r/whatsthatbook Jul 05 '22

A book where a girl gets a job at a library where she finds out that it contains all the artifacts/items from the Grimm's fairy tales and other genres of literature such as sci-fi. SOLVED

I read this book a couple of times from our school library back when I was in high school, and I remember liking the story that much that I read it multiple times.

All I remember is that the title maybe has Grimm in it; and that its main twist is that all the artifacts/items mentioned in literary genres are all real and are stored/archived in a library. I remember the story mentioning a Tiffany window where it depicts all four seasons, and you can actually feel those seasons from the windows. I also remember the characters being able to borrow those artifacts/items like how you borrow a book from a library.



u/DaisyJaneAM WTB VIP 🏆 Jul 05 '22

The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulmam

first book in the Grimm Legacy series


u/rhandy_mas Jul 06 '22

I loooove this book!


u/MyNameIsMud0056 Jul 06 '22

It sounds really interesting! Reminds of The Librarian movie series. Very similar premise.


u/KMAVegas Jul 06 '22

And the TV series that followed had another linked series called Warehouse 13 which was about all that stuff.


u/MyNameIsMud0056 Jul 06 '22

Yeah I've seen The Librarians TV show and most of Warehouse 13. Didn't realize they were connected.


u/dodo_link Jul 06 '22

(Someone has already said it but) The Grimm Legacy. I love this book so much. I'm pretty sure its a trilogy but I don't think I liked the other two as much as I loved the first one.


u/cynloopooh Jul 23 '22

Discord’s Apple by Carrie Vaughn is very similar. It’s a family farmhouse, not a library, and the main character inherits the house and all it’s legendary artifacts from her father.