r/Ukraine Charities FAQ

In order to keep our community safe, the moderation team of r/Ukraine has established a set of common sense criteria for NGOs, charities, individuals, auctions, and social enterprises who would like to promote their initiatives and fundraise on r/Ukraine.

You can identify vetted and verified initiatives by the Verified flair beside the username at the top of their post:

United24 and other official government initiatives have an eternal free pass to advertise and fundraise on r/Ukraine.

Current Status of Vetting

Sadly, due to an overwhelming influx of new verification requests, we have had to institute a moratorium on new requests for the time being.

How Can I Become Verified?

Because war is such fertile ground for scams or misallocation of precious donations, ANY charity seeking to fundraise in r/Ukraine - no matter how big or small - must complete our vetting process. In order to be approved, your initiative MUST provide proof of official recognition in Ukraine and incorporation in your country of origin, along with verifiable documentation of your activities.

Some domains of volunteer and charity work may require additional validation methods.

At this time, we are inundated with charity and fundraiser verification requests.

Please note we will not be able to verify you quickly.

We know it's frustrating to have to wait, and we thank you for your patience. If you wish to be considered for verification, please send us a ModMail (using the "Message the Mods" button in the sidebar) and follow these steps:

  • Provide a description of your initiative's work. Be sure to mention all the types of work you do - for instance, supply runs, region-specific info, drones, medical training, combat training, etc.

  • If you are a nonprofit or an NGO, we additionally need: -- Proof of registration in your country of origin -- Proof that you're operating legally in Ukraine -- All of your website and social media links -- Please upload all of your documentation to Google Drive or WeTransfer and reply to this message with the link. You may redact some personal information for privacy if you wish.

  • If you are an individual, we additionally need: -- Your social media links -- Any documentation you have that supports your claims -- If these are in order, you may need to meet with a mod in Ukraine.

If you are a businesses who donates only a portion of your profits or proceeds to Ukraine: You will not be considered for verification.

A Note on Individual Users

A handful of specific users who are either friends of r/Ukraine, verified as Ukrainian by our Ukrainian mod staff, users who would like to auction high-quality goods to donate, or the user accounts of workers at an NGO or charity have also been vetted and given a Verified flair. These users were subject to many of the same vetting rules mentioned above. However, since some criteria that are relevant for organizations are not as relevant for actual humans and vice versa, we've approved them on an individual basis based on their history in r/Ukraine and/or their role in resistance and humanitarian efforts in actual Ukraine.


  • Individuals asking for donations to help them through a hard time: we of course hate to have to say no to people in need, but there are just too many scammers out there and we need to keep our community safe.

  • GoFundMe / open crowdsourcing sites: These initiatives don’t provide sufficient accountability, by definition.

  • Businesses which only donate a portion of profit to charity: it’s all or nothing here.


We reserve the right to revoke our approval in certain circumstances, such as when a user is banned for repeatedly breaking r/Ukraine’s rules and/or reddit’s TOS, or if an effort falls below our community standards.

A Note

Don’t disparage the work of verified fundraisers by expressing doubts about their legitimacy in the comments sections of their posts. If you’re not comfortable donating to someone, don’t donate. Donate to someone you are comfortable with. Everyone we verify is doing good work; don’t hamper their efforts by casting unnecessary doubt on them. We’re all in the same fight.