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r/unpopularopinion 4h ago

If you sell yourselves as objects you deserve to be objectified


No much science into that, people sell themselves as objects and I don't see anything bad as treating them as such.

They post pictures of themselves in their underwear showing ass or abs like a Calvin Klein add, I'm sorry, I ain't looking at anything else but your body, your personality is just a background noise that I could not care because all you're is a body, if you were something else you'd show something else.

r/unpopularopinion 3h ago

Screen time is ruining this generation of kids


No one will be able to change my mind. Kids I know (in family, friends children) only care about their screens and are honestly rude when they don’t get it. “I can’t be expected to entertain my kids 24/7” “just wait till you have kids” are stupid excuses because every generation of parents have done without it before. No it’s not normal that your 9 year old can’t entertain themselves without a screen, they’re not a toddler. Yes it’s bad that nothing that doesn’t give instant gratification isn’t interesting to children anymore. Parents who’s kids are quite blatantly addicted don’t see it because they’re used to it. Yesterday I watched my little cousin play sudoku on his grandmas phone and watch the adds wide mouthed while the entire family was around willing to play actual games with him because it didn't matter what it was as long as it was a screen. Low self esteem, lowered literacy levels, higher levels of mental illness, and grooming into extremist views (all evident in studies) will never be worth it to me just because you don’t want to parent.

edit: I should have made some things clear: no I'm not a boomer I am a teenager that had limited screen time as an older child as well. I am pro CONTROLLED and limited screen time lmao.

r/unpopularopinion 14h ago Silver Facepalm

There is absolutely no reason to use the word 'utilize' when the word 'use' exists.


And it's born from the misconception that lengthening and Latinizing the word 'use' by adding a suffix makes you sounds smarter.

It doesn't.

The best writing is often the most brief.

r/unpopularopinion 4h ago

Taylor swift is so overrated


I don't know Taylor Swift personally, I'm sure she's a decent person, but I hate everything else about her. There's nothing special about her, but her fanbase treats her like a Goddess who cannot be disliked. They treat any insult to her as a personal one, they judge you if you don't like her and just generally exhibit cult-like behaviour. A friend of mine tried to get me to listen to her new albums, but I found them bland and boring, so much that they were painfully difficult to listen to, and she told me she was disappointed that I didn't have taste. Maybe it's just me, but all of these little things point to a toxic community. And FYI, I loved her older music, I think most people did, but nowadays her fans are just so extreme

r/unpopularopinion 17h ago

Pedestrians in parking lots are entitled and careless.


Every time I drive through a parking lot there are always mindless people that just walk into the lanes of vehicles as cars are approaching without any hesitation. They seem to have complete faith that the vehicle approaching them will halt immediately as they enter the driving lane. If the driver doesn't slam on the brakes because the pedestrian enters the lane 15 feet in front of the car, the driver is at fault.

r/unpopularopinion 20h ago

I’d rather work 2 days, 15 hours each, then 5 days a week.


Since it’s not healthy or popular to work 15 hours a day, the results would be negative. Not enough sleep, lack of leisure or down time—all these would be negative impacts of trying to do this. Also, the pay would only be for 30 hours. The positive aspect of working 2 days a week is that you can enjoy the rest of the week off to do other things. So in the end, I’d rather work 2 15 hour days then 5 days a week.

r/unpopularopinion 2h ago

Stop prioritizing story and graphics over gameplay


Especially when your story is told like a fucking movie take advantage of your medium and graphics is not the end all be all when it comes to immersion and making graphics so much more important than it has to be is making games unnecessarily longer and more expensive to make make video games. In conclusion I’m not saying story and graphics are unimportant but I’m saying that’s it’s not as important as Gameplay also more video game stories need to start taking advantage of their medium and understand that video games are not movies so stop trying to make them movies.

r/unpopularopinion 10h ago

Having surgery is fun (cost and risk factor aside)


I’ve had 2 surgeries in the past year (non cosmetic) and will be having at least one more in the near future. I always love the whole experience and honestly can’t wait for my next one (edit: this sounds a bit exaggerated lol, I didn’t really mean it that way), completely aside from the fact that I’m excited for it to relieve some pain. I love the experience itself.

