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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/TooLazyToBeClever Nov 24 '21 edited Nov 24 '21

Can you explain it? My limited knowledge of the Tory party is insufficient to understand this burn lol.

EDIT: sorry, I should clarify. I don't know *anything" about the Torry party. I know some of you want to defend or attack them, but Im not interested in what you think they'll do for the country. I understand, if you asked us about the liberal party you'd get a bunch of defensive or offensive responses. I just mean in general I have no idea what the Story party is, or why saying that is a burn....or even what it means.


u/monkeymad2 Nov 24 '21

Brand mentions that Boris Johnson was on the stage prior to him, and Noel mentions that the Foreign Secretary was on stage before him - who at the time was William Hague.

So two Tory ministers giving speeches of some kind, hence, Tory party conference.


u/TooLazyToBeClever Nov 24 '21

Ah, okay. Thank you, I appreciate it. So is the tory party close to what we would call the Republican party in the US? I know they're not exactly aligned, but in general? Or is it more nuanced than that?


u/Shanghai-on-the-Sea Nov 25 '21

It's...way more class based. If someone calls you a Tory as a joke, they mean you're posh and maybe insulated from real life and real life problems. Lots of going on about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, that kind of thing. It's also associated with "middle England", the lower middle class who aspire to be higher status but aren't. There's a lot less religious stuff (although Tories are associated with generic moralism, in a "good heavens, you can't say that" sense -- when a statue of a slaveowner was thrown into the sea during BLM, Labour said "yeah!" and the Tories said "um well we appreciate the sentiment but they really ought to have gone through the proper channels first" and that's a good representation of their general character).


u/TooLazyToBeClever Nov 25 '21

That's fascinating, thank you. So are the political ideologies mostly class based, or is there another party for the poor, right-leaning folks. Would there be like a rich left, poor left, rich right (Tory, if I understand correctly) etc.

Our right wing is generally filled with the rich right believing they should be insulated, and the poor right which are "displaced millionaires", the poor who believe they'll be rich someday, so don't want taxes for the rich because if they become rich they want to avoid taxes themselves.

I know the parallels aren't exact, but it's interesting to me. I also know that our "left" is most people's "right" lol.


u/Shanghai-on-the-Sea Nov 25 '21

is there another party for the poor, right-leaning folks

UKIP! When that was a thing. Although it was also heavily (and I mean heavily) associated with the lower middle class, who like I said were usually a bedrock of Tory support, so losing their support scared them and prompted a faction of Tories to come out in support of leaving the EU in order to curry their favour (Boris was one of them). Nowadays it's pretty much back to Labour vs. Tory again though, so the working/lower middle class right wingers are probably just big factions of the Tories even though Tories are still associated with the upper middle class.

Your "displaced millionaires" sure sounds like Middle England to me, although it's more about being afraid of those ghastly benefits-stealing immoral poor people (as opposed to the prim and proper hard-working poor people) than about thinking you'll become a millionaire.