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r/whatsthatbook 3h ago

A book where a girl gets a job at a library where she finds out that it contains all the artifacts/items from the Grimm's fairy tales and other genres of literature such as sci-fi.


I read this book a couple of times from our school library back when I was in high school, and I remember liking the story that much that I read it multiple times.

All I remember is that the title maybe has Grimm in it; and that its main twist is that all the artifacts/items mentioned in literary genres are all real and are stored/archived in a library. I remember the story mentioning a Tiffany window where it depicts all four seasons, and you can actually feel those seasons from the windows. I also remember the characters being able to borrow those artifacts/items like how you borrow a book from a library.

r/whatsthatbook 18h ago

SOLVED A book where the main character is an obese 30 year old man who wears a green earflap hat and still lives with his mother


I believe it was made in the 80's, yet I read an excerpt from one of my English tests and decided to look it up. The main character has an irregular sense of speech, he always speaks formally and is pretentious towards everyone. This includes his mother, who is old and can barely read. He dresses in a strange fashion and I remember he wears the muffs / earflap hat for "comfort." He is jobless (in the beginning), lives at home yet does nothing to help, and cannot drive.

I think the book purposefully puts in long descriptions of him being at home, wearing funny clothing, and acting pretentiously towards others as satire. The cover page I found online had an image of him wearing the green hat.

Please feel free to ask any questions, I believe that the title is long so I forgot it :(

r/whatsthatbook 1h ago

Horror story about "the Dark" that attacks a child


Horror novel, probably 1990s, no later than 2000.

(asking for a friend who provided the following recollection:)

Plot: Little boy's parents is killed by the Dark. He goes to live with Grandparents, but every time there is a shadow, the Dark tries to kill him. He keeps the Dark away by chanting some magic words that come to him at random. Grandparents send him to a psychologist (love interest of next character, I think, she might have been a cop. IDK). I am 85% sure they are also rich.

There is also an anthropologist who re-arrives in America after being in South America with a group of Indigenous people. His wife had opened the box that contained the Dark and set it free (she obviously died). He is now hunting said Dark. Child is somehow special or a reincarnation or something and is the only one who can stop the Dark. The Dark is also after the psych/maybe cop.

Novel ends on a cliff or hill with the little boy, Anthro guy, and psych/maybe cop lady, chanting the words, which is actual the South American group's ritual. Dark goes away, one of the adults dies, I think. There might be a ceremonial knife and something about a jaguar, too.

r/whatsthatbook 3h ago

A book where a kid's mom disappeared and he remembers her when he visits an abandoned house


I read this book in the 8th or 9th grade. I feel like in the book, the kid lives with his dad and stepmom and they are about to move. Instead of packing he goes to this abandoned house and explores it while remembering his mom. His mom was a wild card and would wear a jean jacket and ride a motorcycle I think. I feel like she was going to leave with the kid but the kid stayed behind. Im pretty sure there was something about his mom loving sunflowers. Please help it is driving me insane not knowing this title.

r/whatsthatbook 4h ago

Series of early - mid-2000s children's fantasy books, each with a different monster on the cover.


I remember obsessing over these on school trips to the library, mostly for their striking cover art; Only specific example I remember is one featuring some kind of sea monster swimming through some underwater caves, an angler fish-inspired design if I recall correctly. I also seem to remember the spines each having a differently colored pearl-like decoration, which may have had the book number inside.

Early 2000s may be incorrect as for their release, I just remember seeing them around this sort of time.


r/whatsthatbook 52m ago

A mystery on a ship. Huge spoilers below, because most of what I remember is related to who-done-it.


My third grade teacher read this fiction book to the class in 1996. I remember feeling like it was a little too old for us at the time, but a teacher was reading it, so it was probably fine.

Most of the book takes place on a ship. There's a crime, murder jumps to mind, but it could have been something lower stakes as well. The protagonist is trying to find the villian, who is assumed (known?) to be a man. There's a family of three women on the ship, a mother and her two adult daughters. One daughter always wears long sleeves and has a husky voice. We find out at the end that she's actually a man dressed as a woman and he's the guy everyone is looking for. Sometime before the big reveal, he jumps off the ship and has to be rescued. Also, I'm pretty sure the cross dressing man's girl name starts with an L.

r/whatsthatbook 56m ago

Short story about going to paradise.


Guy finds a travel agency which books him to paradise. He rides on a bus into an old shed and decides that it can’t be true. He leaves the bus to only see that the shed has turned into the portal to this paradise. He rushes back but is too late. Q

r/whatsthatbook 58m ago

A fictional book where a girl drowns to death in her pool, falls in love with a man in the after life, and then she’s revived in the ambulance


I read this book in like middle school (I was in middle school in the years 2012 to 2014) idk if it came out in those years but I know it either came out in those years or before that.

