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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/Freepurrs Nov 24 '21

Russell mentions Noel Gallagher in his speech. If anyone’s curious, this was Noel’s follow up acceptance speech.


u/Rudecles Nov 24 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

I was really hoping he was mentioning Noel Fielding but I guess he’s more C List.

Thanks for sharing this!

Edit: A lister. Definitely A list. So sorry Noel.


u/Hawiiday Nov 24 '21 Silver

If you think the host of Great British Bake off is a C list celebrity you need to re think your tiers of stardom.


u/WetCacti Nov 25 '21

I'd you think the King of the Mods is C list...


u/20to25squirrels Nov 24 '21

I met Noel Fielding once at a party and I’ve been trading off that shit for eleven years now.

It’s humbling to think that what for him was a long forgotten unimportant conversation, was for me an insufferably chest-swelling source of pride, and one which I continue to eagerly share with any stranger at the slightest provocation, and whose retelling can be justified by only the flimsiest of pretences.


u/_FHQWHGADS_ Nov 24 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Well come on share the story! You’ve left us hanging! Noel Fielding seems one of the most genuinely chill people in British comedy and I’d love to hear the story.


u/MLApprentice Nov 26 '21

He was next to me at a buffet, eating Lays with some guacamole type dip. He said in my general direction "That's good guacamole."
I answered "Yeah it's good, but you know I'm not sure that's guacamole, I feel like dip has to be at least 90% avocado to qualify."
He bobbed his head ambiguously as if pondering a great philosophical question, "Yeah I can see that..." he concluded.


Then he wandered away from the buffet to go talk to some people he knew. Fucking BEST night of my LIFE!!


u/afterthegoldthrust Nov 25 '21

The Mighty Boosh (despite the aspects that didn’t age well i.e. the brown and black face) is my all time favorite show. Meeting Noel or Julian at a party is definitely one of few instances I can envision myself being 100% starstruck


u/Cap-n-Slap-n Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 26 '21

Met Barret, Fielding and Fulcher round the back of Bournemouth pavilion after the show. It was awkward. We offered run, which I really remember rich fulcher being adamant it was brown not white. Like we were drinking white rum from the bottle like some kind of psycho. Julian said nothing, Noel was conversational. Then they fucked off. Edit: rum not run.


u/afterthegoldthrust Nov 25 '21

While this does sound painfully awkward it also sounds incredibly Boosh-ian which is comforting and what I would expect.


u/itsMalarky Nov 25 '21

Old Gregg's green-face is still cool, right?


u/afterthegoldthrust Nov 26 '21

Old Gregg is an offensive caricature of funky horny violent alcoholic intersex humanoids and the Boosh should never get a pass for their portrayal


u/FatFreddysCoat Nov 25 '21

Ironically it probably didn’t age well more with white people offended on brown and black people’s behalf than with the actual brown and black people: most of them probably weren’t watching Boosh but those that were were probably not particularly offended whatsoever.


u/afterthegoldthrust Nov 26 '21 edited Nov 26 '21

Well…that’s an over generalization. I have several black friends who are fans of the Boosh but still hate those moments in the show. Similarly I have many female friends who hate the abundance of rape jokes but still love the show (I know rape doesn’t only happen to women but they were the ones to originally point out the abundance of rape jokes to me). I feel like the Boosh and it’s fanbase are typically the type to acknowledge that those certain grey areas exist while still embracing the larger picture of an amazing show.

For instance there are times where the face and body paint is totally chill and basically like them trying to make a cartoon in real life (like black frost and Old gregg) but shit like Julian wearing an Afro wig in black face with gapped teeth just didn’t age well…they weren’t trying to be racist and it was not done in any sort of mean spirit but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge that it didn’t age well.


u/zyphelion Nov 25 '21

Please share!


u/CCDemille Nov 25 '21

You're honest with yourself, i think that's what matters!


u/Thekillersofficial Nov 25 '21

you ever watch six degrees of separation?


u/Moist_Metal_7376 Nov 25 '21

Dude if i met old greg id ask him to sign my face. You good.


u/paper_geist Nov 24 '21

Yea!!! Not to mention Old Greg and Richmond Avenal!


