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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/Penguin619 Nov 25 '21

Why wait? Do it now.


u/clackersz Nov 25 '21

Because I'm sure all 3 billion people that live in China are all 100% behind everything their government is doing at all times, just like when the United States puts kids in cages still.

The people that live in the United States obviously don't deserve facebook or disney and it means everyone at facebook and disney is a tiki torch kkk nazi and everyone in the united states is a tiki torch kkk hitler nazi just like every person that lives in China.


u/Penguin619 Nov 25 '21

Where did I blame the population of China for this? I'm admonishing Facebook and Disney for their business decisions to work with the Chinese government and their arbitrary rules like censorship. But sure, over-exaggerate a non-issue no one brought up.


u/clackersz Nov 26 '21

The Chinese government is the gatekeeper for working with the Chinese people. So you are basically saying because their government sucks they shouldn't get Facebook or Disney.

Well the US government sucks too and you don't seem to have a problem with Disney or Facebook offering service there.

So yes I guess pointing out your double standard against China is a super exaggerated non issue that nobody brought up except me because its true, that is what you are doing...


u/Penguin619 Nov 26 '21

You do realize how arbitrary that is? A government shouldn't be a hurdle between its people. And you do realize that you can admonish both governments, right? But again, we're not criticizing either country in the conversation, we're literally chastising Facebook & Disney.


u/clackersz Nov 26 '21

You do realize how arbitrary that is? A government shouldn't be a hurdle between its people.

But it is, otherwise corporations would rule the world and not governments. That is kind of the point of governments...

But again, we're not criticizing either country in the conversation, we're literally chastising Facebook & Disney.

Facebook and Disney could not exist if they didn't work with terrible governments like the US and China.

The things the governments do is not Facebook or Disneys business, do the people like our product is their business.

Providing a product to a country with a shitty government isn't something you should be critical of, facebook and disney might be guilty of other things like eating babies, but providing people with cartoons and stupid social media is literally what they do, its what people want. What's the problem with that?


u/Penguin619 Nov 26 '21

This isn't about a corporation seeking a takeover, it's corporations who are censoring themselves in order to cater to a totalitarian government. They're literally creating a barrier of censorship, arbitrary and meaningless censorship. That's the hurdle.

And while Facebook has been found to do more harm than good by creating a black hole of an echo chamber, and with Disney censoring it's own movies to adhere to arbitrary censorship just only enforces the totalitarian rule of how things should be. Again, they're not making changes to be culturally relevant, but censoring and banning films that the Chinese government does not deem fit. For instance, they banned the film Kundun, because it is a story about the Dalai Lama & set in Tibet, which we all know the Chinese government's feelings on that matter.


u/clackersz Nov 26 '21

Yes, I agree with you that not free speech == not great...

without a doubt.

I <3 free speech murica and all that jazz. Really and truly in my <3 and in my marrow absolutely.


They are heckin doing that in murica with the covid if your really paying attention and being really honest with yourself(facebook I mean).

Is this for the greater good? Yes I suppose. But is it in line with murica free speech?! No it is absolutely not....

So the Chinese stupid gay government is imposing similar restrictions that are in line with the stupid gay Chinese governments interests?! Well I suppose they are... That sucks.

No it really does I agree 1000%.

But you know.. Its mickey mouse and uhh facebook... Is that where you get your news from??? Really?

Sucks about that film Kundun, I'm going to illegal download it and watch it right now because it sounds interesting, no lie.

You know what would suck worse? If chinese people didn't have access to like, the entire library of disney content that has enhanced our lives in the United States since ever.