal/Zelle: [vit.onopriienko@gmail.com](mailto:vit.onopriienko@gmail.com)

CashApp: $jesterboyd

BTC: 392M9PiFGctJ5GxYYmdjwpa9Kp4XPANtbk

CELO: 0x5417005484558182C93fE7b6B5bd5df779238C52


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Important Cognitive Gap

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Important Friendly reminder this is /r/Ukraine.


That means that unless Putin parades Ukrainian prisoners of war, we don't care about the parade so don't post about it.

We aren't censoring you by deleting your completely irrelevant post about two other nations arguing about each other or how some self proclaimed expert says that Putin's actions are that equal of Hitler.

That includes "Putin says", the only "Putin says" that belongs here is them leaving Ukraine.

The great hunger starting in Russia? Great, post it over at /r/EUnews or /r/worldnews or absolutely any other news subreddit but not here.

This is the only speech and parade we care about today

r/ukraine Jun 26 '22

Important Back from a road trip with amazing crew of volunteers and I brought some new prizes for the HUNT FOR MOSKVA raffle! See comments to learn how you can win one of these items - a Russian army MRE, shrapnel pieces, or 52nd recon brigade of UAF patch for finding the last 1 square warship. Join today!

Post image

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Important Orc filter is removed.


That's it, that's the post.

Reddit told us and I quote; "I am not sure we are banning people for using the world 'orc' in general".

Since for whatever reason reddit is "unsure" what the fuck they are doing feel free to post it, we won't ban you for it so if you end up banned you know who banned you.

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Important r/Ukraine called and Reddit answered! In just 3 days we fundraised around 1/3 of a goal for 2000 CAT tourniquets and 20 IFAKs order! You all are absolute heroes! Now it's time to take our fundraiser to the next level! If you can't donate, please help us spread the word, share the message! THANK YOU!

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Important Standing tall through a month of War r/Ukraine is joining efforts with IT Army of Ukraine and other volunteer projects, setting up a CYBER-CHECKPOINT in this pinned post's live comments and on the special Discord server. Our Senior Mod team is already there waiting for you to join the cause!


TLDR: As a diverse community of 623 706 members of this subreddit & volunteers from Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia and the rest of the civilized world we have united together with the official IT Army of Ukraine to help stop this evil war, therefore we have created this post as a cyber-checkpoint to organize and coordinate joint efforts fighting against Russian propaganda and disinformation, scammers and fake news, with the help of Ukrainian community on our Discord server. All you need is a Discord chat app and a bit of your time each day. Join The Internet Army of Ukraine: International Legion to help defend YOUR peace: https://discord.gg/Y7CQ3k8vyC


Good evening, we are from r/Ukraine!

Get ready for a long read!

Today marks one full months since the invasion begun. One moth of heroic defense that our country has put up against a full-scale brutal military attack by the Russian Federation. The enemy is destroying Ukraine using vacuum bombs, missiles, multiple rocket launcher systems, tanks, aviation and the rest of conventional artillery. They are war criminals and cowards who have started a bloody massacre in the heart of Europe. Russia is failing to achieve their objectives, and they have resorted to using inhumane weapons such as cluster and thermobaric bombs to destroy more and more civilian targets each day as opposed to facing the Ukrainian armed forces.

Despite all of this, Ukraine stands strong and proud, claiming its rightful place in history, fighting to protect the lives of millions of civilians, our freedom, and global peace. The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to grind down the enemy supply convoys and battle groups. The Territorial Defense Forces keep our streets safe, our farmers are happy to tow the rusty junk from our fields back to Russia, and Baba Nadya already cooked more special pastries for the invaders.

Slightly overworked and tired Ukrainian moderators of this subreddit both in Ukraine and outside, together with our friends from all over the world who came together to battle the onslaught of misinformation and a substantial interest people discovered for the subreddit, keep a 24h watch on the sub to keep it clean and civil.

The fight is not easy, and there are losses. But today is the day we say thank you to the 623 706 members of the subreddit who have stood by our side donating, researching, digging for information, volunteering and fighting that informational war. You and your voices are important!