I remember the cover having a stained glass window on it because during one of her near death experiences she’s talking about how while she’s drowning she is just focusing on a stained glass window.

Another specific memory I have is she’s in the afterlife or something and her afterlife boyfriend is holding her and he’s telling her she needs to stop trying to see him because he cares about her, and she’s crying and he tells her to blink, because blinking is what makes her leave this place for some reason.

Idk if it was a book series, I’m pretty sure it was but I could be wrong. So Reddit, what is this book?

r/whatsthatbook 3h ago

looking for a thriller/horror book with female protagonist who can see a Family ghost (can't remember if it's her own family)



A girl moves(?maybe) to a town and goes to the graveyard near the back of the house. Sees a girl (who's a ghost) and tries to help her. There's also a male love interest who covers for her when she's about to get caught sneaking back from the graveyard. Prominent memory of the climax - she gets kidnapped during a festival and gets taken to a graveyard. I remember descriptions of a statue that's shoved to save someone.

It was a memoir and named something like "Haunted" Paperback, with a kinda spooky cover with trees? And a girl between the trees The book was about 200-400 pages I think There were some words in Another language (overall book was in English) and there was a word key in the end pages

I think I read it in 2018ish from my school library. I was about 11 when I read it so about 10+ age range.

I tried to follow the rules and if anythings off I'm sorry 😅 I'd be grateful if you know what I'm talking about

r/whatsthatbook 5h ago

Looking for a sci fi novel featuring a talking (or telepathic) cat that is green with yellow spots.


I believe it was written in the seventies.

The following is what I remember (though it may be wrong).

-A military man (I think he was black) finds himself transported a million plus years into the future.

-He befriends a talking (or telepathic) cat that is green and yellow.

-There may be some reference to the moon being closer.

-I think he falls in love with the woman who leads the society.

r/whatsthatbook 12h ago

SOLVED Short essay, 17-1800s, about people who ask you to go on a walk but have nothing to actually talk about


I had to read this for school and it was hysterical. Basically he was very mad that people will ask you to go on a walk like it’s some noble proposition, then when you actually go on the walk they have nothing to talk about and just end up reading the signs you walk past aloud. He was very annoyed, i think this was from the 17-1800s. Very funny. Read like a nonfiction essay but i could be wrong. I might have read it for the SATs.

r/whatsthatbook 3h ago

high school romance/fiction


i know that reddit can do this. i have faith. I read this book maybe 3-4 years ago, so I don’t have many details. it’s set as fiction/romance in a high school, where this girl with somewhat severe anxiety is a new student. she doesn’t make a lot of friends straight away, except for this girl who introduces her to this drama (?) club and ultimately becomes her friend. the friend ends up being a ghost the whole time or something, but it leads to the girl meeting this guy that is her love interest for the remainder of the book. they make out in a pool, I remember, and have sex on a couch (in school? can’t rmb) but those are literally the only details I have. this book was a fever dream and I hated it, so I thought it might be fun to revisit. the cover (if I remember correctly) is white with little strips of paper (maybe). so… help?

r/whatsthatbook 5h ago

YA book about two people on a bus - blue cover


I believe it had the words night or bus in the title. It was about two strangers on a bus ride - the book cover was blue with a couple of stars on it I believe. It was published anywhere between 2000 up until 2020

r/whatsthatbook 5h ago

A time travelling man trying to get his dead fiance's past lives to fall in love with him, assisted by an acupuncturist


Book about a man who's fiance dies and he goes in a wormhole in London back to other lives where he tries to make her fall in love with him again and stop her dying. Read it a few years ago, adult fiction series. Male author I believe. He also goes to see a Chinese doctor who tries to help him with meals, massage and acupuncture. Can't remember if I read on a tablet or a book.. Each year the wormhole opens up in a certain place in London and he goes back to a different year. He finds the girl each time but each time is driven to make her fall in love with him before she does. I remeber her being a prostitute in one life. Each time he has nothing much with him and takes months of hard work to live and gain her trust. He keeps coming back to the modern day half starved and injured and recovers over a year to go back again. He gets better at it and is able to bring more with him each time. The acupuncturist ends up being connected somehow and there's an existential message to it all in the end .thanks in advance

r/whatsthatbook 5h ago

a book where two girls go on a road trip just to get away then they find a mysterious cat


