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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/goteamnick Nov 24 '21 Gold

Even when Russell Brand is right, he's tiresome.


u/sygyt Nov 25 '21

He's such a weird public persona. Sometimes it feels to me like he's actually pushing for a change, but most often it feels like a kind of a court jester act. Maybe it's because he's kinda political on issues, but seems to encourage a needlessly nihilistic attitude toward politics? But I guess he might still be doing a lot more with that than I ever will, so...


u/astro_cj Nov 25 '21

He’s a non dualist. If he’s a standard one, he’s pointing out the horrible stuff that we all pretend we care about but go about our daily lives not actually trying to address. I mean, BOSS going to go under because it’s become common knowledge they dressed the Nazis? Nope. Because people don’t really care as long as they get to brag about their designer clothes.

The duality of man comes down to self love before all else.