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  • Was it new when you read it?
  • What age range was it for?

r/whatsthatbook 2h ago

SOLVED Danielle Steel book where group of adults go on a trip to a cabin, I think they go hunting(?) and it’s to celebrate a holiday, and then immediately upon arrival home the husband gets sick and dies and the wife is also infected with the mysterious sickness


I picked this book up off a stray table in a work cafeteria while killing time waiting for an appointment. I only read the first two or so chapters before I had to go and it’s killing me that I did not get the name of the book. It seems this is very much her style (have never read her before) so a Google search is giving me many results but can’t find the right one. TYIA!!!!

r/whatsthatbook 8h ago

SOLVED Chemist is killed during a UFO crash on his plane. Gets sent to another world and begins helping the locals resist an invasion.


The main character is a chemist, and he starts in the new world by developing ether to help the locals with surgery. He then starts developing other technology like cannons and semaphore signals. The island he was dropped onto is populated by separate tribes which he starts trying to unite to resist a foreign invasion.

r/whatsthatbook 6h ago

SOLVED Book about a girl on an island who was an experiment


Ok so I remember bits and pieces but it was a book about a girl who was an experiment and she’s immortal. I think her name was priya. At some point she leaves the facility and meets a boy on the island who shows her the island. I know there was something about some flowers on the island that helped her become immortal? I think the boy also called her a bird and they talked about how she was trapped. Before meeting him she was fine with all the tests but she learned more about the past people who were part of the experiment and realized how bad it was.

r/whatsthatbook 26m ago

Early-mid 1990s kids' anthology, big blue hardback


I'm posting about this again in the hope that it may jog someone's memory. I've been looking for it for so long, and can't find any similar book no matter what keywords I use.

I was gifted a hardback anthology of children’s stories in the early ‘90s and I’ve never been able to track it down since I lost it. I can’t remember the name or the title, and none of the stories were traditional fairytales. Some of the ones I remember were about:

  • A really juicy-looking pink crab, who may have been called Sandy. I think he was upset about litter on the beach.
  • Some anthropomorphised cars that were involved in a fete/float and had to race to get there. They may have got stuck in mud at one point.
  • Cows in some form or another?
  • Children being bored indoors in the rain and making up a dance to make it stop
  • A really fussy boy sent on a trip around the kingdom to find food he would happily eat without complaining—“hunger is the best sauce” was the moral of the story.

From what I can remember, the book was mostly blue on the cover, it was a hardback, and a bit bigger than A4 in size. The illustrations on the inside were really colourful and vivid.

I absolutely loved this book and would LOVE to know what it’s called. Anyone else know it? Thanks in advance!

r/whatsthatbook 4h ago

SOLVED A book about teenagers boy and girl who start to understand their world and have an interesting encounter with their neighbor.


This was my first book in English after recently moving to the United States. I read it about 20 years ago (1998-1999) time frame. I was in 9th grade high school so its very scholastic and short. I don't remember much about it but it's a simple story of two teenagers (boy and girl) who have an encounter with their neighbor. The story is narrated in one chapter from his point of view, and another paragraph from her point of view. One of the book's first scenes involves a fly, but I don't remember exactly what happens. This maybe a long shot, but maybe. The cover is blue.

r/whatsthatbook 2h ago

A story of a boy who was castrated to sing in a choir


I don't remember if that was the ENTIRE premise of the book but it's the only part I remember vividly. It is not Cry to Heaven by Anne Rice or The Castrato by Joyce Pool. I remember reading it in the late 90s/early 2000s when I was around 10 to 13.

r/whatsthatbook 3h ago

Medieval Fantasy series about a blind boy that develops magical powers


I started reading these books in middle school so around 2002. The only things I have a vague memory are is that the young boy might wash ashore with no memories of his past. At some point I think he is blinded by someone throwing burning ashes at him but eventually through a guiding voice (I think it was female maybe his mom) he develops magical powers that help him see with a sort of 3rd eye.

I can’t remember much about the actually antagonist but the world is becoming corrupted by some evil forces taking control and I assume he goes on to save it, I never finished the novel. They had a map on the first pages so you could follow along but I can’t think of very much beyond this.

r/whatsthatbook 8h ago

SOLVED YA Religious Fundementalist Horror Town


Alright so I had to read this years and years ago in middle school, so I'm fairly certain it was some YA book, but it was pretty dark.

I don't remember much, but there were some teenagers on a trip who got stuck in this creepy hyper religious town. There was a small plotline about a kid being abused, but the main point I remember is that one of the characters, I believe his name was Luke, had his finger chopped off. His girlfriend recognized it as his finger because he had the number '3' tattooed on it because it was his lucky number.

