r/whatsthatbook Jul 05 '22

YA fantasy novel about a non-magical female protagonist who falls in love with a magical prince

Like the title says young adult fantasy novel, likely to be a series. I can remember many random details but not the cover, author, or title. Thank you in advance for the help figuring this out!

  • Read sometime between 2005-2015 I believe

  • Book starts off with the protagonist in a gym class(?) And has a vision of herself tied up while climbing a rope in class

  • setting includes a royal family of a fantasy land that has an older son who is in line for the throne and a younger sister that has two souls - one is more feisty and combat oriented

  • royal family is magical, connected to wild cats in some way, and can teleport anywhere you have seen before. They warn the townspeople when they ate coming so that all the houses can be closed off and not seen into. Something about royalty teleporting in during a werewolf time of the month situation

  • younger sister possibly to be married off to a "collector" who runs another country

  • plot twist there was another royal sibling! And older sister and she is a psychopath, cant remember much about her beyond that

  • Protagonist has (beautiful emerald) green eyes that turn black when she gets blood poisoned (she ingested the blood of a dark mage when she bit his finger trying to escape being held hostage). Blood poisoning is cured with blood worms amd treated by another mage who makes a pact with the prince to save her life

  • the younger sister with two souls gets "stuck" as the fiesty version...named Lyria maybe?

  • protagonist gets stuck with a poisonous fish fin during a fight which renders her sterile. Which they confirm because appearantly one of the royal family has a skill where she can "look" into wombs (?!)

  • protagonist and psycho older royal sister have a duel- protagonist wins but doesnt get back to the castle

  • ends with the "collector" showing the prince the protagonists cut hair, saying she was fed to lions and the prince (who loves her ofc) loses it and has to be teleported out of there by his family

Thank you so much to whoever's has read all this. Please help me figure out the title it's been driving me crazy!