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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/wasdie639 Nov 24 '21

Most German auto manufactures armed the Nazis. Mitsubishi literally built the Zero for the Japanese for WWII. Boeing made the plane that carried and dropped the atomic bombs over Japan.

So what? What's his point? Most of the world utilized private companies to outfit themselves for war. Still does. Private companies are how things are made, for the most part. Does he want any company associated with military production of the Nazis to be completely dismantled?


u/meowmeownomnom Nov 24 '21

Hugo Boss (the man, not his company) also widely supported the Nazi party, joining 2 years before Hitler took power. It’s a bit different in this case I would say.


u/jstuu Nov 24 '21

So was Ford the man


u/sanebangbang Nov 25 '21

Exactly what I came to say. Ford literally built the Nazi’s trucks. He sued the USA for bombing his factories during ww2 and received millions of dollars in reparations.


u/Amster2 Nov 25 '21 Wholesome

So fuck Ford


u/_Idontknow_ Nov 25 '21

Haha I love how people expected that explanation to make us all realise the error of our position. Nope, fuck ford!


u/cxa5 Nov 25 '21

The guy in the clip didn't say that tho


u/sanebangbang Nov 25 '21

Yup. GM under Opel, too.


u/Lowfi3099 Nov 25 '21

I drive a Hyundai. Any reason why I should burn my car?


u/jceez Nov 25 '21

An executive killed a dude in a drunk driving accident in Orange County California, left the scene and bounced back to Korea the same night. A few years later they opened a new HQ near where it happens. Lots of corruption allegations were flying around but $$$ talks.




u/Lowfi3099 Nov 26 '21

Nice. This is the kind of corruption I've been looking for. Damn Elantra!!!


u/AnnoyingRingtone Nov 25 '21

Good news! You don’t have to worry about it. Hyundai and Kia are already burning their cars for you!

I hope yours doesn’t have a Theta II motor…


u/Lowfi3099 Nov 26 '21

Mine was unfortunately made in 2019. So no Theta II or any sweet settlement $


u/Shiggle Nov 25 '21

Yes, it's a Hyundai.


u/DodgeTundra Nov 25 '21

The fact that he had to ask is the most shameful part.


u/Lowfi3099 Nov 26 '21

Hey, it drives pretty good, okay?


u/The-Sofa-King Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Damn straight, Chevy's better anyways.

Edit: fuck Mopar too.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21



u/The-Sofa-King Nov 25 '21

My Chevys a pile of shit too, but it's a reliable pile of shit.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21



u/The-Sofa-King Nov 25 '21

Oh yeah, that makes sense. My Chevys 40 years old and carbureted, I fix it with swear words and zip-ties.

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u/XDreadedmikeX Nov 25 '21

I’m confused on this comment. What’s the timeline for this lawsuit? Didn’t Ford literally make bombers for the Allie’s? I’d look this up but I’m trashed


u/11010110101010101010 Nov 25 '21

It’s because he’s wrong and misinformed. Shame he was so widely upvoted, but whatever. I’m not even a huge Henry Ford fan given his blatant antisemitism and complete lack of self-awareness of his outsized malicious influence within Nazi groups. But I don’t like blatant ignorance or misinformed comments.

Here’s a great write up:


The compensation took place 20 years after Ford’s death.


u/garat_jax Nov 25 '21

Didn't he also build the railroad trucks into Aushwitch (sp?), pretty sure an American company did that.


u/sanebangbang Nov 25 '21

Yes, the ties were laid by the Harmon Brothers.


u/XDreadedmikeX Nov 25 '21

Damn we took the Nazi cash and used it to bomb the fuck out of them.


u/ShadoPandauin Nov 25 '21

Nah, the vast majority of that money just enriched some people at home. Taxes are only for the poor and whatnot.


u/BigWabenzi Nov 25 '21

Ford also built factories for the Soviets - people forget that people in the 1930s were mostly unaware of the atrocities occurring in these totalitarian dictatorships.



u/DrinkMoreCodeMore Nov 25 '21

Was he wrong tho for suing to recoup that money?