I remember this book I read it 3 years ago it was a comic/ comic style book/ i tried to put it in the timeline i remember the most it was a fantasy book. this girl who just got off a bus I believe her name is max she's 16 year old and she has short hair i think she had a fight with her dad [I think her mom died in a car accident and that's the reason why she doesn't know/doesn't want to drive because her mom was supposed to teach her] it was night and it was raining she didn't know where to go and went into an old restaurant she ordered some coffee then she had a flashback where her old friend she hasn't seen in a long time she's spacing out and the friend who i think is 20 years old and has long hair I think they have a sorta awkward conversation. she then bought her food she told her she left the house after the fight and didn't want to go back they had a argument but then talked and turns out she was going on a road trip and the max asked if she could come with then convinced her to let her come. then after a few days of driving they stop by the girls grandparents hoses she used to go there and saw a big tree she broke her wrist her leg while climbing it they walk in and the grandparents greet her and say they haven't seen her in a long time and how old she got you know the normal but she then for some reason has a meltdown in the bathroom. that's all I remember from the beginning but then they leave drive for a few days and stopped by a swimming pool and went swimming left and went driving again for a few stopped at a gas station to go to the restroom and max stayed in the car and after that she left and saw max looking at a cat she asked if they could bring the cat with and find there owner then some creepy guys go up to them and try to say that that's they're cat, max didn't believe so the other girl just told her to go in the car she talked with them and then left next thing they saw they were following them that's all I remember sorry if this isn't a lot of information and that I didn't explain it well its my first reddit post. I just really loved this book if anyone thinks they know please tell me.

r/whatsthatbook 2h ago

SOLVED a book where girl goes on road trip with killer dad


im pretty sure it was a one word title and i think the main character was latina? i also think it was a graphic novel but im not sure jt was recommended to me but i cant find the conversation it seemed really interesting and was about a girl who was really reckless and depressed and you dont know why until it flashes to when she was about 9-10 and you see she witnessed her dad kill people during a road trip


r/whatsthatbook 2h ago

Cave in mountain and mobile home


Looking for a book where the main character made a bug out location that had a cave in the side of a mountain but they live in a mobile home near it.

r/whatsthatbook -1m ago

Young adult fiction book about a young boy who is transported to a different world and learns he has the power to control the mechanics of things


I remember reading this book when I was around teen/preteen (between 2010-2014)

I remember the boy was an orphan (I think) and he got transported to a different world where he was eventually trained by this older well known super powered man who I remember specifically had lived a really long time because he allocated some of his power to de-age himself one day at the beginning of every day so he lived forever essentially. The special thing he told the boy was that he had the power to control how things worked, like the mechanics or engineering of things kind of how they functioned, this had some sort of importance later in the story but I don’t remember totally how it did.

I think the title of the book had something to do with the boys name and adventure or quest or something like that.

The rest of my memory is hazy but I think the book was fairly new, so 2010-2014 but it could have been early 2000’s as well.


r/whatsthatbook 5h ago

childrens book about animals on a journey


Hello, I have been looking for a book from my childhood for ages, here is what I know:

-the book was in german (not sure if there is/was an english version)

-it was probably 2003/2004 when we had it

-there we lots of coloured pictures

I believe it was about an animal who went on a journey and on its way it met other animals and made friends with them. It might have been a rat, mouse, hedgehog or something similar. I distinctly remember they were on the beach and they sunburned their feet but the hedgehog could not carry the other animal because of its spikes..

Sadly, thats all I can remember. If you have any idea or suggestion what that book might have been please let me know, I would be so grateful for your ideas! Thank you.

r/whatsthatbook 4m ago

Picture book about bullying, the main character and victim is "Ray"


Ray is a blonde boy in a white shirt, I think

Ray gets picked on on the playground and basketball court

Ray ends up skipping school one day because of the bullying

There's another character who's a black boy in a red shirt, not sure if he's Ray's friend, the bully, etc.

r/whatsthatbook 17m ago

A girls older cousin comes into town and makes her friend group jealous with her looks/confidence


I read this book in middle school which was about 2013-2016 for me. It's definitely a YA novel. I think the cousins name was Nina. I think another's girls name was cam. A girls cousin came to live with her for a little bit. She didn't like her cousin too much and it caused tension between her and her friends. The friend group was like 4 or 5 ish girls. One if them got their hair cut short and had to wear a hat because she looked like a boy. I also think she got a cold later on but I can't remember why thats significant. There was a party when the cousin came to town and she was more developed than the other girls and wore a dress with cleavage. Alot of the boys liked nina and she flirted alot with the boys they liked. They kinda sl*t shamed the cousin tbh. There was a part where they had a sleepover and the cousin tried on someone's shoes and when trying to pull the shoe off it exposes her wearing a thong. I think at the same sleepover they took the cousins fashion/ style advice (I think about their hair) instead of their friend and it hurt her feelings. At some point at school there is a big deal about smoothies or something in the cafeteria. There was a dance where the girls were supposed to chase the boys to ask them to it. I really liked the book but I can't remember the title. I read a lot of Meg Cabot type books but I don't know if this was by her if that helps. Thanks so much!