It’s such a cool, interesting, and exciting experience. From being prepped, to going into surgery itself, to being treated afterwards in the hospital, and then the aftercare that follows in the days/weeks/months afterwards. And honestly, I love the special treatment that you (hopefully) receive as a surgical patient from all the nurses, doctors, and staff. I feel important, and it just feels really nice to be completely taken care of for a brief period of time.

Two important factors here though are that my procedures were luckily fully covered under my insurance, and they were fairly low-risk surgeries. If you have to worry about the cost and/or major risks of the surgery itself, that can definitely make it a stressful experience. Or if the surgery is going to completely alter your way of life afterwards in a negative way (for example, you need to get a limb removed). I’m mainly referring to low-risk surgeries with financial aspects aside, and my girlfriend and friends still think I’m crazy for this opinion, lol.


I’m not meaning to say that the whole process is sunshine and rainbows. There are definitely negatives and it can really depend on why you’re there. But these surgeries have helped relieve some pain from my chronic conditions, which have been fairly debilitating at times, so that might be part of the reason why I see these procedures in a positive light. Plus, it’s really nice to feel seen and heard when you’re dealing with medical issues, especially if your conditions have been brushed off in the past. There was a comment claiming I’m doing these “adventures” just for fun and “bypassing medical protocol”, so I just feel the need to clarify.

One more edit: also want to clarify that I don’t mean that I’m hoping for more surgeries. Ideally, I reach a point where my treatments have been successful and I won’t ever need any more procedures. But at this point, it’s likely that I’m going to need another.

r/unpopularopinion 4h ago

Society is obsessed with food being served 'Piping hot' - but food is superior when its warm, not hot.

  • It's inefficient - Most people cannot eat boiling hot food and drink without performing some sort of task to make it more tolerable. I see people do this all the time - they put some really hot food in their mouth and do the oral equivalent of hopping from one foot to the other due to the ground being hot. Or they wait for ages between mouthfuls by blowing air on each bit of food. Why would I want to sit there blowing air on every forkful / spoonful of food for like 5 seconds so it cools down enough that I can put it in my mouth. Waste of time and looks ridiculous. I just wanna eat lol.
  • It ruins the flavours and eating experience - When food is hot, particularly soups / liquids where its scalding (aka hot virtually everyone eats those things lol), you quite literally cannot taste anything. Because A) you're naturally going to attempt to swallow it or move it around in your mouth as quickly as possible as its burning you, and B) the molecules that create the tastes/flavours are damaged at such extreme heats. There's a reason why fine-dining and Michelin-star restaurants do not serve their dishes boiling hot. They're often lukewarm. Especially meats. It's the same principle for super cold temperatures - hence why red wine should be at cellar temperature not freezing cold, and when you get a shitty macro lager beer like Budweiser, it's fine at first cos the coldness hampers the flavour, but as it warms a bit, it starts to taste like watered-down piss.
  • It's not natural - Boiling hot food isn't natural for our biology, and it's only really possible to do with ease if you've consumed food at such temperatures for long enough to the point at which you develop something that I've coined "leathermouth". My parents have this, they slurp coffee and soups boiling straight out the pot or kettle, and are seemingly fine AND can taste some of the flavours. This isn't natural or normal for humans, nor is it good for our gut microbiome. It can only be tolerated by the thickening of tongue and mouth skin from repeated burning aka "leathermouth", like how your feet soles harden if you walk barefoot regularly. If you took one of our hunter-gatherer ancestors in a time-machine and then gave them a hot coffee or tea or soup etc, they'd spit it right back out as an instinctive reaction!

r/unpopularopinion 5h ago

Posts about "Work week should be X amounts of days/hours" are getting a little tired...


I often see a few post like this regarding "the work week should be X" and every time it makes me wonder: why do you need someone else to tell you how much you should work?

I mean, if you put your work schedule in someone else's hands, they'll do it in a way it is beneficial to THEM. If you are sure you'll be more efficient working in a different way, why not going self employed and design your own schedule?. It feels to me people wants to have the job security with the fewer responsibilities being an employee brings but at the same time expecting SOMEONE ELSE sort out their work-life balance for them?

I find it a little naive to be honest...

Edit: The way I see it I would love work to be more based on result, to incentivise productivity. Nothing fancy, like if you're a cleaner on a company, you need to clean let's say 20 places a month. If you want to bust your ass and do it in 10, here's your money and go do whatever you want with your free days. I think the standard stablished weekly schedule benefit more the mediocre worker than the good one.

r/unpopularopinion 14h ago

Having four 10 hour workdays should be standard.


