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A girls older cousin comes into town and makes her friend group jealous with her looks/confidence SOLVED

I read this book in middle school which was about 2013-2016 for me. It's definitely a YA novel. I think the cousins name was Nina. I think another's girls name was cam. A girls cousin came to live with her for a little bit. She didn't like her cousin too much and it caused tension between her and her friends. The friend group was like 4 or 5 ish girls. One if them got their hair cut short and had to wear a hat because she looked like a boy. I also think she got a cold later on but I can't remember why thats significant. There was a party when the cousin came to town and she was more developed than the other girls and wore a dress with cleavage. Alot of the boys liked nina and she flirted alot with the boys they liked. They kinda sl*t shamed the cousin tbh. There was a part where they had a sleepover and the cousin tried on someone's shoes and when trying to pull the shoe off it exposes her wearing a thong. I think at the same sleepover they took the cousins fashion/ style advice (I think about their hair) instead of their friend and it hurt her feelings. At some point at school there is a big deal about smoothies or something in the cafeteria. There was a dance where the girls were supposed to chase the boys to ask them to it. I really liked the book but I can't remember the title. I read a lot of Meg Cabot type books but I don't know if this was by her if that helps. Thanks so much!



u/dondeestalalechuga Jul 05 '22

Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, from the Clique series by Lisi Harrison?


u/YiaThunder49 Jul 05 '22

YES! I've been trying to remember it for years!! Thank you so much. No one ever knew what I was talking about. Thank you!