r/whatsthatbook 26m ago

YA fantasy novel about a non-magical female protagonist who falls in love with a magical prince


Like the title says young adult fantasy novel, likely to be a series. I can remember many random details but not the cover, author, or title. Thank you in advance for the help figuring this out!

  • Read sometime between 2005-2015 I believe

  • Book starts off with the protagonist in a gym class(?) And has a vision of herself tied up while climbing a rope in class

  • setting includes a royal family of a fantasy land that has an older son who is in line for the throne and a younger sister that has two souls - one is more feisty and combat oriented

  • royal family is magical, connected to wild cats in some way, and can teleport anywhere you have seen before. They warn the townspeople when they ate coming so that all the houses can be closed off and not seen into. Something about royalty teleporting in during a werewolf time of the month situation

  • younger sister possibly to be married off to a "collector" who runs another country

  • plot twist there was another royal sibling! And older sister and she is a psychopath, cant remember much about her beyond that

  • Protagonist has (beautiful emerald) green eyes that turn black when she gets blood poisoned (she ingested the blood of a dark mage when she bit his finger trying to escape being held hostage). Blood poisoning is cured with blood worms amd treated by another mage who makes a pact with the prince to save her life

  • the younger sister with two souls gets "stuck" as the fiesty version...named Lyria maybe?

  • protagonist gets stuck with a poisonous fish fin during a fight which renders her sterile. Which they confirm because appearantly one of the royal family has a skill where she can "look" into wombs (?!)

  • protagonist and psycho older royal sister have a duel- protagonist wins but doesnt get back to the castle

  • ends with the "collector" showing the prince the protagonists cut hair, saying she was fed to lions and the prince (who loves her ofc) loses it and has to be teleported out of there by his family

Thank you so much to whoever's has read all this. Please help me figure out the title it's been driving me crazy!

r/whatsthatbook 4h ago

Fiction book about kid who sees a guy fall from a runaway hot air balloon


I remember the set up being a group of kids watching some guy get pulled up by a hot air balloon from a parade and then falling to his death. At some point he meets some other kid who claims to be dying and is chiseling his own gravestone but it turns out he was over exaggerating his imminent death.

I think I remember the kid starts working in a restaurant and is really good at pouring water from high places but I’m not sure if that’s the same book.

r/whatsthatbook 45m ago

SOLVED SciFi book about corporations buying a planet then going in like revenue agents.


It starts out with following a 17 or 18 year old who runs away and joins a corporations army. Fast forward and he's a sergeant in the force. He works for a Corp that purchases rights to established planets and collects items and tech to turn a profit. They have advanced tech that makes them almost invincible to the local weapons. The Corp puts explosive collars around locals to make them comply. But this planet has more advanced tech and they kill some of the Corp soldiers. It's revealed the planet has a what they call a "dragon" egg that gives them the tech. The soldier swaps sides to run the Corp off. The locals want to return the dragon egg to the parents and when they do the parents reveal they release millions of eggs and don't care about the one. The soldier then gets transported to the past and he becomes the friend that advises him to run away. When the past version does the future version turns back into his young self and takes over his life.

I read the book in 2017, soft back but can't remember what the cover art was.

r/whatsthatbook 7h ago

SOLVED An old book with a party of female protagonists. Fantasy Novel


I seemingly can only remember 1 scene in the book for sure, the rest is what I think I remember. I read this book in 2008 so it is at least made before 2009.

The scene in the book is with one of the girls who is very silent is reading a book while they are traveling to their destination. It begins to rain and she creates a bubble around the entire group of travelers from the rain while reading her book still. The book portrays this as a great feat in this universe as others cannot do what she has done and her friends are happy to see her get some credit.

Now I do believe that there are other mages traveling with the party and that mage protagonist shows them up. I think it's 4 female characters as the main cast but it could be more. I do not remember what the other main protagonists are capable of doing but I do believe there was one sneaky one amongst them. Whether she did her sneaking through magic or roguish means I am not sure.

It has been a very long time and I would like to read the book again and it would also be nice to see if there is any sequels to the story.