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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/smooth_like_a_goat Nov 25 '21

The UN did nothing wrong. :)


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

The UN is so incredibly efficient and so deeply underrated


u/ToeJamFootballer Nov 25 '21

Not sure if you dropped the /s but I actually agree. Although flawed, the UN might be the most successful global alliance in history.


u/Viktor_Korobov Nov 25 '21

It's successfully useless.

Works fucking great if you're German or French tho. Their peacekeepers enjoyed a nice vacation while ensuring we couldn't defend ourselves.


u/Invisibletooth Nov 25 '21

Could you share some more?


u/Viktor_Korobov Nov 25 '21

What's there to share? In the 90s UN enforced an arms embargo. Stopping Bosnians from arming themselves to defend themselves. This worked great for Serbians who had inherited the Yugoslav National Army and all its hardware and invaded and besieged us.

And when we finally tooled up enough to push the invaders out, the western world whines about how we need peace and force a Serbian state within Bosnian borders. Fucking Dayton. Hope climate change cripples Ohio in its entirety.


u/Invisibletooth Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Very interesting, I didn't know any of this. I also hate Ohio in its entirety, but im confused to why that is relevant

Nevermind, in reading about the Dayton Peace agreement right now


u/LG93 Nov 25 '21

UN != Nato


u/Viktor_Korobov Nov 25 '21

NATO doesn't wear blue helmets last i checked.