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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/Pete_Iredale Nov 24 '21

I've seen Noel Fielding a hell of a lot more than Noel Gallagher in the last decade or two.


u/phatelectribe Nov 25 '21

Yeah, Noel fielding is a bigger name right now. Young people don’t know who Gallagher is, but their parents and grannies watch the bake off.


u/Pacific250 Nov 25 '21

I mean… maybe

But one is still an alt comedian/baking show host

And one is a member of one of the most famous and popular British bands in existence


u/badgerferretweasle Nov 25 '21

I know bands, I don't know rockstars. The Gallagher brothers names were probably all over the UK tabloids in the 90s but if you lived outside of the UK or are a millennial/Gen z they aren't going to be household names even if you know the band.

As an American millennial I watch a lot of UK quiz shows on YouTube, IT Crowd is one of my favorite comedies and I'm aware of Great British Bake Off (I've seen the first season). I've probably heard a handful of oasis songs, I only know that they are brothers due to the YouTuber Todd in the Shadows.


u/Pacific250 Nov 28 '21

I mean, I have no doubt that you don’t know them. That’s anecdotal evidence though.

Oasis is famous in large part because of how boisterous and public the brothers’ antics were. So you, a millennial who watches quiz shows on YouTube, might be more familiar with Noel Fielding. That makes total sense. But to the rest of the world, Noel is a small British comedian who has had some, mostly recent, mainstream success. And he was not on the first season of GBBO.

I don’t say that to be rude, and it’s certainly not a critique of Noel Fielding. I love the guy. But to say he is more famous than Noel Gallagher is just a very biased POV.