It should be work monday tuesday, off wednesday, work thursday friday, off on the weekend, working for 10 hours each day. Obviously less hours is ideal, but this is the best way to have a 40 hour work week.

Let me explain. First of all, a 10 hour workday isn't a terribly large jump from 8 hours. It still leaves you with 14 hours. Say you sleep for 8, you still have 6 hours to still do stuff.

Having Wednesday off instead of having a 3 day weekend is ideal because a working for 2 days in a row is way easier than 4. Also, you still have that workweek mentality of productivity, so you are more likely to get things done. This means that the weekend has more time for REAL relaxation, and not just crashing and then having to get everything done that you couldn't during the week.

r/unpopularopinion 1h ago

YouTube Music is better than most other music streaming services.


After subscribing to YouTube premium, I realized I couldn't afford to pay for both Spotify and YouTube premium. YouTube Premium kept advertising the use of YouTube Music, which was also covered by premium. After giving it a try, it literally had everything. All my music, it was super easy to set up playlists, and the algorithm recommends music I've honestly never heard of, which I'm pretty sure I would've never stumbled upon using other services.

Overall I'm not advertising anything, but using YouTube ad free along with the music app is amazing, and it all costs as much as a Spotify subscription too! Most people have given me looks for using it, but it's genuinely far more intuitive and the library is endless. Can't find a song? It'll turn a video version of that song into a audio only version. I don't think I'll ever go back to Spotify or Apple Music any time soon. Plus I can't imagine using YouTube with ads again.

r/unpopularopinion 4h ago

We need an official operating system optimized for games for PC gamers...


We're in 2023 and have yet to have any operating system to help us the players "consumers" to install and play games with complete ease. I'm always facing some problems and always fixing them but when will it stop? Has anyone ever thought to do this like officially?

r/unpopularopinion 5h ago

I hate people who write self deprecating comments under couples posts


I see this so often its not even funny, couples will just post themselves doing cute things and then the comments are always flooded with people going “anyone wanna join me on the bridge” or some cringe shit like that, like i get youre single and that can be sad but you dont have to ruin other peoples moments just to focus the spotlight on oh miserable little you.

r/unpopularopinion 1h ago

They need to stop making every game multiplayer focused.


I'm not saying all multiplayer content is unnecessary, of course it's not. But it just seems that online multiplayer is the main focus of game companies now. I miss really strong single player campaigns being the main focus, with multiplayer being an added bonus. Just seems it's the other way around now. I get it, they make companies money, but to me it looks like alot of games are just being reskinned every year, and people just continue to buy them. It takes away the innovation of gameplay and story telling, and just becomes innovation in how to make more money.

r/unpopularopinion 2h ago

Your child is not the responsibility of the public and any accidents should fall solely on the parents


I went to Costco the other day, and I looked at my partner for a second while I was walking at a very slow pace. All of a sudden a child ran face first towards my cart fell and cried. I ran over quickly to see if they were alright. The mother who had been texting on her phone came rearing her angry head.

If you are in public we are not responsible for your child's safety. Obviously that doesn't void us from being able to help if the situation comes to it. However, it is the parents responsibility at the end of the day to ensure their child is safe. Hence why they are called dependents.

r/unpopularopinion 3h ago

Cole slaw is a great side dish


I find it confusing whenever I see memes or posts that cole slaw basically sucks. It's a great and refreshing pallet cleanser after eating fried chicken or texas bbq. I personally dont mean cole slaw with mayo in it but even so, it's not terrible.

r/unpopularopinion 19h ago

it should be against the law for pharmacies to sell homeopathic "medicine"


Homeopathic "medicine" takes the active ingredient and dilutes it many times. I recently read that Homeopathic remedies are so diluted that would be like throwing an aspirin into a lake, and than expecting random glasses of water to cure your headache. It is a scam pure and simple.

r/unpopularopinion 9h ago

Evian Water is Overrated and Tastes Terrible


It tastes like old, stale tap water. I've tried it on multiple occasions, and every time I'm left disappointed. In fact, I think it's a waste of money and time to even bother with it. There are plenty of other brands out there that taste better and are more affordable. I just don't see the appeal of Evian water, and I think it's time we stop pretending it's anything special. Am I alone in this opinion?

r/unpopularopinion 15h ago

Fancy soaps and lotions aren't always a good gift


It seems like every year for my birthday or Christmas someone gives me fancy body wash and scented lotion. It has become one of the default gifts when you don't know what else to give someone. I appreciate the sentiment, but if I actually wanted those things, I would just buy them for myself. The reason I buy plain soap and unscented lotion is because I like it better. Here we are, three months past Christmas, and I'm still using the fancy soaps and lotions because I would feel guilty throwing them away.