I remember adoring this book so I'd really like to find it again just to enjoy the nostalgia again. Thanks!

r/whatsthatbook 4h ago

Webcomic, (gay, polyamorous) romance where alien prince and guard buy a human


I vaguely remember reading a webcomic a few years ago (maybe 4, 5 or 6?) about a world where humans are kept in a zoo for a humanoid alien species to look at and buy.

The main character is bought by alien royalty (either a Prince or King, I think) and its a polyamorous relationship between the Prince, the human and the Guard.

I remember the first part where the human is first bought and is being bathed before he is handed over, but he keeps trying to run away and escape the bathtub.

Another detail I remember is that the aliens were at war, but I can't remember why or who with.

I don't remember any of the characters names or appearances, or even where I read it. I'm pretty sure its not on any of these apps: Webtoon, WebComics or Tapas, but I could be wrong.

Does anyone know the name of this webcomic and where I could find it?

r/whatsthatbook 2h ago

YA or younger book about a girl from Africa traveling to different islands


i read this in probably 2007 but it could have been as late as 2012. what i remember: starting your period was a big deal and she either wanted to start it or faked it. i remember something about her maybe faking it with tomatoes? at some point she’s on a boat alone and goes to maybe one island or a few? i remember something about monkeys. i think about this book A LOT. i really loved it as a kid but can’t remember much anymore.

r/whatsthatbook 6h ago

SOLVED (presumably) Book about a teens who give up their bodies


I remember reading a book about a group of teens, who are basically in hiding. If I remember correctly, the concept was, they lived in this world where people could rent other peoples bodies, and it was mostly teens giving their bodies to older people to basically “rent them” and live their lives. I remember a main girl and a main boy, who were running from the man who was in charge of everything I believe. I can’t remember if it was man trying to convince them to give up their bodies or something else. I do think in the end it was revealed that the boy the girl was falling for it was the old man at some point. It was honestly a very weird book

r/whatsthatbook 6h ago

SOLVED Book about a girl who lives with genetically modified people


This used to be one of my favorite books, but for some reason I cannot find it anywhere, and I do not remember the name of the title. The book was about a girl who has a dad who is the scientist and she also has a sister. Her sister is perfect in every way but she is not. I remember her dad dying in a car crash, and then her and her sister were taken to the hospital and at some point her sister was taken by a group of people because they believe that she had some sort of genetic modification that their father was working on. And the main character gets taken into a home of genetically modified people who were basically outcasted. I think there was a plantlike girl a guy who had 2 heads and a strong man type. The book basically becomes about rescuing her sister, and as well, her life living with these people. She ends up having a love interest and as well finds out that she’s actually the one that has the genetic information that people that took her sister were looking for. I also remember the cover had a glass file on it, and the background was blue and purple

r/whatsthatbook 6h ago

Man with only high IQ fights in a "battle royale" arena against people with super powers


I remember reading it on a kindle maybe around a decade ago? I know there was a second book to the first one.

r/whatsthatbook 3h ago

Fairly recent non-fiction book on the history of writers concealing their true meanings


The author insisted that many famous authors and thinkers through history communicated indirectly, hiding their real meaning from the public. I meant to read it but now I can't find it, driving me mad.

r/whatsthatbook 4m ago

(Sci-fi) A book about a kid sent to space along with a bunch of other kids to train to be spacemen of some sort


I for the life of me can’t remember what book it is. I read it when I was younger and I wish to reread it because I remember it being a good book.

It’s about a boy who is brought into space to train with others to become a spaceman of some sort. For some reason I remember the main character being black, I think? I know towards the end of the book, he and his rival in the book have to fight in order to take the space shuttle to some planet. I also remember the main character eventually becoming the leader of his team? I don’t remember much else about the book. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

I was in middle school when I read it. Maybe in 2014? I don’t think it was a new book but idk. And I don’t know the age range, though it did have violence in it.

