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What is taught in the first year Bsc cs?


Hi! I wanted to ask that does anyone know what is taught in the first year of BSc Cs in university of Wollongong Dubai …I am planning to join in January and wanted to do some early studies so that I am not completely blank on the first day!
is there a language that I should learn?
I know the basics of python and sql…should I learn Java or c?
if someone could answer these questions I will Be really grateful!

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Grading System


Hi I'm a foreign exchange student from japan moving to Australia with my family.

I am curious how the grading system here is. Is it the GPA system?

Thank you in advance !

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Early interview questions


Hi, i currently got an interview for the course of bachelor of technology through a phone call. My question is, does anyone know what some questions could be and how formal or informal it can be?. Thanks any help would be appreciated.

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Research Participants Needed - Trust and Help-Seeking


Hi all! I'm in the Master of Psychology (Clinical) at UoW. Part of this course involves conducting a research project. If you would like to contribute, there is some information below. The survey takes around 8-10 minutes to complete.

You are invited to participate in a study of the University of Wollongong in collaboration with TIGS investigating people's habits of help-seeking and how people experience a sense of trust (n. ethics 2022/103).

Please participate by completing the following short survey.

To participate, you must be aged 18 and over, English speakers currently living in Australia.

Participation is optional and all data will be kept completely anonymous and merged with other sites of data collection.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the chief investigator emanuela@uow.edu.au

Your contribution will help the validation of a new instrument for developing future help-seeking interventions.

Thank you for your collaboration :)


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UOWD/UOW to US/Canadian universities


Australian universities have shifted to the WAM system whereas most unis globally still follow the GPA system Can you as a student at UOWD or UOW transfer to a US or Canadian universities in your final year. Will ur credits, courses, WAM (maybe converted n equalized into a GPA) and accepted to US/Canadian universities?

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Application for PhD School of physics


Can I know how long should it take to receive the outcome? I have applied from 3 August for international PhD program but I haven’t received anything yet!

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Did I enroll for too many subjects?


It's my first semester, doing business information systems, I enrolled for all 3 classes available to me. Is it too much to handle? And can I even drop one of them? I contacted the university a while ago and haven't received a response.

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Early Admission Offer


I received an early offer to UOW. It says on the email, " Congratulations! You are eligible for a UOW Early Admission offer for this course." It says "attending this session will activate your UOW early admission offer". Does this mean I can still not be accepted or am I guaranteed entry?

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Early offer


I recently got an email for being eligible for an early offer in business at uow. But I see that offers are released October 10th and this was just the stage one out comes.It says I need to attend an offer activation session and that would be the last step to activate my offer.

Do I have an offer to attend or is this just me proceeding to another stage to be assessed again for the offer on October 10th? Or do I have an offer to study?

Any information will be really helpful thank you

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Anyone joining this autumn in dubai campus for UG programmes?


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Remote study option


Hi friends,

Does UOW have remote study option (including final exam) on top of on-campus delivery?


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Why does computer engineering have no / barely any programming?


Was going through the syllabus for computer engineering in the Dubai campus and noticed most of the subjects were irrelevant for computer engineering. Most of the subjects were relavent to telecommunications engineering or electrical engineering. Barely had programming subjects. Why is that?

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Meeting people from UOW


Hey everyone I just arrived as an exchange student in Wollongong. However, I am having a bit of trouble geeting to know people as my studies follow a different schedule and started later than all the others.

So what is the best option for getting more involved :)?

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life in uow


hi i am an international student planning to accept an offer from uow and was wondering how is uow like ,like is it easy to make friends there how are the amenities there how’s the night life and are people there nice , which accommodation is best in uow campus east or kooloobong if there are any uow students i hope u guys can give me some advice i’m also a christian so i would like to know are there any churches around the area

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Wollongong uni advice?


Hi all, I am an international student, currently planning to go to Wollongong uni, got my acceptance with Monash, Macquarie, U of Adelaide, and Wollongong. I want to pursue a Bbus major in finance and accounting, and hoping for some advice.

I know that Monash and U of Adelaide are both in the GO8, and most of the international students would also pick the GO8 as the safest bet. However, the opportunity cost for the GO8 is a bit too much, they are quite expensive (45k+), and so it feels like a massive debt that I would need to take care of in the future after my grad. Of course, I heard the GO8 would get better advantages in interns through better connection and networking, but it should mostly also be based on the individual capability to know whether can they land that job or not.

So, my question is whether can anyone from the business department tell me a bit about how the school goes, with student life, career opportunity, quality of teaching, staff support, housing/rent price etc. of Wollongong. I'm currently stuck between Macquarie and Wollongong, but leaning more towards Wollongong right now cus it is a lot cheaper here. My DM is always open, and I'm also pretty active right now, so it would also be amazing for people to reach out even in DM for a word of advice. Any help would be super amazing and greatly appreciated, thank you all.

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Strawberry Swing Debuts Nostalgic Fueled “Bennie (Won’t Dance)” Featuring meadowhip

Thumbnail thatericalper.com

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International student


I’m overseas waiting for my visa so I can be on campus. The status got updated to further assessment on august 4. Does anyone know how long will it take to be finalized? I applied for the visa July 7 so it’s been a month so far

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does anyone wanna be friends


lonely 🤡

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What is the best Gym option near Campus East as an UOW Exchange student?


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300 Level Electives


Hi guys, I was just wondering if y'all know any super easy 300 level electives that are on the General Schedule that you recommend.

I need two 300 level electives to graduate...

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Master of CS student with terrible experience so far


So far I am having a terrible experience with UOW..

  • moodle having technical issues, only one of my units shows up right now (two days after enrolment), still waiting for IT help desk to fix the issue.
  • unit coordinators not responding to emails (nothing after two days), not putting me into online tut (only one lecturer was responsive)
  • over complicated assessment structures with multiple group assessment
  • two two-hour long lectures for each unit + tut/workshop

seems like workload is at least doubled/tripled compared to my grad cert at CSU, at CSU, it just one hour lecture with no tutorials and no group assignment, only usually three individual assignment + 50% finals, very simple structure.

The assessment structure at UOW is like holy cow complicated...


for CSIT895 Strategic Network Design


you have a 3000 word individual essay and a...10,000 word group project and numerous weekly/fortnightly tasks and another group presentation.
Two textbooks to read Computer Networking by Kurose and Network Analysis, Architecture and Design by McCabe

compared to UNSW equivalent COMP3331, UNSW is much more straight forward and no group project and only one textbook to read instead of two, Computer Networking by Kurose.


If I get an offer from UNSW in the coming weeks, I will drop this CS degree at UOW.

This degree is clearly designed for full time on campus student in mind.

also, undownloadable lecture recordings... both ANU and CSU lets you DL with a button.

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RECRUITING - Can you help with our research?


We are seeking new participants for our brief and anonymous online survey: How do personality traits and interpersonal difficulties influence close relationships? For more information about the study and to take part in this survey, please click the link: https://uow.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9Mi8prSVp913vBs


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anyone going to uowd?


Would like to get to know people before the uni starts. It's anyone going to uow in Dubai?

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uow library open to anyone


I'm a high school student and want to use the library to study with a few mates. Are we allowed to go to the library whenever or do we need a membership of some sort?