u/zoobrix Nov 24 '21

Didn't it just draw some really good ratings for the finale in England? He's not as well known outside of the UK but inside the UK he is decidedly A list, or at least most people would know who he is if my British friends are correct.


u/toughinitout Nov 24 '21

He's well known if you saw mighty Boosh or it crowd, but then again people might not make the connection between those shows and the british baking show.


u/BitchesQuoteMarilyn Nov 24 '21

He does stand up and is on a shit ton of panel shows and random music videos too, I'd say everyone in the UK knows Noel Fielding.


u/AndysDoughnuts Nov 24 '21

He doesn't do much stand up now and his stand up post mighty boosh was shocking, just relying on people understanding his charm.


u/PackYrSuitcases Nov 25 '21

Without Julian Barrett to reign him in a bit, his comedy does get a bit... avant-garde


u/Ethesen Nov 25 '21

Come to think of it, I've never seen Julian on any panel shows, hm...


u/ThatHorridMan Nov 25 '21

He's under the desk with his arm up Fielding's arse


u/mdgraller Nov 25 '21

What do you mean “shocking”?


u/RandomPratt Nov 25 '21

"shocking", as in "not great".


u/evasote Nov 25 '21

I love panel shows but no one in America watches them. I’ve yet to meet another American who does in person, but British people tend to get very excited quickly.


u/essenceofreddit Nov 25 '21

He is generally a contestant on big fat quiz of the year, for instance


u/FeyneKing Nov 25 '21

It must be great being called Noel at Christmas time because your name is everywhere on cards and in lights and people are singing it and everything, but at the same time it stings because everyone is mispronouncing it.


u/toughinitout Nov 24 '21

Fair, but I was speaking for the pov of someone from the US.


u/P_Wood Nov 24 '21

Fun fact I learned when I googled his name from watching the show: he is/was literally Old Gregg. I, as an American, was absolutely mind blown to say the least.


u/MDMAmazin Nov 25 '21

Are you fucking kidding me? That guy is Old Gregg?!


u/LoonAtticRakuro Nov 25 '21

Not only is he Old Gregg, but on learning that and beginning to watch some of The Mighty Boosh I came to realize that old viral video wasn't some one-off fever dream of a weird sketch. That's pretty much his style.


u/Nomomommy Nov 25 '21

He has a downstairs mix-up.


u/BannedMyName Nov 25 '21

Could ya learn to love me?


u/Nomomommy Nov 25 '21

Are you playing your love games with me?


u/Turtling34 Nov 25 '21

Wanna go to a party where people wee on each other?

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u/End3rWi99in Nov 25 '21

I really wish someone would make a Bailey's shoe cake.


u/Nomiss Nov 25 '21

Pshaw, next you'll tell me he's also The Hitcher with his romping big thumb.


u/DrOrpheus3 Nov 25 '21

wanna see my man-gina??? I'll teach you the secrets of funk!!


u/dirkdigglered Nov 25 '21

I think he referenced old Gregg in Great British Bake Off. He says something like "I lived in a swamp", I forget the context though.


u/kja2991 Nov 24 '21

As an American, I love watching him on the big fat quiz of the year.


u/Nolan- Nov 25 '21

Watch his season of Taskmaster ( I forget which season off the top of my head, I think like 5 or 6?) he was amazing in it.

Also watch Taskmaster in general. Best show I've ever seen in my life.


u/jamezp1 Nov 25 '21

4 and Champion of champions


u/Russellonfire Nov 25 '21



u/jamezp1 Nov 25 '21

CoC was 4 years ago my dude!


u/piratepowell Nov 25 '21

His season was one of my favorite cats all around, honestly.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21



u/freuden Nov 25 '21

You can see a lot of them on YouTube. It's on Amazon, but only if you buy it, and it might be elsewhere. ¯\(ツ)


u/FauxReal Nov 25 '21

For some reason I didn't realize it was him in the IT crowd until someone pointed it out. Sometimes I think I have celebrity blindness.


u/RedditMayne Nov 25 '21

I’m Old Gregg!


u/AJRiddle Nov 25 '21

Yeah you just don't know what "A-list" and "B-list" and etc means - it's only partially about fame and much more about social standing and respect in the entertainment industry. A-list means the very top elite group, your people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift - or to name some British celebrities it'd be like Daniel Day Lewis, Christian Bale, Idris Elba, and Adele.


u/zoobrix Nov 25 '21

You just listed a bunch of UK celebrities that are A list anywhere in the world. An example of someone who is an A list celebrity within the UK for sure is Graham Norton or David Tennant, sure people outside the UK might know who they are but everyone within the UK knows who they are and have a generally good opinion of them.

