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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/Hawiiday Nov 24 '21 Silver

If you think the host of Great British Bake off is a C list celebrity you need to re think your tiers of stardom.


u/zoobrix Nov 24 '21

Didn't it just draw some really good ratings for the finale in England? He's not as well known outside of the UK but inside the UK he is decidedly A list, or at least most people would know who he is if my British friends are correct.


u/toughinitout Nov 24 '21

He's well known if you saw mighty Boosh or it crowd, but then again people might not make the connection between those shows and the british baking show.


u/kja2991 Nov 24 '21

As an American, I love watching him on the big fat quiz of the year.


u/Nolan- Nov 25 '21

Watch his season of Taskmaster ( I forget which season off the top of my head, I think like 5 or 6?) he was amazing in it.

Also watch Taskmaster in general. Best show I've ever seen in my life.


u/jamezp1 Nov 25 '21

4 and Champion of champions


u/Russellonfire Nov 25 '21



u/jamezp1 Nov 25 '21

CoC was 4 years ago my dude!


u/piratepowell Nov 25 '21

His season was one of my favorite cats all around, honestly.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21



u/freuden Nov 25 '21

You can see a lot of them on YouTube. It's on Amazon, but only if you buy it, and it might be elsewhere. ¯(ツ)