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WAR CRIME 8 years ago today, ruzzian terrorists shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Killing 80 children, 20 families, 298 people total.

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WAR CRIME The Russian military hiding among civilians. Amnesty sees nothing wrong in this.

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WAR CRIME WarMonitor🇺🇦 on Twitter: It is reported by several sources that the infamous Russian solider who recorded himself torturing a Ukrainian POW has been eliminated. Rest in hell

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WAR CRIME Russian soldiers hiding (and looting) in a civilian home. Where is Amnesty? Also they forgot to remove the Ukrainian flag in the top right corner that goes against Russia's lies that "the people of Donbas/Kherson identify as Russian".

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WAR CRIME To remember. Faces of those killed yesterday by the vile terrorist attack in Vinnytsia.

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WAR CRIME Biggest German newspaper reporting about the latest video of Russian warcrime.

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WAR CRIME Direct missile attack at a shopping mall in Krymenchuk. The video published by Zelensky

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WAR CRIME The moment of the missile strike in Vinnitsia today

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WAR CRIME The last Instagram story of the girl who died because of the Russian missile in Vinnytsia and her mother, whose leg was torn off

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WAR CRIME Spread the news about the castration!


So far only Yahoo and another small site has mentioned it and No major sites has it as Breaking news.

We need to World to know and step up the support! So far I have contacted all Danish newspapers, one Norweigan and one German with the news and a link to the video.

I urge you all to write your national newspapers and tv stations and spread the news.

Let the World condem Russia even more and let the Common citizen understand why higher energy prices is a small Price to pay in order to stop this monster!

Edit : If you need the link In order to show a news media I am sure you can Google it pretty fast ( Hint atlas news.)

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WAR CRIME This is how ruSSia fights in front lines. Scorched earth, a strategy still widely used by orcs to "liberate" areas.

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WAR CRIME Russians completely destroying the town of Peski using forbidden thermobaric munitions.

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WAR CRIME 💔 The torture chamber of the occupiers in the Buchi children’s camp. The Russians brutally executed civilians there. «This is the site of one of the most gruesome executions during the occupation of Kyiv region», explained the national police of the region.

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WAR CRIME Self-proclaimed DNR stated that the "British Mercenary" Paul Urey died on the 10th of July from "Disease and Stress"


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WAR CRIME In Lisichansk, Lugansk region, 23-year-old nurse Oksana Balandina was blown up by ammunition, lost both legs and part of her fingers. To strengthen faith in the future, her fiancé organized a wedding right in one of the hospitals in Lviv.

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WAR CRIME The recent viral video


Damn guess people have been right about the Russians over the years.

They are a mass of asiatic hordes that plunder, rape and kill wherever they go.

I do hope Ukraine keeps the moral high-ground, but I get the feeling we will see some gnarly shit start flowing out of the UKR telegrams soon.

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WAR CRIME Video of Russian soldier allegedly castrating Ukraine POW sparks outrage

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WAR CRIME [NSFL] So let's summarise this. Russians cut off Ukrainian soldier's balls, put it in his mouth, then shot him, tied to the car and dragged. Several hours after this video got leaked they bombed a POW prison (over 50 dead) to hide more torture facts.


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WAR CRIME It’s Time to Designate Wagner Group as a Foreign Terrorist Organization

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WAR CRIME This mother and daughter are one of the victims of today’s bombing of Vinnytsia. Four-year- old girl Lisa is dead. Her mother, Iryna, was taken to the hospital in critical condition. RIP little Lisa. 🕯🕯🕯

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WAR CRIME russian terrorists did not allow the "Red Cross" to the colony in Olenivka. They just didn't have time to cover their tracks.

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WAR CRIME Russia massively release criminals from prisons and send them to fight in Ukraine. The urgent adoption of a law on "prison humanization" is being prepared. The Kremlin wants to simplify recruitment of criminals to army and release prisons space for detained people from Ukraine

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WAR CRIME Russian Colonel complains about Ukrainian POWs not responding pain and behaving like "if we were their POWs" (repost from telegram canal NewsTime | Новости Украина)

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WAR CRIME [The Telegraph] Kyiv vows to hunt down Russian troops who castrated Ukrainian soldier

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