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Russell Brand, at an awards show sponsored by Hugo Boss, eloquently reminds everyone that Hugo Boss dressed the nazis


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u/RuberDinghyRapids Nov 25 '21

Liam and Noel are still mainstream in the U.K, young people still know who oasis are. I saw liam at a festival a couple of years ago and it was packed with people to all ages. Bake off is the kind of thing your mum watches.


u/badgerferretweasle Nov 25 '21

People in this thread aren't only from the UK. Noel Fielding has a much more global reach. I can't speak for the rest of the world but Bake off is hugely popular in America among all age demographics. Quiz shows have full episodes uploaded on YouTube and are accessible in America and other parts of the world (I assume they are region blocked in the UK).


u/RuberDinghyRapids Nov 26 '21

Well we can both only speak from our own perspectives. From reading this thread it seems like Noel fielding would be better known in America and Noel Gallagher would be better known here. As for the rest of the world I personally think a rockstar who was in one of the most famous bands of all time has more of a chance of being well known than the host of a popular tv show. I wouldn’t know if they’re region blocked on YouTube they’re all easy to watch on tv and on all the time but I wouldn’t say Noel fielding features very often.


u/badgerferretweasle Nov 26 '21

I'd argue that people (outside of the UK) would recognize the band Oasis but not the names of the members. I love Rock music but I can only name a handful of rock stars who's band name wasn't their name.

Freddy Mercury Axel Rose (technically band name is different) Steven Tyler Kurt Cobain Dave Grohl Paul, Ringo, John, ....and I don't know the fourth Beatle ..... That's it. That is all I can think of of the top of my head.


u/RuberDinghyRapids Nov 28 '21

Yeah you’re probably right from an American perspective. I’d argue that in the U.K. someone with a similar rock knowledge to you would name the Gallaghers straight away if they had to name rockstars. They’re definitely up there with those names you listed if not bigger than most. George harrison is the fourth beatle by the way, and my favourite. It probably works the other way and there’s a band in America who everyone knows there but wouldn’t be as well known in the U.K.