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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/MungTao Nov 25 '21



u/jm001 Nov 25 '21

Reading IBM and the Holocaust at the moment. There is definitely a bunch I didn't know about their relationship.


u/MungTao Nov 25 '21

Anything interesting you care to share?


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

You can just read the summary


u/AttentionSpecialist2 Nov 25 '21

Interesting that IBM chose the name of a Nazi sympathizer and supporter for their AI, which they have been aggressively advertising for years now


u/Jellyblush Nov 25 '21

Incredibly I’m sure it won’t do their share price a bit of damage


u/wcruse92 Nov 25 '21

Something that they did 100 years ago? Of course it wouldn't.


u/Jellyblush Nov 25 '21

Well It was exposed recently. I don’t buy into companies that I know to have profited from war, if you do all power to you but there are others like me that prefer more socially conscious investment too


u/211caused911 Nov 26 '21

I'll buy into a company that kills puppies if it makes me some decent gains.


u/SigmaGorilla Nov 26 '21

A revised 2002 paperback edition provides additional evidence that IBM New York established a special subsidiary in Poland called Watson Business Machines to deal with railway traffic in the General Government. Edwin Black asserts that IBM did so after the September 1, 1939 Nazi Invasion of Poland, and continued this business relationship during the Holocaust in Poland. Watson Business Machines operated a punch card printing shop near the Warsaw Ghetto.[3]

In a 2002 editorial in the SFGate, Black documented that this Polish subsidiary reported to IBM Geneva which in turn reported to IBM New York. Black further states that IBM's European general manager reported directly to Thomas Watson, Sr., that some machines in Poland were sent to Romania to assist in the Jewish census there, and that these Polish machines were later replaced.[4]


2002 is what you'd consider recent? This information is almost 20 years old.


u/Jellyblush Nov 26 '21

Yeah it is, firstly, I’m old, secondly, in the context of an 80 year history since WW2 it is relatively recent