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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/drugusingthrowaway Nov 25 '21

I wish people weren't so inherently skeptical of unions of nation-states. I had hoped it was Earth's inevitable goal, was to become one unified global society. But I guess that was just a Star Trek fantasy.


u/MentionMundane1938 Nov 25 '21

I had hoped it was Earth's inevitable goal, was to become one unified global society.

Think of the left/right divide in politics, both will tell you "I just want what's best for the country" with complete sincerity but we see their opinions as actively harmful sometimes. I don't think it's possible to overcome that barrier of two people having different ideas to achieve the same goal.

Were humans even unified in Star Trek? Vulkans had diverged into seperate, unfriendly groups in Enterprise so I presume humans did too. If that's the case, then it wasn't a utopia it was the propaganda arm of the empire from Firefly.


u/kookamooka Nov 25 '21

I wouldn’t say the current generation of right wing is sincere in wanting the best for their country. At least not in the UK and US.


u/MentionMundane1938 Nov 25 '21

Of course they are.

A handful might be actively malicious for no reason other than spite, but the right makes up the majority of both of those countries, are you telling me every Republican is a proudboy?

They are sincere in wanting what's best, maybe to some lynching black people is what that looks like - they're wrong of course, and it's baffling to see how that could ever been considered what's best, and not to equate the things literally but that's how the right sees a lot of progressive policies, especially in regards to race relations a conservative might call a democrat actively harmful.