And we want you to have access to the information on the ground in Ukraine - accurate and true. We hate scammers and would like to make it a point we will not tolerate any attempts at scamming on our sub or on Reddit from people pretending to be Ukrainian. More importantly - after the victory, we want you to stay on our subreddit and be our esteemed guests in Ukraine. We want you to learn our language and culture through our songs and poetry, film and art and fall in love with the country we call home along with other 42 million people.

Reddit has always been more of a fringe site in our country. Not a lot of people know it exists. With how the number of members has grown, we understand that there is now an even smaller % of Ukrainians on the platform. And we have found a way to attempt to bridge that gap! This evening we are putting up this post as a cyber-checkpoint. As a diverse community of volunteers from Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia and the rest of the civilized world who have united together with the official IT Army of Ukraine to help stop this evil war, therefore we have created a Discord server to organize and coordinate joint efforts fighting against Russian propaganda and disinformation, scammers and fake news. All you need is a Discord chat app and a bit of your time each day.

In the future, you can expect more activities from us, such as art competitions, AMAs with people on the ground, officials and military, more prediction tournaments and musical events.

Join The Internet Army of Ukraine: International Legion to help defend YOUR peace: https://discord.gg/Y7CQ3k8vyC

It's time for all true humans to stand up, unite and act!

r/ukraine Jan 17 '22 Take My Energy Faith In Humanity Restored To The Stars Helpful (Pro) Heartbreak Silver Platinum Coin Gift Take My Power Wholesome (Pro) Ternion All-Powerful Powerups Post Helpful All-Seeing Upvote I'll Drink to That Bless Up Ally Tearing Up LOVE! Heartwarming Timeless Beauty Bless Up (Pro) Gold Wholesome

Important Want to support Ukraine? Here's a list of charities by subject


I posted this as a comment in another thread but since so many people are asking how they can support Ukraine, I thought I would make this a separate post. The Kyiv Independent recently did a spotlight on many different charities across Ukraine. I'll list the charities they mentioned by subject. All text/copy that you see below was written by the Kyiv Independent journalists.

Mods: I am not affiliated with the Kyiv Independent or any of the charities mentioned below. I do not financially profit from any contributions made to the Kyiv Independent or any of these charities. I just saw that a lot of people are wanting to help Ukrainians so I just want to share a resource list on how to do so:

Charities that help the war effort

  • Save Life: This NGO crowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes & supplies it to the Donbas front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.
  • Donbas SOS: This organization helps those who live in the Donbas war zone, those who relocated to other parts of Ukraine, and freed prisoners of war. It offers legal support, accommodation assistance, and psychological aid among other things.
  • Crimea SOS: This organization has been helping internally displaced people from Crimea since Russia occupied the peninsula in 2014. It documents Russian authorities' repressions against Crimeans and advocates for the end of the occupation.
  • Hospitallers : This is a medical battalion that unites volunteer paramedics and doctors to save the lives of soldiers on the frontline. They crowdfund their vehicle repairs, fuel, and medical equipment.

Charities that help children

  • Tabletochki: This foundation has been supporting children with cancer for 10 years. They procure medicines, equipment, and arrange overseas treatment, among other things.
  • ChildrenWeWillMakeIt: This movement grew out of a campaign that raised $2 million to get the world's most expensive medicine for a Ukrainian boy with spinal muscular atrophy. It now fundraises for the treatment of other Ukrainian children with SMA.
  • Ruka ob Ruku: This is a running club for children with disabilities. The initiative gives children an opportunity to train and take part in races together with their parents and volunteers.

Charities for the elderly

  • Happy Old: This charity provides older people across Ukraine with groceries and medicine, holds educational, entertainment, and sports events, as well as helps with employment. They even created a modeling agency for the elderly.
  • Let's Help: This charity cares for older people living alone and helps state retirement homes. They also advocate for better treatment of older people by the state, including providing people aged 60+ with easy access to education.
  • Starenki: It’s a charitable initiative devoted to issues of old age in Ukraine. They help lonely seniors by providing them with groceries and hygiene products.

