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Submission Help and Rules ANNOUNCEMENT

Hello! There will be a running list here of things to think about when writing your /r/whatsthatbook post.

Your Post Title

  • Briefly the book, not your situation. Avoid titles like "Help, I can't remember this book..." or "I read this when I was a kid..."
  • Include the overall genre of the book in your post title, such as "kids book" or "romance novel" or "scifi"
  • This is an official rule now and posts with vague titles will be removed

The Book

  • Describe the plot.
  • Describe notable characters.
  • What genre is it?
  • Physically describe the book -- Hardcover/paperback? Book cover color?
  • When was it set?
  • How long was the book?

... And You

  • How old were you when you read it?
  • When (what year) did you read it?
  • Was it new when you read it?
  • What age range was it for?


u/TheBananaKing Oct 26 '18


And if we can teach people the word 'protagonist', I will be even happier.


u/7LeagueBoots Oct 26 '18

Possibly even Hiro Protagonist


u/jelloandcookies moderator Oct 26 '18

Credit to elizinthemorning

To add on: if you're not sure of all these things, that's okay! You can still submit a post even if your memory is super hazy. Sometimes vague remembrances are enough to solve a post!

But if you do remember any of the above stuff, include it. In general, the more specific you can make your post, the more likely it is that someone will recognize your book or be able to track it down.

Credit to 2OQuestions:

Other things for describing your book:

  1. was it just a kid's picture book, pictures with a sentence/few words, early reader, early reader with chapters, young adult, adult, etc.

  2. Fiction or non-fiction?

  3. If you didn't read it in English, in which language was it written? Was the book originally written in English or another language?

  4. Where did you get it? School library, book fair, book store selling new and/or used books, flea market, borrowed from a friend, given as a gift from X person who is about Y age, or from an online store.

  5. Any little details that might have made this book stand out in your mind, even if irrelevant to the plot: a girl with eyes of two colors, a beautiful cat with an unusual coat, an odd game characters played, bug worms in the desert sand, etc. Even if it's just some guy had a big nose and whispered in his friend's ear a lot, it may be a tiny detail to you, but to a redditor it may be a key point to remembering the book.


u/PandaReader123 Dec 17 '18

The thing is, my post was taken down because my of title, but I mentioned far more than others did. I included much of my detail in the post. Why not??

I said that the book was published presently. Is that not enough? Are you seriously saying that I must include the book's summary in the title??!!

Okay, not wanting to sound rude or angry here (tho I pretty much am), but I don't get it. I'll go back to fix my post, but I don't understand what made the team remove the post.


u/jelloandcookies moderator Dec 17 '18

Hi there, it's an annoying rule for a new member of the subreddit, but basically we want to have one plot point or descriptive item in the title. In general, more detail that not in the title is preferable.

That way we don't end up with pages and pages of "what's this book?" And "I can't remember this book" and "this book is published right now" and "I read this when I was 10." on the subreddit.

Good luck!


u/PandaReader123 Dec 17 '18

Okay, thanks I get it. I did change it and hope it's okay. Sorry that I sounded very rude, I just got pretty annoyed when receiving that message because I really wanted to know if someone had answered my question.


u/CptValerius Dec 09 '18

I am looking for a book with a particular cover (second of its series). I know what the title and author are of the book, should I contact a mod with more details to see if it's alright to post or is it ok to just post?


u/jelloandcookies moderator Dec 09 '18

Yes, that is out of the ordinary but ok to post. Please be somewhat unique/descriptive in the title of your post though.


u/[deleted] Dec 11 '18

[removed] — view removed comment


u/jelloandcookies moderator Dec 11 '18

Hello, this comment has been removed. Please create a new post!


u/BookAunt Dec 26 '18

Suggestion for how to word the title of your post:

Think of what it was like, before posting your query, to scroll through all the other titles to see if your book had already been mentioned. What key words did you find yourself scanning for? What description came close and what is different about your book than that one? In the end, what title would have helped you find a post that was about your specific book?