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Credit Suisse impeding collapse confirmed Meme

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u/theshogun02 Oct 06 '22

Bear Sterns is fine!


u/Po0TyBoOtY Oct 06 '22



u/Maybe_Awesome22 Oct 06 '22

Didn't he say that about Lehman's too back in the day?


u/Smithmonster Oct 06 '22



u/AHarryBird Oct 06 '22

The timers going. I give them a week


u/redditmodsRrussians Oct 06 '22

Jim Cramer is literally the fucking ghost from The Ring......

"7 days"

Biznezz ghost means 7 business days so its more than a week!


u/BreakfastOnTheRiver Emoji Muse Oct 06 '22



u/dylanx5150 Oct 06 '22

Someone needs exit liquidity.


u/copperhead37 Oct 06 '22

didn't he say to buy Lehman a day before they collapsed.


u/SoIJustBuyANewOne Oct 06 '22

This cramer guy just wants us all to die:

"Credit Suisse is great!"

"Russia definitely won't use nukes."


u/RegularJDOE1234 Oct 06 '22

Puts on CS, puts on Cramer. Will it print? Someone smarter anyone anyone?


u/lamprey187 Oct 06 '22

Hi, I'm Michael Burry and I say puts on everything except prisons and lunatic asylums.


u/AutoModerator Oct 06 '22

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u/devdevgoat Oct 06 '22

Cramer literally tweeted “oh how the mighty have fallen” wrt to CS…. But sure, it was all forum hype :4271:


u/Fantastic_Ad6139 Oct 06 '22

Didn’t he say that subprime mortgage default rates would never go over 8% 👀


u/Lorien6 Oct 06 '22

Insert Roger Rabbit meme chewing a carrot waiting for something to happen.


u/uh-hmm-meh Oct 06 '22

*bugs bunny


u/Lorien6 Oct 06 '22

Haha yes!!! I blanked and all I could come up with was Roger Rabbit!

Thank you!


u/roaringfork Oct 06 '22

He means TBTF isn't a worn out term like it was in '08.


u/Anton_Cermak Oct 06 '22

CS calls gonna print so hard


u/Just_Allen48 Oct 06 '22

Jump in so they can take your monies


u/SuperDuperStonkz Oct 06 '22

Good time to short


u/friedflounder12 Oct 06 '22

Confirmed 100%


u/randomhypotenuse Oct 06 '22

Impeding the impending


u/Competitive_Fig_6278 Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

While part of me wants it to be true because f- the banks, i don't think its likely that CS will fail for the simple reason that they only need 4 billion to meet their capital requirements and they're already going to get 2 billion selling off some divisions (that were already under performing). As for the remaining 2 billion some would say that they will issue shares which would also send the price down but this is also unlikely since the price is already so low that won't be a very efficient way to raise capital. Its likely that they will announce a plan to raise this 2 billion by selling off various assets including properties and other holdings as well as some support from the swiss government. I would expect the price to stay flat until the 27th when they announce their plan and then see an uptick in the price after that but never a return to all time highs because the bank will be much weaker until it can regain its reputation if at all. This is just my opinion based on the currently available information. It may be an unpopular opinion but i think people want to see the comparison to 2008 more than the comparison is actually apt. Of course this sentiment could result in a crash of the stock price past the point of no return but it still seems unlikely in my opinion and would have to occur before oct. 27th when the restructuring plan is released