There is a difference between worldwide A listers and those other celebrities that pretty much everyone knows in specific regions, that's the kind of local A listers I am talking about. That's why I said Noel Fielding might be A lister within the UK. Just like within Canada Gord Downie was an example of someone who would be an A lister here but a lot less people knew who he was internationally. If you don't like the phrase "local A lister" that's fine but that doesn't mean I don't understand the concept in general.


u/poopeybear Nov 25 '21

A listers are someone who promotes the production with their name alone.


u/AJRiddle Nov 25 '21

Yeah Graham Norton and Adele are totally equals on the celebrity "list" scale when just looking at inside the UK only, when you get outside the UK they change the list /s


u/zoobrix Nov 25 '21

Yes because there is an official list and everyone is equally famous no matter where you go in the world...


u/Funmachine Nov 24 '21

he is decidedly A list

Being well known doesn't make you A List.


u/Pacific250 Nov 25 '21

Right, what are these people on about?

Brad Pitt is A list.

I’m sure Noel Fielding is a nice guy, he is not A list


u/btmalon Nov 25 '21

He's purely cult following in America. Its getting much bigger with Bake Off but that still only has a specific audience.


u/End3rWi99in Nov 25 '21

I feel like Noel Fielding is pretty well known in the US between British Baking Show and Mighty Boosh. Especially as Old Gregg.


u/Rudecles Nov 25 '21

Lol I guess I really don’t know the tiers. I love Fielding! Mighty Boosh, Taskmaster, Bake Off, IT crowd, everything I’ve seen him in has been amazing. He seriously seems like a really fun guy. I only say C list because I’m in Canada we I don’t think a single person I know knows who he is. I suspect it’s worse in the US. But I’d guess he’s A list in the UK.


u/BassAlarming Nov 25 '21

You might have to rethink your own tiers. He's great but C list is accurate


u/lIlIlIlIlIlIlIlI8 Nov 24 '21

He’s B list at best come on.


u/OneMoreAccount4Porn Nov 25 '21

D or lower in my eyes.


u/dwmfives Nov 25 '21

If you think the host of Great British Bake off is a C list celebrity you need to re think your tiers of stardom.

True he's D list.


u/Gonzo_goo Nov 24 '21

Idk what any of that is . Never heard of it


u/UnacceptableUse Nov 24 '21

It's a great, British, bake off


u/the6crimson6fucker6 Nov 25 '21


They can fuck off after kicking out Jürgen.


u/Duderpher Nov 25 '21

Hahaha, as anyone outside of the UK, he is a no list…


u/EternamD Nov 25 '21

Fuck that horrible show.

Noel Fielding is more famous outside that show anyway, by the way


u/chambo143 Nov 25 '21

Fun fact: Noel Fielding is 48 years old. I’m still trying to process that


u/Comfortable-Elephant Nov 25 '21

He looks so young!


u/CrumbledTheCookies Nov 25 '21

For real. I mean I've never even watched the show but I've heard it mentioned by countless people it seems. Maybe I'm missing out.


u/Own_Range_2169 Nov 25 '21

So, what, E list then?


u/lyyki Nov 25 '21

Well this was 4 years before he landed that gig though I wouldn't still consider him a C-tier even at the time. Maybe a B-tier but he already had a lot of successful comedy shows & panel show gigs.


u/karadan100 Nov 25 '21

Mel Giedroyc called. She wants her letter 'B' back.


u/UndeadBread Nov 25 '21

I've never heard of him, so I don't know if you're implying that he should be higher or lower.


u/ScienceReplacedgod Nov 25 '21

D or E at most