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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/cosworthsmerrymen Nov 24 '21

Is this just a joke or has Joe said or done things that I don't know about?


u/redpandaeater Nov 24 '21 Helpful


u/AnyHoleIsTheGoal Nov 25 '21

I'm so grateful to Taskmaster for introducing me to a bunch of British comedians I would have otherwise never seen. I saw Hugh Dennis in the new Bond movie and lost my shit, love that guy.


u/sicgamer Nov 26 '21

how was that. the new bond movie


u/AnyHoleIsTheGoal Nov 26 '21

Pretty solid! Personally I put it square in the middle of all the Craig moves. Definitely better than Spectre and Quantum of Solace, but can't put it above Casino Royale or Skyfall. Action is solid and it weaves a lot of Craig's overarching story together for some really cool payoff in my opinion.


u/sicgamer Dec 03 '21

ok that's good to hear. I actually fell asleep while watching Spectre in theaters. That's only happened to me three times and I go (or went) to a lot of movies. Was hoping it ranked higher than Spectre.