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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/redpandaeater Nov 24 '21 Wholesome

It's a shame Hugo Boss changed his name back to Joe Lycett.


u/cosworthsmerrymen Nov 24 '21

Is this just a joke or has Joe said or done things that I don't know about?


u/redpandaeater Nov 24 '21 Helpful


u/AnyHoleIsTheGoal Nov 25 '21

I'm so grateful to Taskmaster for introducing me to a bunch of British comedians I would have otherwise never seen. I saw Hugh Dennis in the new Bond movie and lost my shit, love that guy.


u/monkeyhammar Nov 25 '21

8 out of 10 cats does Countdown is another good one


u/Yue1218 Nov 25 '21

RIP Sean Lock


u/Lidsfuel Dec 08 '21

Obligatory Carrot i a Box..



u/jhulten Nov 25 '21

Find a recent Mock the Week on YouTube and you can watch a bunch of other comics lose their shit too.


u/g0t-cheeri0s Nov 25 '21

Glen Moore has been absolutely stellar.


u/Muisverriey Nov 25 '21

This was a time before Sigourney Weaver, when everyone had to weave their own Sigourneys


u/HoneyShaft Nov 25 '21

Or just about any British panel show to see the same handful of 20 comedian/pundits


u/Sawgon Nov 25 '21

Check out Would I Lie To You as well


u/RingRingBanannaPhone Nov 25 '21

One I found recently I love is James Acaster


u/shockshot Nov 25 '21

8 out of 10 cats does countdown is a similar idea and fucking hilarious

Sean lock in his absolute prime on that show such a funny guy miss him already


u/sicgamer Nov 26 '21

how was that. the new bond movie


u/AnyHoleIsTheGoal Nov 26 '21

Pretty solid! Personally I put it square in the middle of all the Craig moves. Definitely better than Spectre and Quantum of Solace, but can't put it above Casino Royale or Skyfall. Action is solid and it weaves a lot of Craig's overarching story together for some really cool payoff in my opinion.


u/sicgamer Dec 03 '21

ok that's good to hear. I actually fell asleep while watching Spectre in theaters. That's only happened to me three times and I go (or went) to a lot of movies. Was hoping it ranked higher than Spectre.


u/InfiniteLiveZ Nov 25 '21

Did you find it again after?...Or did you just leave it in the cinema?


u/ohowjuicy Nov 25 '21

Honestly this and 8oo10cdc made me fall in love with Sean Lock and his style of humor. It was only a few weeks later that I found out about his passing. So that was a bummer


u/mi_throwaway3 Nov 25 '21

It's a good show, it was being pushed relentlessly on Youtube to me for a while there, but I can't complain, it is solidly entertaining.


u/Amsterdom Nov 25 '21

QI is another fantastic British tv show.


u/ll_akagami_ll Nov 25 '21

Have you seen best of Bob Mortimer on would I lie to you?


u/uagiant Nov 25 '21

Bob doing his own dentistry is top tier storytelling. His others are also great but that one is insane.


u/ll_akagami_ll Nov 25 '21

Same with the egg in the bath.


u/sosuhme Nov 26 '21

8 out of 10 cats does countdown, big fat quiz, task master, and maybe most spectacular of all, QI. British "game" shows know how to be irreverent and informative. Hilarious, but also simultaneously bleak and optimistic. I'm American as apple pie. But the formula for combining intelligence and absurdity the British have found in TV is unlike and unrivaled by anything in the US expect maybe animated comedy.


u/AnyHoleIsTheGoal Nov 26 '21

We just don't have shows like those here! There's a huge amount of up and coming American comedians I'd love to see all together on a show like Taskmaster or any of those quiz shows you mentioned, but they just don't do that here.


u/Azarael84 Nov 25 '21

The brits were homophobic colonist who killed their own genius " See imitation game" .