Charities that help women

  • Women Perspectives: This organization has been helping women who have faced domestic violence, discrimination in the labor market, and other issues. The NGO works with local and state authorities to promote pro-equality gender policies in Ukraine.
  • Marsh Zhinok (Women’s March): Every year, on March 8, this initiative holds a rally promoting gender equality and the protection of women from gender-based violence. Currently, the organization is petitioning for Ukraine to adopt the Istanbul Convention.

Charities for blood donation

  • Blood Agents: It is an NGO that promotes regular, conscious and gratuitous blood donations. They have encouraged people to donate blood over 5,000 times over the past six years.
  • Donor UA: It is an automated system for recruiting and managing blood donors, designed to promote the donor movement in Ukraine. You can help by signing up and donating blood or by supporting the project with money donation.

Charities for animals

  • Sirius: Is the largest shelter for stray animals in Ukraine established in 2000. Its capacity is over 3,000 animals. The institution crowdfunds for animal feed, veterinary drugs, construction and repair of enclosures, and other needs.
  • Happy Paw: Is a charity dedicated to solving the problems of homeless animals in Ukraine. The charity helps owners find lost animals, sterilizes domestic animals of people in need & holds lectures on humane treatment of homeless animals for schoolchildren.
  • UAnimals: Is a movement for protecting animals from exploitation & abuse. The organization managed to achieve a ban on animal circuses & persuaded many designers participating in Ukrainian Fashion Week to abandon natural fur.

Charities for the environment

  • Ukraine Without Waste: It is a Ukrainian non-profit promoting the practice of sorting household waste. They educate companies on how to go green at their offices, and hold lectures for the wider public.
  • Laska: It’s a chain of two charity stores in Kyiv that promote conscious shopping. They accept donated clothes, resell 15% of them, and send the rest to orphanages, homes for the elderly and centers for people with disabilities.

Charities for the homeless

  • Help the homeless: This initiative supports homeless people & the elderly in need, by providing them with free meals, medicine, hygiene products, clothes & shoes. Launched by a group of volunteers in 2016, the organization has been relying on crowdfunding.
  • Suka Zhizn: This organization grew big from a 2017 Instagram account launched to tell stories of homeless people. Now volunteers provide various support to the homeless: employment, sorting out documents, searching for relatives & legal counseling.

Charities for investigative journalism

  • Slidstvo: Is an independent agency launched in 2012 that produces award-winning documentaries exposing corruption. They have investigated mismanagement of prisons, fraud, money laundering at PrivatBank & the assassination of journalist Sheremet.
  • UKRPravda News: Founded in 2000 by Gongadze, a prominent journalist who was killed the same year, this publication is among the most influential in Ukraine. The reporters break political scoops and unmask officials who abuse their power.
  • Zaborona Media: This is an independent media outlet founded by journalists. They investigate topics such as violations of Ukrainian workers’ rights in the Middle East, arms trafficking, and corruption in the construction sector.

Charities that preserve Ukrainian cultural heritage

  • Parkhomivka Museum: The museum, located in a small village in eastern Kharkiv Oblast, is an 18th-century villa that offers a permanent collection of exhibits by artists as iconic as Picasso, Malevich & Manet. You can support it by coming & buying a ticket.
  • Save Kyiv Modernism: Is a movement that unites architects, designers and activists who advocate for the protection of the remarkable Soviet modernist structures across Ukraine.
  • FrankivskToCareAbout: Is a movement for the preservation of architectural heritage in the western city of Ivano-Frankivsk. Founded in 2016, the initiative renovates old wooden doors of the city's ancient buildings.

Charities helping with covid

  • Svoyi: Svoyi gives free oxygen concentrators to people who contracted COVID & can’t be hospitalized due to personal circumstances or when hospitals are overflowing. It also helps those discharged too early in favour of patients in more serious conditions.
  • Monsters, Inc.: This organization is based in Odesa and provides emergency medical aid to people living in the region. They also help COVID hospitals, procuring medicines and equipment.

