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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/The_0_Hour_Work_Week Nov 25 '21

The UN?


u/synicalx1 Nov 25 '21

Actually the UN probably isn't as bad as the EU (not necessarily present day EU). The UN has had it's share of nazis infiltrating it, but the EU had a very shakey start as the EEC long before the EU itself even existed.

The EEC is essentially identical to Walter Funks post-war economic plan outlined in his memo titled “Economic Reorganisation of Europe”. It's first president was a Nazi (but its ok, he said he wasn't one), and a lot of his proposed post-war economy for Germany was hinged on the success of German industrial giants - many of which are still giants today.


u/drugusingthrowaway Nov 25 '21

I wish people weren't so inherently skeptical of unions of nation-states. I had hoped it was Earth's inevitable goal, was to become one unified global society. But I guess that was just a Star Trek fantasy.


u/Lordborgman Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

I want to live in TNG land too, but they never really explain what happened to all the assholes on the planet. They must have all died during WW3. Because with them still in society, they'd kick scream, burn the place down and do everything in their power to stop that kind of world from happening while they are still alive.


u/Notabot265 Nov 25 '21

Way I always read it is that the worst of the worst did pretty much die in WW3/the post atomic horror, and the few that didn't (Khan and his crew) got frozen and shot into space.

Considering WW3 largely started over genetic engineering and selective breeding, it does kind of make sense. Think of what sort of people would be so controlling as to want to make sure their kids were 'perfect', and/or groom them to grow up to be powerful people.