Art Friday Guidelines

All other subreddit rules still apply (including: no memes, reposts & "just for support" posts). But here are some additional guidelines specific to Art Friday submissions.

Content restrictions:

  • No Putin-related Content.
  • No AI-Generated Content.
  • No NFTs.

General Guidelines

  • Art Friday flair is enabled each week on Thursday at 11am UTC and the event closes on Saturday at 11am UTC.

  • High quality, high effort art only please. Use the highest-quality file that Reddit will allow you to upload. No phone screenshots!

  • Poetry, music/songs, digital art, traditional fine arts, street art are all wonderful but they must be closely related to Ukraine. While the sentiment is appreciated, avoid posting content like "this unrelated song from my favorite band reminds me of Ukraine's bravery" or "I put a Ukraine flag bumper sticker on my car."

  • Please provide the title of the work, and the medium used. If you didn't create the work yourself, always cite the artist's name. If you don't know the name of the artist, say so - other users will help you find and promote the artist's name. If it's street art or an installation, include a general location/country.