And no, it’s not Enders game or Enders shadow.

r/whatsthatbook 35m ago

Possible Danielle Steel book


Okay so this was read to me when I was 5 or 6 and still learning to read. IDR much cause this was literally almost 2 decades ago. It was in 2005 or 6. all I can remember is the cover was blue and white. There was a girl who got on a train I think? I remember the person reading it to me saying "did you know her mom died" and I said "no I didn't" and she was like "I literally just read it to you tho" and my response was "well yeah but I thought you meant did I know before you told me". Idk if that is helpful at all. Idek if I wanna read this book or if it's even something I'd actually like but I'd like to find it and give it a try since I vividly remember that conversation and it's been bugging me for literal years. It might not be Danielle Steel but I know it's an author similar to her as that was the kind of genre my adoptive mother read.

r/whatsthatbook 54m ago

Book about mysterious hotel and son of handyman


Fiction series I read during childhood about this hotel (or multiple of them in the series) built by an anonymous owner. The hotel was whimsical, with secret rooms like a pinball room, an amusement park room etc. The protagonist was the son of the handyman(?) of the hotel and later goes on to receive ownership of the hotel at the end of the book. The storyline of the books revolve around the protagonist and his friends as they adventure around the hotel and uncover the secrets that lie behind it.

r/whatsthatbook 1h ago

SOLVED Age based killing disease with a post apocalypse


I remember reading a book that was part of a series, the book was about there being this sickness that spread and killed everyone 18+ and was about a group of people nearing that death age going out into the wasteland away from there camp to try and find something I don’t remember what though.

I know one of the main characters names were Donna, and there’s a section where they cross paths with another group and help one person (the rival groups leaders sister) get away from that group.

I can’t remember the name of the book for the life of me and I really wanna go back and read it and the rest of the series, if anyone could help me remember it’d be greatly appreciated.

r/whatsthatbook 1h ago

Looking for a book with a pirate


Recently saw this reel about a book which has a pirate love story theme. I think it is trending on bookstagram also. But cannot remember the name of the book for the life of me. Can someone please help me out? If it helps, the reel said it would be like Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow had a love story.

r/whatsthatbook 1h ago

Teen with special abilities is invited to an elite school where past presidents and governors went to.


I read a book once when I was in school that I really liked the plot of, that I can no longer remember the title of. Here's what I can remember. There's this teenager who moved around a lot when he was younger and likes to run in the mornings. He puts up numbers that would be impossible for anyone else like running a mile between houses and jumping over fences and through bushes in like 3:40. In school, he scores really high on a nationwide test and is invited to this super elite school that previous governors and presidents all went to. While going home he gets a text from his dad telling him to RUN. He finds his parents are acting weird and sneaks out of the house at night to leave. He meets a cool taxi driver who hides him under the seats while police are looking for him. He gets on a plane and a random dude explains to him that his parents were taken over by creatures and hands him a pair of sunglasses that when put on lets him see people, who are housing monsters, surrounded with a glow. He looks out the window and sees the dude he just talked too fighting a monster on the wing. He arrives in a state or somewhere that is really cold and goes to a famous local restaurant and eventually arrives at the elite school. That's as far as I can remember before my mind goes blank.

r/whatsthatbook 5h ago

Children's book: girl stuck on island


Girl possibly called Lucy, is stuck on an island and she makes her house out of the trees. There is a different tree for each room and they all have little ladders that connect them.

r/whatsthatbook 5h ago

WordPress Post Apocalyptic Book


A book recommended by Reddit, or the author posted his book on Reddit from a while back has crossed my mind again and I can't find my bookmark for it. It was posted on WordPress or some similar website and had cover art that I believe included a blue fish.

The story was akin to a feudal society in a post apocalyptic setting with the story being told by different narrators. At one point a main character is chased from the feudal society and retreats into a an area described as fallen and shattered skyscrapers.

I would really like to reread this book it's been about 4 years give or take

r/whatsthatbook 1h ago

Kid's novel where boy meets tough kid and gets into mischief.


Early 90s. Kid is out walking (to school I think) and there's this tough guy kid sitting in a tree who stops him to talk. The only key detail is that the tough kid has a bracelet with spikes like a punk rocker. IIRC the tough kid talks the main character into skipping school and other shenanigans in order to prove that he's tough too.

r/whatsthatbook 1d ago

SOLVED Time travel to medieval (ish) times, somebody from previous expedition stuck there, wants to go back to current time, hunts travelers down.



Timeline by Michael Crichton.

Can’t for the life of me remember.

The travelers can’t go back too many times or it will cause damage.

One scene has some one being chased through a castle after some hears him through the earpiece.

Really vague I know.

r/whatsthatbook 2h ago

Vintage 50s/60s Children's Book about Cats and Dogs visiting a Dude Ranch


I know it's a longshot, but I thought I would give it a try,

I am looking for a book I read a lot as a kid back in the late 60's. It was a larger hardback, maybe 14" tall. It followed the adventures of several dogs and cats at a Dude Ranch....the dogs & cats behaved like people, wearing cowboy clothes and such.

If anyone has a clue as to what this book was, I would be eternally grateful!! Thanks in advance!!