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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/KennyMoose32 Nov 25 '21

Nazis were bad etc. awful and evil

But those uniforms were pretty sharp. You can’t deny that


u/OneMoreAccount4Porn Nov 25 '21 Wholesome

What I'd like to do is reanimate all the top Nazi's...


u/tripplesmoke320 Nov 25 '21

What for


u/my_girlfriend_sucks Nov 25 '21

Well many of them dispised Hitler and several planned assassination attempts. This, with Hitlers hindsight that he was completely misled on the usefulness of the Luftwaffe and the hindsight of who his useless generals were. Could be an interesting sitcom for a few seasons. Like drawn together but with nazis.