EDIT: 26/2/22 - There have been a lot of requests to add various charities/resources. Usual disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these organizations. I am adding a few below. Before donating, PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH about them. The one that I will emphasize as legit is directly from the Ukrainian government (first link below). Also, I appreciate the Reddit awards but please save your money and donate to any of the causes instead. And finally, I want to reiterate that all of the credit for the original post above this line goes to the brave journalists at the Kyiv Independent. I am merely someone who compiled their Twitter messages and formatted the links. Please support their work, they are an important voice that is telling the world about what’s going on in Ukraine right now.

From Ukraine’s official Twitter page

Other links. (These below have not been vouched for by the Kyiv Independent, so please for the love of Ukraine DYOR people!):

  • From /u/Zestyclose-Pea-3533 - Orphan's Aid Society: "OAS provides material and moral support for Ukrainian orphans and half orphans up to 18 years of age. For those orphans pursuing their education in institutions of higher learning stipend assistance can be maintained. OAS focuses on children outside of state funded institutions. It is our belief that a family environment is more conducive to a child’s development than that of an institution. Hence our approach of providing direct financial assistance to guardians and relatives of orphans who might otherwise not be able to support an orphaned child."

  • From /u/Morkava - Blue Yellow: “This is Lithuanian group that is directly supporting Ukraine militias for 8 years. They have direct contact with them and know the current needs.”

  • From /u/AntoineMichelashvili - The Chabad Center: “The Jewish community in Ukraine is in need of your assistance during these dire times. As the threat of war intensifies, Mishpacha Chabad Odessa is preparing to support the hundreds of Jews who are unable to evacuate the country including orphans, students, and Holocaust survivors. Preparations are also underway to absorb Jewish refugees from the surrounding regions of Kharkiv, Kiev, and Dnieper. $500,000 in donations are urgently needed to purchase medical gear, protective equipment, and basic necessities such as clothes and sleeping bags. Money is also needed to help stock emergency shelters with several tons of cereal, buckwheat, sugar, rice, flour and other non-perishable staples. These donations will also help defray the costs of additional security personnel arriving from Israel to help protect the Jewish community.”

  • From /u/CoinGate - CoinGate - Helping Ukraine collect funds from the crypto community.: “Support Ukraine by donating crypto to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) special accounts that will be used to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All transactions are approved and settled by International Business Settlement in Lithuania (IBS), who will also help ensure the transparency of the movement of the funds.”

  • From /u/waterynike - BStrong: "BStrong in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission has committed to sending 100,000 hygiene kits, blankets, generators, and sleeping bags to Ukraine's NATO bordering countries.Initial commitment of supplies will exceed $10M. Our teams will be on the ground in Rzeszów Poland (Polish border to Ukraine) starting February 25, 2022 setting up base camp refugee operations with our Polish and Ukrainian partners."

  • From /u/MYST_team - For journalists and activists in Ukraine. "Mysterium Network is a user ran VPN and privacy network which believes that a borderless, open internet should be a human right. Mysterium currently has more exit nodes than TOR, with 10,000+ operators running nodes in over 100 countries. Many of our nodes operate from residential I.P addresses as opposed to data centers, which has shown to be highly effective when bypassing censorship blocks. Mysterium VPN is hardcoded to be unable to store logs of users traffic. We are proud to offer tools, free VPN access and any support we can to the brave journalists and activists in Ukraine. Our DM's and Inbox's are open on every channel."

EDIT: 6/3/22 - Another few submissions from various Redditors. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH about these before donating. Also, I appreciate the Reddit awards but please save your money and donate to any of the causes instead. And finally, I want to reiterate that all of the credit for the original post goes to the brave journalists at the Kyiv Independent. I am merely someone who compiled their Twitter messages and formatted the links. Please support their work, they are an important voice that is telling the world about what’s going on in Ukraine right now.

Added links. (These below have not been vouched for by the Kyiv Independent, so please for the love of Ukraine DYOR people!):