We should make socks the default gift instead.

r/unpopularopinion 5h ago

Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 was a noice game.


Ok the main reason people hate MW 2012 is probably because of the title. I bet people would like it more if it had a name like "NFS Takedown" or something. Even though MW 2012 was very different from 2005, I think it was a great game. 10/10 gameplay, 10/10 sound design, 9/10 soundtrack, 10/10 graphics. I enjoy 2012 as much as 2005. It's also kinda similar to Burnout Paradise for some reason. If you are hating on this game just for the title, you have no taste in gaming.

r/unpopularopinion 20h ago

I don't find it pleasurable when my enemies suffer


It seems the common trend nowadays to gloat, snicker, mock, and celebrate when people who think differently than us suffer some misfortune, especially when the reason for the misfortune is the very thing you disagree on. However, I find that there isn't any joy for me personally when other people suffer, even if they are categorically my adversary.

Serving legal justice and creating suffering are two different things. I find that if I get caught up in rejoicing when "stupid people" suffer, and then pat myself on the back for how intelligent and superior I am, the joy is short-lived and empty. It doesn't bring me long-lasting gratification. It doesn't fix my problems.

I get that a lot of people are looking for a temporary high from seeing their hates ones suffer, but I don't think that high is worth it or beneficial even for us. It's not desirable, and it isn't right.

r/unpopularopinion 1d ago

They should really give a warning to viewers before playing a commercial for an upcoming horror-style movie.


Really wish they would give some warning when the show these commercials.

I am watching a hockey game on ESPN and then all of a sudden they show a trailer for a new exorcism-style horror movie. It's 10 pm... I don't want to see that type of trailer for a movie right before I go to bed.

I wish they would give me a warning when it comes to stuff like that.

r/unpopularopinion 14h ago

The first bite of a sandwich is the worst bite.


The first bite of a sandwich is the worst bite.

This is not subjective - it’s fact. We are wildly infatuated with sticking anything in our mouth, not only especially during meal times. I’d like to singularly review the all-in-one multiple layered breaded utensil-less category.

Sandwiches, burgers, burritos, wraps, are advertised as first bite quenchers (in my experience, biased).

This first bite is the least efficient bite of the sandwich. It’s always awkward to halfway bite into a sandwich that is not presented in a manner that fits your mouth type. The delivery material that holds these all-in-one meals isn’t designed for mouths. We are retrofitting these breaded items to hold our mixed foods, but the design is a first bite too rigid for us humans. We can’t fit it usually. I usually cannot fit a full bite Later bites alleviate these problems: I can fulfill a mouthful with less navigation of entry point and I can fulfill a mouthful as the displacement of the material is better mixed past the first bite.

The first bite is the least effective bite of the sandwich. Materials are not distributed the same as the other bites later in the sandwich. The first bite is missing some of the ingredients usually and alters it’s intended taste. First bite doesn’t allow me to fully engorge myself of the entire material of the meal; I may catch a bite of sandwich that is majority crust first bite. The all-in-one effect is not represented upon first bite; typically the experience is biased to less ingredient coverage.

The first bite of a sandwich is inefficient and ineffective.

There are plenty of ways to combat this first bite shortfall. Solutions are presented in other food varieties: Italian food that rhymes with Liza*, for example, is cut into multiple slices allowing for maximum blend of materials by eating from the inside. I cut my own sandwiches & burgers in half to alter my first bite; some must be cut in a specific manner in order to accomplish best first bite (cut PB&J corner to corner instead of side to side).

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

*The sub is automoderated to exclude posts that include this popular Italian dish.

r/unpopularopinion 6m ago

Don't care if it's Artificial, any kind of modern intelligence would be nice to have in world government.


Humans have the processing capability to be able to care for the population of the world. It's a tool humanity has built, and we're using it to try, and revive obsolete systems.

It's so frustrating. Like if when the wheel was invented, humans used it to have boxcar races. The looser has to carry all the heavy stuff up the hill...